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  1. 16 months now. Best thing I ever did when I brought him home back in December '13
  2. After he just came back from a trip to the Lake
  3. Personally, I just hook Bigby up to a 50ft/100ft(Depends) lead whenever we go anywhere.
  4. Bradgate park the other day.
  5. My handsome boy who is 1 year old in 3 days
  6. Kodiak looks adorable there, it's been to long since you last posted a pic
  7. Bigby and his teddies. (He has at least 50....)
  8. She's grown so much! Nearly 8 months old wow...
  9. One of those rare occasions where he'd stay still long enough to take a photo.
  10. "I'll just lay here next to the water, you can take yourself for a walk next time."
  11. Just letting it all hang out.
  12. Dying... Too... Hot

    1. Emma


      also melting in the heat, although it's cooled off a little now, lol.

    2. BIGBY


      It doesn't help that my fan broke just when I needed it lol

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