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  1. I have never had a Husky before ,but my Curlycoated retriever is now nearly 10,could it be that he is reaching sexual maturity,I had this with my older boy,but this only happened for about 6 weeks and then it stopped,I am sure other members will have some advice for you
  2. I feed raw,if I was going to feed a kibble it would be Burns everytime
  3. My boy used to do this when his tummy was empty for too long,i now give a tiny meal before bed ,this has remedied the problem for me
  4. Pearl has had her puppy injections,she will be getting titre tested when her booster is due,if she still has immunity she will not be getting her booster.My curlycoated retrievers allergies began a few days after he started his puppy injections ,i don't like to put anything chemical into my dogs unless needed,my older boy has been titre tested since his booster was due,at aged 1,he has always been immune so never had a booster he is now nearly 10.I don't even worm with chemicals,I use pumkin seeds and a probiotic the day after
  5. Where in Wales are you going. We camped through the summer on the Gower coast,only a 30min drive away for us,the tent you liked would probably not be good enough for winter camping,the poles are rubbish and would split with the high winds,we bough a new tent this summer a 6 person tent,but it had metal poles not the thin fibreglass,it worked great very high headroom,2 bedrooms plus a large living area,we had plenty of room with 2 adults ,3 kids and a 40kg dog,got it from go outdoors in the sale reduced from £649 to £189.But I am very much like you I go glamping,had a second hand tabletop fridge for £40,an icemaker for £40,air beds are cheap in B and M ,even take my toaster,foldaway camping table and chairs for £25 in Tesco.We have now bought a caravan,so tent is for sale,but we had a great Summer with our bargain buy,good luck with whatever you decide to go with
  6. hello and welcome,new myself but everyone is really helpful
  7. I used to get this with my curlycoated retriever,just yellow bile and maybe a previous meal.I give both dogs a late evening meal just something small,i feed raw so they get a single lamb rib about 10 at night,the vet told me it was caused by the tummy being too empty for too long,i used to find with Trav that after he had been sick he wouldn't touch his food,saying that if i am sick i don't want to eat.The late nite offering works great for us
  8. raw for both of mine,Travis has been on raw since 5months due to allergies,and when i got pearl it was easier to feed both dogs the same food,and to be honest i love to watch them eating a rmb,plus it also keeps their teeth clean,our vet cannot believe how white Trav's teeth are considering he is nearly 10 yr
  9. Thankyou was not sure where to post the pics
  10. Once Pearl started to play with Travis,I started walking them together.We have a sports field a 5 min walk away from our house,hubbys friend is the manager.The field closes at 5 each evening through winter,so he locks up and allows us to use the 2mile diameter field for an hour,I have to be honest there hasn;t been once that i have had to call Pearl more than once,
  11. Thankyou you all Travis is a curlycoated retriever,I usually get asked if he is a Labradoodle
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