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  1. Thanks I seem to dip in and out of the forum lol! We are already going to one husky camp this year ( Heart Welfare ) was thinking of somewhere peaceful for me , the hub and extended family haha
  2. I tried to transition my lad into sleeping loose however he hates it. He paces and whines to be back in his crate So I just leave him where he's happy My two girls ( Skyla and Shelby ) are loose as is little Taz
  3. I would say the colour of pups will never dictate how they will look as an adult My lad was red when we bought him, he's now almost black. He is open faced , his Mum was open faced... Dad had a mask. His litter are mixed red / greys and blacks
  4. Afternoon all, Was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to where I can take my little pack on holiday this year! Would ideally like somewhere in England, with a fully enclosed garden. I am up in the North East / County Durham Thank you
  5. Another risk taker here! My first dog Taz I got in April 2013, my second dog Blade I got in July 2013. Skyla came along in March 2014 and Shelby arrived July 2014 If it fits, it fits
  6. I'm a sucker for a sob story! All but the blue eyed boy are rescues. My little Cav Taz was a "private rescue" he belonged to a family member who couldn't care for him anymore and was going to hand him over to rescue so we said we would have him
  7. I do work a lot of hours and do struggle walking the four however I use a dogmatic on one of them and the Cavalier can go offlead so makes it a little easier
  8. Thank you If you had told me 6/7 months ago I would be up to four I would have said " Nahhhh!" Once you get involved in Welfare... you get sucked in! I've told my husband NO MORE
  9. A little random I know however I have not been a big poster on this forum and a lot has changed since I last posted! As some of you may or may not remember I joined this forum with Blade my Siberian Husky and Taz my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , oh how things have changed! Since then I've gone from two to FOUR dogs so I would like to introduce our two newest members of the Pascoe Family. Introducing Skyla Skyla is our very first Foster dog with Heart Welfare. She arrived with us on the of 30th March 2014 at 14 months old. If I had to describe Skyla in one word, it would be "neurotic" She loves her cuddles and kisses, all the fuss and attention you can give her and is a total Daddy's girl. She is also as mad as a box of frogs. We officially adopted her on the 23rd of May after deciding she was absolutely amazing and we didn't want her to go anywhere A few months later after all had settled in and the pack order had been reshuffled and confirmed I met another little Husky who was currently in foster with Heart Welfare. Only 6 months old she had been handed over at 11 weeks , she needed an operation to correct an eptopic ureter and after much discussion Myself and my Husband decided that we wanted her to come and live with us so we could take care of her during her recovery Introducing Shelby Shelby is our Second foster dog from Heart Welfare, she came to live with us on the 20th of July at 6 months old. If I had to describe her in one word it would be "touchyfeely" thats one word right? Shelby loves nothing more than being cuddled into you or mere mm's away from your face. She is vocal and loves to sing, typical silly puppy who is constantly into everything. I can often be found chasing her round the house trying to retrieve the flannel out of the bathroom from her mouth. She's fit into our pack so well we plan on adopting her in December when she has been "fixed" making us a twice failed foster So there you have it I've reintroduced myself again! Enjoy a picture of my very silly, very happy pack!
  10. I love taking Blade into bed with us but my husband wouldn't allow it every night! He normally crawls up in the nook of my legs and sleeps still as anything , till about 7/8 in the morning when he starts licking my face!
  11. I do try and distract him with a toy but as soon as Taz moves he drops it and he's at him again. I sometimes catch him stalking him too I think if Taz maybe didn't react so much he'd probably stop, when he nips at Taz , Taz will lunge at him growling and barking and biting I think he sees it as Taz playing a game
  12. Sorry to be that person but bump! Any ideas anyone?
  13. We feed raw, we tried a number of different kibbles and none of them agreed with our little guys stomach. We tried Eden, Gentle, Markus Muhle Naturenah, vets kitchen. I have been recommended either Fish 4 Dogs / Canagan and fishmongers it can be trial and error with food
  14. You can borrow mine for a week give me a break I will definitely be re homing instead of buying a puppy next time around
  15. Good afternoon / evening / morning everyone! I'm here for a little bit of advise as per usual. We have a 6 month old Male Siberian called Blade and a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel called Taz. The last few weeks Taz cannot move an inch without Blade pounding on him, biting his legs / ears / scruff of his neck , Taz retaliates and growls / lunges at Blade and he does run off but comes straight back. When I watch it , it's almost like Blade knows what reaction Taz will gives and does this nipping as a ... game almost ? But its really starting to get me down, I am tired of Taz's constant barking and growling and Blade taking no notice. So far we have tried coins in a can, putting on time out IE leashing him to us or putting him in the kitchen behind the baby gate. I've distracted him with toys / treats/ kong but as soon as Taz moves he's at him again. He does this with no other dog, only Taz. He is polite to every other dog we meet or spend time with. I can see that its not just making me miserable but Taz also he has started tip toeing around the house or just downright refuses to move anywhere. What else can I do? I've attached a picture as its been a long time since I showed him off
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