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  1. You HAVE to try this out with your dogs! Its so fun and also very funny! Enjoy and share this!! https://youtu.be/_z7O4IOdh_4
  2. So funny! He gives me the cutest faces because he knows he is in trouble!
  3. This is how my dog's birthday went. He deserved it. I'm a proud owner! This video is awesome so check it out!
  4. A video I always wanted to do and thought I'd share it! Enjoy
  5. This is too funny! Who do you think wins? I think the husky
  6. Sometimes I think that myself! Thank you haha
  7. Too cute! I never knew I had this footage so I decided to upload it since you guys liked the first video of him and the baby chick so much! 63k views and counting! Enjoy
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