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  1. She's had plenty of showers since September (she loves the shower!).
  2. A split season? Wow, I have never heard of that! I'll read up some more about it now!
  3. Hi, My husky is almost 18 months and had her second season from mid-August to mid-September. Today her friend Cocoa, a ten-year-old brown lab with arthritis, seemed to have a new lease of life and was sniffing at her constantly. He is normally a very slow dog who likes lying down a lot and he was active constantly tonight! I am sure he even tried to mount her. He is the only male dog so far who has shown any extra interest in her, but apparently labs have good noses? I haven't used any new shampoo on her or given her any new food recently, although she has been given a couple of treats recently that she hasn't had before. What do you guys think? She is not exhibiting any extra genitalia cleaning behaviour that I have noticed, as of yet anyway, and she seems to be acting the same as always. Thanks!
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