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    My dear jada walked over the rainbow bridge today I miss her so much
  2. I got max from my mom when she passed twelve years ago max has been my rock since then and kept me connected to my mom for so many years i lost him on friday and cant stop crying i miss him so much you all have been a big support by knowing im not alone
  3. jennjennc

    Secret Santa

    Girls loved there presents thank you secret Santa
  4. Jada and Lilly got a secret Santa gift when I got home thank you so much santa
  5. I have dog portion need to get human part and then send some time next week and my dogs name's are jada and Lilly
  6. For me fairies or husky things for the girls they like raw hides and balls and anything they can eat
  7. jennjennc

    Secret Santa

    I'm in us or UK is ok
  8. I'm in to particapte this year
  9. I so cant wait to get in on it this year
  10. yeah I made it smaller and it work fine after that
  11. trying to upload picture just keeps giving me error please help
  12. trying to post a picture but it keeps telling me there is a problem I'm not sure what to do
  13. jennjennc

    Secret Santa

    u can put me down jay I can have anywhere
  14. Jada is thankful for the nice comfy couch
  15. are we doing secret Santa this year I would really like to join in on it I just love doing this if we are let me know please our fur babies need Christmas too
  16. Here is jada laying next to me
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