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  1. I will be trying to be diligent about collecting my sheddings at the request of one of our fellow members who makes Husky fur wool! Jager has begun to tuft, so now I just have to remember to bag it when I tug them out... [emoji1]
  2. I would agree with the others in saying that they probably are not purebred, but it is very difficult to judge what they could be mixed with when they are puppies, especially such young puppies! Both are adorable and I'm sure would make lovely companions for your current Husky, but if purebred is what you're looking for then these are not it. If you want a dog you can tell is 100% Siberian Husky and want to know what it's adult color will be, why not consider adopting an adult? [emoji2]
  3. Sorry to hear about your experience, makes me think twice about going to a groomer myself. What concerns me is this woman says it's your fault for bringing him in matted already...well interesting since she is a GROOMER I would assume she would be familiar with having to work out mats on dogs, so what the hell is she doing yelling at you for it? If my dog's fur was matted, that's exactly where I would think to take it would be an experienced groomer. She should be ashamed of herself and her sad excuse for a business. [emoji35]
  4. Poor guy! He's looking at you like, "Could you help me get unstuck instead of taking a picture!?"
  5. My pets are all happy, healthy, and vetted regularly...I consider the money I spend on them well spent so I guess I don't fully understand the question...How could you have just one!? [emoji56]
  6. I have no additional advice to add, but I did want to say that two of mine have eaten socks on numerous occasions (significant other has smelly feet and they love it) and usually vomit them up. I just wanted to add my anecdote so you know that you're not alone on this one! [emoji1] [emoji106]
  7. I'll agree with Clare here. After you add your 3rd and you get used to that, adding another really doesn't change much. I've got 6 right now and I would say it's probably about the same difficulty as owning 4. The only real problem I have come into is figuring out where to feed them! I try to give them all their own space but I'm running out of room in my kitchen!
  8. We have 6 currently but looking into 2 more this summer! 5 Siberian Huskies: Cara, Meeko, Roux, Leloo, and Pluto 1 American Akita: Jager Lots of work but I love each and every one of them! And obviously I'm addicted. [emoji7] [emoji1] [emoji39]
  9. Such a handsome boy! How have his seizures been doing?
  10. Cara after our walk at the park yesterday
  11. Awwww poor Micha, I hope she is feeling better soon. Looks like she's got her favorite stuffy there for some comfort at least.
  12. Thank goodness for that! I don't think I would be able to have as many as I do if constant bathes were a necessity.
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