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  1. I’ve been offered a job in London on decent money. Was wondering if anyone on here would allow me or knows of anyone who would let me rent a room with dogs allowed in the house. i know this isn’t a normal request but someone’s gotta love animals as much as I do and could do with the extra cash. ive looked at renting a house but it’s too expensive for me. Any advice welcome.
  2. Thank you That lot will keep me busy lol he's been okay today, had a nice run off lead with no problems
  3. Hi guys, my boy has recently been irritated by a red type rash around his paws and a small amount around his chops. It's not majorly bothering him but it has been a couple of weeks now and the problem has not gone away. Can anyone recommend some remedies to clear this up before I make an extortionate trip to the Vets?
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yeah Zach has done it in the past on and off but never this frequent. Glad to hear it doesn’t sound that serious if yours has been ok for so long
  5. He’s been okay today bless him. Hoping it’s just a cold like you said. Fingers crossed he be fine
  6. I had to get fish this month as they didn’t have any chicken left (his usual raw diet). He’s been on this diet for 3 years and had no problem so I’m guessing the change to fish is causing this wheezing/cough. It’s happened very rarely in the past but now it’s happening quite a lot. Should I be concerned/go to the vets? He’s happy as can be and looks healthy all the time apart from these 10-20 second episodes 30DBF202-2F6C-45BD-B0CE-C95B256727E8.MOV
  7. Thanks for all of your responses and support. I have been recording them for the past week on my laptop. It only records 3 hours but i have found a common theme. I leave, they bark/howl for the first 5 minutes..... that's it!! Which is pretty much what my neighbor (my friendly neighbor who didn't complain) told me. When I work nights i cant see this being a problem as the horrific unbearable nuisance dog barking only happens at 5:30pm. When I'm off work i rarely get up, let alone leave the house before 9am. The only time it is a bit of a problem is when I'm on days which I've worked out averages 1.66 days per week. Anyway I think its kind of nice they miss me so bad lol I've even recorded them when i go to the shop for 10 minutes and they howl then (again for no more then 5 mins, usually like 2 mins!). My laptop records for 3 hours only but it's the same thing each time. I leave, they howl for 5 mins, the rest of the video is silence (they did it again a couple of times later randomly again 5 mins max). I'm going to keep recording as evidence in case anything happens. And if i see my neighbor, I'm going to be very immature and just look down my nose at her. She doesn't deserve my grown up side 😋 I've started leaving the radio on. Not sure if it works or not but im going to keep doing it as when i have recorded them they only make noise for 5 mins. But no I dont think my walker is willing to be at mine for 5:30AM 😆 Regarding not fussing them what exactly do you do? i usually stroke them, tell them I'm off out and to be good. Do you just leave without saying a word? or acknowledging them? To me this would perhaps make them panic more as at least they know I'm leaving when i say goodbye. It seems to me that if i left without saying a word they would panic more? and cause more havoc?
  8. Yeah I leave for work at 5:30am so I can see it being a bit annoying but I work shifts so I only do 5 out of 21 days. And I have a dog walker come round but what more can I do. Have read I’m not supposed to fuss them when I leave them or come home. Not sure if this works? Will give the radio ago too. I also found out miss busy body dropped her green box full of glass one morning and that set them off howling. Good how she’s blaming me for that
  9. So I got a letter the other day. Telling me my dogs are barking and causing a nuisance. I live in a semi detached house. My neighbours who are attached to me I speak with every day. We are very friendly with each other. I’ve spoken to them about it and they said they’d tell me to my face which I know they would. Anyway they say the dogs aren’t that bad when I leave so I don’t know how the person who isn’t attached can complain! (She also works for the council might I add and is a bit of a busybody). I’ve recorded my dogs when I leave the house and yes they do howl but it’s for between 2 - 5 minutes then they settle down. I’m very annoyed that this person hasn’t come to me first. But I guess I have to deal with it. My question is how do I stop the initial howling? I can’t give them kongs because they’ll fight unsupervised and I already walk them before I leave. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a certain way I should leave the house that lets them know everything will be fine?
