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    Mother of 2 girls. 22 & 9. Not married but live happily with my oh. I'm a qualified nursery nurse but no longer practice as i prefer hands on and not all the copious amounts of paperwork.
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    Eskie, walking, exercise, bird watching, cycling, zumba on the wii

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  1. mmmm thats a nice cup of coffee

    1. Sarah


      :o where's mine lol
    2. crazeediamonds


      Sarah you are welcome anytime for a coffee

    3. Husky-gunner


      posh coffee lady

  2. In my oh's opinion he doesn't think it is more expensive but then it all depends on how much you were paying for kibble and where you get your raw supplies from
  3. Elyse thankyou i feel so much better now
  4. Me personally i find the pets@home mince is great and cheap enough. The 400g packs imo work out cheaper than the kilo packs. Lamb bones chicken wings legs etc i just buy from morrisons
  5. why didn't i do the Barf diet sooner

  6. I know I wont win as I never win anything lol but thought I would have a go for a laugh
  7. Would just like to say hi and i like the site just still trying to work it all out never used one before. :-)
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