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  1. i moved into a new house about a month and a half ago, it had a flea problem. i took up the carpets, put in wood floor and had pest come out and treat the house and lawn. I havent seen any fleas around the house thank goodness but my husky has some fleas on her tummy. before i took her in my new house i had her bathed at a local groomer but i still noticed fleas on her. Not terrible though... I gave her a bath about a week ago with flea shampoo from petsmart and today i gave her one pill of the capstar, which seemed to work very well. iv collected lots of fleas off her body that came to the surface and flushed them after i killed them... Now my question is... should i give her another bath next? or just apply the tube of advantage that i got for her? i noticed some of that nasty little black flea poop or larva on her in some places. should i bath her tomorrow with dawn or that shampoo again and then wait 24 hours to put advantage on?
  2. I got her a bag of the simply nourish last time, 6lb bag was roughly $12.. she didn't show any signs of throwing up or anything
  3. My husky is about 2 years old, recently took her in after being at my fathers for some time. I know she wasn't eating the best but Id like to get her on some type of food and stick to it, but something that is affordable for me. For the smaller bags, $18-$20 seems quite expensive knowing that she goes through that in about a week or so. Is there anything at Walmart/Petsmart that is not too expensive that will be just fine to feed her? I also give her boiled eggs for treats sometimes. I was looking at Nutro dog food and blue buffalo but for a 30lb bag $45-$50 is quite high -__-
  4. I had my house sprayed about two weeks ago. She was brought into my house about two days after the spray, but already had her advantage on and her flea bath by a groomer. But two weeks after, she still has a good amount of fleas on her belly and she is always scratching. I'm about to give her a bath with this stuff in a few minutes and see what happens.. Going to make sure I scrub and brush her really good. I also vacuum my house two times a day.
  5. What shampoo would you recommend from PetSmart for washing my husky? I recently moved her into my house after shes been living at my fathers for almost a year and I noticed she had some fleas. We gave her advantage and she was given a flea bath at the groomers but I still notice about 6-10 fleas on her stomach area. My new house has been treated and the lawn, I haven't noticed any fleas jumping on me at all... The "Sentry flea and tick tropical breeze shampoo" at PetSmart seems to have really good reviews.... would this help any?
  6. I'm guessing I can lick those nylon leashes at pet smart
  7. She really likes to try and run away when I take her out. So I'm sure she gets choked a little when she tries getting ahead of her self. What about a leash? Are those retractable ones from Walmart any good for walking
  8. I recently moved to my new apartment and I'm taking my little girl from my dads house... Shes never really been on the leash much because she has always ran free out in the back yard. With the apartment allowing dogs, there is no fenced in yards so I need to take her out on the leash to potty and for occasional jogs. What harness do you recommend me getting for her? Is there anything affordable at pets smart or pet co? I know collars are bad... so what do you recommend that is the SAFEST for her?
  9. I'm going to discuss that with my father. The male has one testical but I know its still possible to get her pregnant. Hes a big dog and is inside more than he should be so he has a lot of energry built up... Hopefully if he does get neutered it will calm him down.
  10. My husky pup is about 10 months now and I am pretty sure shes going into heat. Her private area seems red and she is starting to drip blood on the floor and her bed. I made a post before that I have a pitbull male who is not fixed and Im going to try and schedule her an appointment to get fixed ASAP. The worse thing I can do is have her get pregnant and I don't want that. Money has been a major issue lately but I want to get this done. Any recommendations ? I have a 4ft long by 2 1/2 foot cage I have been recently putting her in while I leave. I don't live with my dad or brothers but when they leave I know she is left out with the other dog.....
  11. My 8 month old female husky pup is still going pee and poo inside the house. Luckily its wood flooring but shes still doing it. The past couple of months she was doing real well. I take her out early in the morning and sometimes leave the door open. She goes outside and will come right back in 5 minutes later and do her business again. Don't get me wrong, she has been doing a lot better outside than she was when I moved her over to my fathers place, but she is still peeing more than anything. Iv tried the spray chemical from PetCo but she is hasn't learned. Ahhhh such a hassle! lol :/
  12. Does petsmart only sell it? Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  13. My puppy keeps peeing in the same spots on my hardware floor and I was wondering if you know anything I can grab at petsmart that will get rid of the scent. ? Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  14. I cant get her to stop going potty inside Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
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