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    Got a gorgeous Malamute boy named Kovu and taken in my mum's Welsh Collie Cross rescue dog. They are gradually getting along and becoming goid brothers. Also have 4 house rabbits in our new home we bought in Bedford. Love seeing new areas and would love Kovu to meet more dogs of his kind. I love Watford FC although Tom is a Luton Town supporter!
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    my dogs n rabbits, Watford FC, seeing new places, Music,
  1. Got the throws on our new sofa and taken the scatter cushions off so he doesnt chew then when we're at work
  2. Kita-n-Tom

    Kovu asleep on sofa

    LOVE this pic of Kovu <3
  3. Kita-n-Tom

    Toby in Kovu's bed

  4. Kita-n-Tom

    SnowPup Kovu

  5. Kita-n-Tom

    Kovu and Toby

    Kovu and Toby playing tuggie rope . . although they don't play together usually, we have to pull the rope towards them to get them to play

    © KitaWatts

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