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies I rang the police and it has been noted. So far nothing suspicious has occurred and I hope that is the end of it
  11. Thanks guys just reported it. Police were actually very polite which was a nice surprise fingers crossed it was nothing but I may have to invest in some cameras now just for peace of mind Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  12. I'm hoping this is just kids drawing stick men on my front wall but I've heard horrible stories in the past about thieves marking houses where they want to target to burgle/steal from. I've lived in my current house for nearly 4 years and have just noticed this so I'm guessing it's been done recently. It's made me more vigilant but I'm unsure whether to go to the police or not (not sure they'd care to be honest). Anyone had experience of this is the past? Or am I just being paranoid Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  13. Thanks very much for your replies everyone. She's booked in for the 15th. Fingers crossed all goes well Sent from my GT-I9195 using Husky Owners mobile app
  14. My boy who is almost 4 has randomly started peeing inside. He is fully house trained and has been since he was a pup so I'd like to know how to stop this? It's ever since I had new carpet put down he likes to pee in the same spot. I've told him off and even caught him in the act before but he keeps doing it. He has no excuse when I am in all day and have let him out several times. Do I need to replace that part if the carpet? I'm guessing he keeps doing it because of he scent which I can't seem to get rid of despite cleaning up after him every time. Any suggestions to stop this random peeing? It's driving me insane! Sent from my GT-I9195 using Husky Owners mobile app
  15. Thats not necessarily a bad thing though is it if she puts weight on? She currently only weighs around 54lbs. My boy weighs 60lbs
  16. Thanks to all your replies guys. Sorry for the late response. She is a slim dog so its good to know that it is easier to perform on slimmer dogs. I am currently with Vetsforpets, I am not sure they offer keyhole surgery but i will ask as she has a checkup in a couple of weeks. Paul G does this mean she might put a bit of weight on post op? Not that im worried as she could do with some meat on her bless her
  17. I will be getting my girl spayed this year after her next season. She is a rescue and will be 3 soon. I bumped into a keendog enthusiast the other day who was pleased to tell me about keyhole surgery whilst spaying instead of traditional slice and dice methods. I was very interested in this type of surgery as it means less time to recover for my hyperactive girl but upon reading another post on a different forum I am now unsure as this person said more could go wrong during keyhole surgery because the vet cannot clearly see what they are doing as much as they could with normal spaying. Has anyone on here had experience with keyhole surgery? It is more attractive as keeping my dog under control for 2 weeks will be extremely difficult but obviously I will put her first Sent from my GT-I9195 using Husky Owners mobile app
  18. Thanks Astro will give it a look [emoji5] Sent from my GT-I9195 using Husky Owners mobile app
  19. My friend lives in North East which is good for me coming from the north. I may just stay in Norfolk somewhere as I'll only be going to London the one day. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Husky Owners mobile app
  20. I am visiting a friend in London In May next year and wondered if anyone knows of a decent cottage I could rent out for a few days just outside of London so I can go back to the pooches at night. Within a 20 mile radius would be ideal. Cheers guys Sent from my GT-I9195 using Husky Owners mobile app
  21. Maybe I have missed it. When I first got her she was already one and had her season within the first week of her being here and I found blood everywhere but the last one she had there was only a few drops here and there. It is every 6 months isn't it?
  22. My vet told me the best time to get my bitch spayed would be 3 months after her next season but she hasn't had one since the beginning of last November. I thought she would of had one by now. She is in good health and is as energetic and happy as ever but should I be concerned and if not get her spayed anyway?? She is 2 now and I'd rather get it done as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind responses guys
  23. No idea what or how to tell for this
  24. I've noticed these red dots/spots in front of both my dogs noses. I'm not sure if they've been there forever and I haven't noticed but thought I would just clear this up on here. They are not irritated by the dots but I'd rather be safe then sorry
  25. There friends again now. I think shes getting the hang of it. She was going to go for his toy later and I just pointed at her and she backed off. I just need to keep an eye on her at all times. Little madam can be so frustrating though lol
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