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  1. Holy cow! 1,000 lbs? ....pssha..Maddie can so pull Gabe in a wagon...just not a little red one tied with rope LOL
  2. While shopping with a friend for some odds and ends she made a comment about how one of her relatives had her husky mix trained to pull a small wagon for when they go grocery shopping (they live in a very small town in a colder climate) and I showed interest. I made a joke about training Maddie to pull a little red wagon and we laughed about my 6 year old riding her around town like a horse in buggy. Of course I'm not going to tie my dog to a little red wagon with a length of yarn and set my 6 year old loose but apparently i'm "cruel" to even say that. Some older chick was walking by and heard the but end of it and started in on how its horrible to expect my dog to pull anything around because she's my pet not some plowhorse yadayadayada. I tried explaining to her that Siberan Huskies are bred as working dogs and thats what they were originally bred for and she started going on about weight limits and how I was going to break her back by making her pull my kid in some wagon (he's 50 lbs...beats me what a wagon weighs.) Needless to say, despite the fact I disagree with the idea that Maddie coudln't be trained to pull and I honestly believe she'd enjoy it, I am no really very curious about what is too much for her. Note: once again...I am not going to set my kid loose in a little red wagon....just saying.
  3. Aaand we have a perfectly happy comfy husky! No growling, no hiding in the kennel, full on "LOVE ME!" attention whoring. I am a happy husky-mama!
  4. Happy Maddie loves car rides, cheese, and belly rubs after a 40 minute groom session. God help me when she blows her coat....I'm so finding a REALLY good groomer to help me keep up lol.
  5. She's doing much MUCH better today. I'm starting to think she just might be a calmer dog than what I was expected/braced for lol She loads in the car like a dream, walks on the leash pretty well, and actually laid across my feet for about 20 minutes earlier until I got up to go get a drink. I think if I'd sat there and let her she'd have laid on my feet for a good while, she liked me wiggling my toys in her belly fur lol. Shes taking a while to warm up to all us adults but she's already madly in love with my kids and is a shamless flirt with the neighbor children.
  6. I was always told that the retractable leads were not very good for bigger dogs or dogs who pulled a great deal. I've never used one for a dog over 10lbs so I can't exactly say I would know either way. It would be a nice option to look in to.
  7. Hey everyone! So, as you may or may not know I have adopted a beautiful 2 year old husky named Maddie. She's a doll and has been walking fairly well on her current collar and leash however her collar has some serious wear and tear and I need to get it replaced sooner rather than later in the event she decides she doesn't want to walk nicely on the leash and pulls the collar right off. She's a tugger more than a puller - she doesn't yank me across the grass or strain but she definitely has some slight tension in the lead. I am curious on y'alls take on what the best collar or harness I could get her would be as well as leads. She's got a very sturdy 6 foot lead but it feels so short especially when she wants to do a little exploring which means I'm right up in the bushes with her so she can. What would you recommend? Collar or harness? Any specific type? Also what length and type of lead do you use? THANKS!
  8. Her previous owner worked full time and had a lot of out of work obligations that left her without a lot of time to spend with Maddie. I'm a stay at home mom with an over abundance of time for her. I really very much so doubt any abuse occurred. She had a very loving home that unfortunately wasn't a good fit anymore. As for the crate, she's content in there. After I last posted she came out a bit more and wandered around. She wasn't up to coming up on the couch (I actually think she's been trained off the furniture) and wasn't overly eager for love but she did come over purposefully to be petted. She put her chin on my knee for a few minutes, went and snuffled both the kids,took a few pieces of chicken nugget from both myself and my son then took a few sips of water and went back in her kennel. Right now she's asleep in her kennel. I have a lot to learn about my new little furbaby but I'm optimistic and I'm really happy I found this forum.
  9. I'm new too, and with a new husky, not my first husky friend but my first FULL TIME all MINE husky friend. She's 2years old though. You're little sweetie is SO adorable. I love that fluffy white coat!
  10. Thats what I figured and hoped but it never hurts to ask right? Took her out to use the restroom before bed and she came out of her crate for the lead with very little hesitation and as soon as we were out in the grass was back to laying her head on my hip and wagging her tail. I'm guessing she's just really confused as to why she's not "home" and is now here with us. For now I'm just letting her have her space. Thanks for the help. Sometimes you just need to hear someone else say it to make it "true" lol Maybe its naiive and a little silly but I guess I am just a little sad that she isn't already up on the couch for cuddles but I know we'll get there with some patience and love. Thanks!
  11. I've had several dogs in my life time and worked with a great many more. I've been around more than my fair share of huskies and had a hand in the raising and early training of several litters of husky pups. I'm really at a loss here. I don't know if maybe I'm just overwhelmed because I'm disapointed but I could really use some outside advice. Today we adopted a 2 year old female husky. At her previous owner's home she was very vocal at us and very hesitant but after a few minutes warmed right up and by the time we went to get her into the van she was laying her head in my hands and enjoying full on cheek and neck fluffs. She rode in the van beautifully without a sound, relaxed and calm. Outside our home she was inquisitive and friendly. Inside? Not so much. She sat in front of the door and wouldn't move until we got her crate set up, now she's laying in the crate and growls at my husband every time he comes near it. I know it'll take her a while to get used to her new surroundings but I'm also worried. She won't take either food or water. I'm a little heartbroken that she won't have anything to do with me at the moment but I am absolutely prepared to be as patient as she needs for as long as she needs. No other dog I've had has been this way. Do you suppose this is just a normal transition or a red flag? Any advice welcome!
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