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  1. So, I thought I signed on for a medium-sized dog. 20"-23.5" at the shoulder blade is what "breed standard" is. My boy Turbo measures 27". anyone familiar with huskies that meets him is always surprised at how tall he is, and on the other hand.. I feel like any other huskies I meet are rather short. His height can be a nuisance sometimes as his head is at the same level as my dinner table, and for him to reach my counter top all he has to do is look up a little. He easily snatches stuff all the time :/ So basically in just curious if my boy is an oddball, or if others have tall hus
  2. Turbo chompin' on a genius Kong stuffed with some peanut butter, 3 liver treats, and 4 baby carrots. He gets the peanut buyer and liver quickly, but those pesky carrots last hours. Now lets see a pirate husky! Arrrr, matey!
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