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  1. What a difference 3 months makes! First picture taken when I brought him home at 8 weeks old in February. Second picture was taken today! He is growing nice and absolutely love his color.
  2. Here is a pic of Kodi at about 5 1/2 weeks before I brought him home. And then right now at 12 weeks. His mask and color has changed somewhat. He is absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself. Just felt the need to show this wonderful guy off!
  3. Thank you everyone! We are very excited to bring him home.
  4. Hi everyone, I have not been on in over two years. I am re-introducing myself since i was only here for about 3 months. Reason for not being on, is my buddy "Hunter" passed a couple of years ago. At this time, my wife and I decided it is time to add another wonderful husky to our family. We really miss our Hunter, but is time. I get to bring him home in a couple of weeks. We are very excited. He is one gorgeous pup and comes from very good genes. Just thought I'd share.
  5. Thank you very much. I agree he is absolutely gorgeous.
  6. Good idea! I will be installing one on the gate on my next day off.
  7. LOL thats what I'm afraid of. Although, I think as long as my yard is fully secured, and people obey my "keep gate closed" sign, things will be ok.Our area is very rocky as we live at 8,000 ft in the rockies. It was hard enough digging the trench for the fence with a tractor, so I dont see any way they can dig under it. I have already started searching for another husky. Almost considered a very young one, that way any training will come from us. But I am not completely sure about that yet.
  8. Thank you! Yeah every little thing that moves catches his attention too. I really wish I could be home more often. Before I adopted him, I worked short days. Then a week after that my schedule changed. My wife really tries to keep him occupied but she also has to keep our 1 year old boy occupied. At some point I know hunter becomes bored and wants to wonder off on his own. I am beginning to consider getting another husky, hoping they can keep eachother occupied when neither myself or my wife has the time.
  9. He is in a very secure place, it's people that visit that are careless. I have since put up a sign on the front gate to make sure and close it. Just felt I should share my constant (perhaps temporary) luck we have had. Hopefully this doesnt happen again. I have become very attached to him. He is such an awesome dog.
  10. Yeah I mean we have a big yard with a good fence. According to my wife, he escapes when she is letting him outside and someone forgets to close the gate in the yard. Beyond my control because I am hardly ever home durning the week. She is now checking to make sure the gate is closed every time now. I think I am very lucky that he is coming home. And yes he only comes running back when she calls his name. He is very good about that already. I'm just a little shocked, and proud in a way, being that we did not raise him or train him when we was younger. He is praised and gets treats for coming back now though. Such a wonderful dog. Those few times were a huge worry for me though. Wish I could bring him to work sometimes
  11. So, as time goes on (going on 2 months since adoption) Hunter seems to be a totally different dog from what we expected, in a good way. I heard all of these stories how if huskies get loose chances are you will not find them or they will not come back. I work 10 hours a day and my wife stays home with our son and Hunter. He has escaped from her 4 times already in these last 2 months. He over powers her sometimes as she is pretty petite. Every time she yells his name from the back door and he comes running back as fast as he possibly can. I happened to be getting home one day just minutes after he escaped. He was nowhere to be seen as I looked for him. All I had to do was walk to my deck in the back and yell his name and sure enough there he was running back! Also this weekend, we took him out for a long walk, there was a loose pitbull roaming around our neighborhood. Hunter pulled me as hard as he could and we happened to be walking on packed snow. Sure enough I slipped and dropped his leash. First thing he did was stop and run right back to me. Almost seemed like he went to make sure I was ok. So in conclusion, I am absolutely shocked with him. Is this normal? Also, if some of you dont know. He was picked up as a stray before I adopted him from a rescue. Also, for those of you who havent seen him, here is a few updated pictures of Hunter,sorry for the poor quality of the first one, he was running towards me:
  12. I dont know if this counts, but my 13 month old son on 2 seperate occasions has fallen and bumped his head. When this has happened, Hunter immediately runs to him and licks his head where he has bumped it. I've never seen a dog do this. He almost acts as if my son is his own. Seems pretty protective over him. Not to me though..or my wife..
  13. I collect deer and elk antlers. I hike and hunt for them during the spring and I make home decorative things out of them, such as lamps, chandeliers, tables etc. I also make mounts. Whatever is left over I turn into dog chews or sell the rest. Antler hunting is quite a popular thing to do here where I'm from. It is pretty addictive lol.
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