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    Husky carer
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    Rescued Harry, so have no back ground info on him. First time Husky owner though had German Shepherds before. 3 teenage kids and lots of garden to look after. Rescued Snowy at 4 months old, he's a GSD Husky cross. Was mal nourished and lots of behavioural problems, we are getting there slowly. From Surrey but moved to France 8 years ago, it can be challenging! Last full time employment was managing a motorsport endurance racing team, most recent paid work was picking apples, where's the connection? there isn't one :)
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    Gardening, wine, diy, walking, cooking, motorsport and my doggies

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  1. In much pain after biking with Harry and a rabbit ran out in front :(

    1. Emma


      Will a hot bath and some ibuprofen help?
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