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  1. As cheesy as this sounds- I happened to see an episode of Cesar 911, don't judge me, and a Doberman with Sep. Anxiety was taught to be calm by leaving him in a calm state. So making sure that when I leave Otto is calm and not wanting to play and even somewhat submissive. I'm going to try that several times over the weekend.
  2. Maybe I should run with him everyday. He is crated from 730-12 then again from 1230 until 3 or 4
  3. So I know I haven't posted in a while but...Otto has always had separation anxiety. He has never liked to be crated and always finds a way out. I have a black metal wire crate that eventually had to be zip tied shut to prevent his escape. Now I have a larger plastic enclosed one that he has chewed from the inside out and now the door doesn't stay locked. He applies pressure and it pops open. When he is out, 80% of the time he is fine. The other 20% he chews. Twice now it's been the carpet at the threshold of my bedroom door which was shut when I intentionally left him out. I need advice. Do I return to the wire crate and zip it shut and allow him to lie on the metal wires because he chews the plastic pan or do I let him roam the house and wait for him to chew the couch or can I train him? Or does he need a professional. I don't want to worry about my boy while I'm working M-F but I also don't want to keep repairing my house or spend a fortune on a trainer. Thanks in advance- Brett
  4. his favorite spot...too bad it's my spot haha
  5. Oh yea that's awesome Andy! Thanks as always buddy!
  6. Hey Andy! Wondering if you could do a quick crop and update of my signature now that Otto is grown up?? Me and Al thought the puppy pic on the left and this new one would be cool if you don't mind!
  7. grumpy that I woke him up haha
  8. riding out the storms, yet again
  9. being mischievous being mischievous
  10. Me at formal last semester
  11. You know just watching some tv wrapped up in a blanket. And no I didn't not fix this lol

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