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  1. Hi Ashley. Its a bit diffucult for me to post pictures here atm, but if you have instagram, Then you Can find pictures of Wolf from When he was a baby and until now. Just find the user wolfthehusky
  2. Hello, i own a dirty faced agouti He's 9 months old (this saturday).. I made a thread yesterday with pictures from yesterdays morning trip in the forest You can check them out here: This is what he looked like when he was 5 weeks old:
  3. No, he's purebred dirty faced agouti husky
  4. Wow emma! they really look alike! need i say i think bear is stunning? how much does bear weigh? and how tall is he from shoulders and down?
  5. Today Wolf (9 months old this saturday), had his first experience with snow! We've had cold weather, but not real snow, and it was amazing seeing him in the forest enjoying himself, here in Denmark. I just wanted to share some pictures from today with you Enjoy!
  6. Hi everyone, just wanted to share some -new- pics of Wolf (taken yesterday), who's now a little over 7 months old (on the 1. december) He's still growing strong.
  7. I posted some pics of wolf before. But its been some time Hes now a little over 5 months old, and still growing Hes 60 cm in height at the shoulders and weighs atm 22 kilos. Here are some pics from yesterday out in our garden
  8. Thank you so much everyone! It really was an amazing experience. Cant wait for next year, when my husky Wolf is old enough to join in He's still only 5 and a half months atm..
  9. Hey everyone, I finally got around to resizing some pictures so i can post them. I want to show you all some selected pictures from the "sled pulling season start" day, that was about 2 weeks ago here in Denmark. There was over 100 people, and some brought 20+ dogs. so you can only imagine the sight, energy AND noise! Enjoy!
  10. Hey, i really want to share some pics, but when i try to upload them, a message appears, that says that they are too big / i dont have permission to upload that size files. Can someone help?
  11. my 14 week old puppy named Wolf, was damaging a football today, and destroying the lawn
  12. Thank you so much everybody
  13. Today my boyfriend and i went for a walk in the forest while it was raining, with our 14 week old puppy named Wolf. Here are some pictures from today
  14. Diamond's Human: haha, I've been totally obsessed with his eyes, lol I took a picture of them when he was 9 weeks,- they seriously look like Wolf eyes. Check them out:
  15. Thank you so much everybody Debs: Yeah, its kinda crazy. Hes changing alot from week to week. atm his back is getting darker and darker, and his "under fur" (name?) is turning black/dark grey, except around the neck/head,- there, he continues to be creme colored.. wonder what he will look like in a couple of months
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