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  1. Hi

    Only just read this...

    What activity was he doing when this happened?  Jumping. running on uneven ground, jumping off something onto what?  if slippery floors might he have done his cruciate ligament (really excruciating pain) or splayed his hips out ?

    He may have twisted his spine and 'put it out'. 

    If your vet's are unable to offer you a staggered repayment scheme I'd suggest Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.. Supervet - who can and you can also set up a staggered repayment plan.. and elsewhere (not on here) maybe a gofundme one.  

    I do hope this get this sorted for him as prolonged injuries not fixed can cause even more long term issues. He's still relatively young and otherwise healthy.  Why can't your vet come to you to you to sedate him enough to move him?  Mine would.

    Maz xx

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