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  1. Thanks again everyone. I think if we do get another dog it will be a small/toy breed. And hypoallergenic. But I don't think we will get one until after we have kids cause I don't think I could have a baby and a puppy lol. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. Unfortunately we left shadow off at her new home. The original home we found through the husky charity had already got a dog but one of the charities foster cares took her in to keep. I went round today and she was strangely natural with them. They have another dog so she will have company and I felt comfortable with the people. My girlfriend cried the whole way there and I cried the whole way home. But we do think we have done the right thing for us and for shadow. Thanks for all your help
  3. Already tried the breeder they haven't space to keep her and don't want to try and sell her. They were just a couple who's pets got busy lol
  4. Thanks everyone for your help and not just saying I should have expected this. I did do as much research as I could but I guess the reality is a bit different. I haven't mentioned this yet but we think my girlfriend is allergic to her. She has been going back and forth to the doctors for over a month now we had thought it was asthma but now think it may be a dog allergy. She is going to the doctors on Monday to get tested. It is this allergy that has pushed us over the edge. It's bad enough trying to clean up after the pup never mind trying to do it while wheezing. If it turns out she is allergic we will have to rehome her. I have contacted a local husky rehome charity and they have a couple who have just put down there 8 year old husky who may be interested. I will keep you posted.
  5. Thanks I think we will crate her but a quick crate question. At what age can I crate her for 6-8 hours and do u give her water while in the crate?
  6. I understand when u say what did u expect but we have had toy breeds in the past so everything is more now. There are other things like people not wanting to come round because of her just not sure what to do. It was me that pushed to get her and it is not the other half who is suffering. Where do you keep your dogs when your out??
  7. Me and my girlfriend are under some serious puppy stress. Now I'm sure it's very common but it's not good. We have just bought our first house and we got shadow within a month of moving in. Now the other half is very very house proud and is getting very stressed about the mess ect. We both feel like we haven't had time to enjoy our house. Shadow stays in the kitchen and unless it has been cleaned that day and we have scented candles burning you can smell her. Now I'm not sure if it is her or the potty training accidents. But you would have to scrub the kitchen every day and it is stressful. I am out for work from 8-6 and the girlfriend works 2-3 days a week from 10-10. We feel it would be so much easier without her bit we love her so much we don't know what to do. We don't want people round without spending an hour plus cleaning. That's not normal or enjoyable. Stressed out and keep thinking it would be so much easier without her but are also afraid of letting her go to a bad home. What to do what to do.........
  8. jamie615

    Push Ups

    Doing a few push ups the other day and shadow does this. She does it every time lol it actually makes it harder
  9. My shadow (malamuteXsamoyed) doesn't mind rain although she hasn't seen heavy rain yet. She hates getting washed in the shower and will do anything to avoid puddles. I've just got a 100ft lead to see how she gets in at the beach
  10. I don't think there's anything wrong she is full of energy and not under weight just at that lanky stage now. I feed her Iams large puppy food it's dry . I will measure today to find out how much she is eating.
  11. I haven't got the bag anymore but it was around 250-300g but she won't eat that much. I did try her on 3 meals a day but her poo went too soft. I would say she eats about 150-180g now split between two meal. But if she doesn't eat it within 15 mins I lift it.
  12. There are ppl on YouTube who have managed to train their huskys to recall but I wouldn't risk it I've just got a 100ft lead to take my shadow out to the beach
  13. Ah right thanks. She loves her walks so should be fine then
  14. Thanks. I should add for thos who didn't see my new member thread. Shadow is not a sib she is a cross between an alaskan malamute and a Samoyed. She has been eating like this since we got her so I will monitor her and maybe feed her again during the day.
  15. Shadow is about 4 months old now and about 9-10kg I feed get a cup of good quality dry food twice a day but she only eats about 100g in total a day. Some days she will eat more. I've been told that the type of dog they are they eat less than normal but I feel she may be a little thin. Wanted to check befor I took her to the vet or anything
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