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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been wanting to get a husky since forever, and have done a whole lot of research on them. I'm fully confident on tackling the training of one (having trained dogs before), the amount of exercise she'll need etc, but I'm most concerned about the possibility of the family cats. I've done a bunch of reading on it, including some on this site, and have found a lot of answers saying Nope don't even try it, and also quite a few saying their husky/ies gets on fine with cats. The consensus I'm seeming to find is that huskies that have been raised since very young with cats get along fine, while those that are introduced from about a year+ don't work always out so well... I know it's also really dependent on the dog's personality itself, so I wanted to ask you all what you thought and your stories. I have the chance soon to get a husky less than 3 months old, but am doing my best to make the right decision! If you've had success, how did you introduce the animals? How young was your dog? Any difference between males/females? Any other information you can think of! Thanks so much! Tari Xxx
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