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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to reintroduce us. We have been dormant on the forum for years and are sorry to have disappeared. My name is Alan and our little girl is Ela-Yona (earth bear in cherokee). Today is 7 years since she was rescued and became our little girl. We all had growing pains but she is truly one of the family. She even has a cat in her pack. When we first joined I had no idea what we were in for. Research on the internet and even going to a husky rescue will only tell half the tail haha. Thank you all for being here and we promise not to stay away so long.
  2. Just an update. After trying many other devices, I finally got what must be the best product on the market. We have been using the Gentle Leader Headcollar for about a week now on Ela-Yona. At first we fitted it and only kept it on for about 5 minutes. She slowly built up time with just the collar with no lead until she was comfortable with it. Our first trip outside on lead was just a potty run, the change was suprising and instant. She still wants to try and remove it but we have been told she will adjust to it, besides she loves treats when we come back in. Our first actual walk on lead was amazing, she actually "pranced" as we walked. Contant praise and treats help for positive reinforcement. I can honestly say I was ready to give up and we were going to have to live with pulling forever. Not so now. She is now "mommy's show dog" when she walks. Alan
  3. Ela-Yona has a Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness. She pulls so hard even with the harness she will loosen the adjusters on the harness completely overiding the design and ignoring the pull to the side. I would like some info from others who have used the gentle leader and the canny collar. At what age did you start using the device? did you have problems with your husky pulling past/overiding the device? Have any of you tried both devices and have a personal choice? We have most recently tried a Martengale collar. She will pull while choking herself with it. I am afraid of hurting her or having my wifes shoulder dislocated. Alan
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  5. We first got Ela-yona a gentle leader harness. She never even noticed and can pull so hard that the adjusters on the straps loosen. I have been trying the negative reinforcement mentioned above but it really depends on my patience not hers. Not knowing her back round (rescue from pound) I can only guess but, it seems she has had no interaction with others. Maybe a "backyard" puppy. We will keep working on her and report back later. Alan
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