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  1. lol cant wait for you to get a phone call like i got went like this........ where are you [odd cos friend new where i was . in a butchers ] well stop what you are doin go home NOW the dog warden and rspca are at your house the dogs on the roof and fire brigade are on way and i have the photos and lady serving me in shop says who was next to phone as i went through till says she will never forget me cos we where not to sure who was more shocked
  2. moonstar

    new phone

    just a new year reminder anyone who got a new phone for christmas with number dont forget your dog tag number and if your baby is chipped your tel number will need changing happy hols to all
  3. moonstar

    White Lie

    have you ever told your kids a white lie they have never let you forget well i was reminded today while we were out hay look mum a bag of white marshmellows i wonder were they come from lol when she was little we were driving past a feild were the straw was wraped in big bales of white plastic bet you can guess whats comin yes baby its a marshmellow feid shes 21 and still reminds me of when she told her teacher with pride what she had seen that day
  4. aaa how cute is that would make a good calender pic for spring month
  5. mmmm sounds interesting will have to watch my two more often but seems to be a greeting thing to me BUT i dont care how much likin there not getting me magnem icecream sorry bad mum but it is the pink one well ok maybe a little
  6. might just be havin an off day try some small bits of meat a bit warm by hand if its warm smells better might sfart things moving again hope all goes well
  7. whoever happens dont keep it to yourself he needs you healthy and the stress will build up and you will make yourself ill try to think of each small problem and takle in order of impotance cos the whole big thing is to much and dont be fobed of get help you both need it thinking of you we our here x
  8. on the way get big spoon ready or you custard icecream or cream or everything calories dont count if you keep your eyes shut
  9. moonstar


    forget fluffys am coming to yours for easter tea
  10. moonstar


    do you ever give your fluffys warm food frozen food or just room temp dose it make a diff give mine slightly warm most of time smells better but do cook alot of meat and fish form them but thay love frozen cubes of what ever i have been cooking like chicken juices with bits today its heart
  11. moonstar

    Window Art

    i swear i can see images in window art for who out there that have no idea what am talkin about here is list of ingredients first have a clean window pref cleaned in last 30 secs intro at least one hairy to room and watch them place wet nose on glass and start art if they or not happy they lick it off and start again they work faster if you tell them visitors on way so they get impression not cleaned for at least a year whoops there you go easter bunny being made as we speke do you think if all the lines join up the word ends think i have to much time on hands and to much sugar for breckfast so need to go and find windowline and cloth happy easter to all
  12. was talkin to a friend about the realy strong wind we had here the other day and her dog is a teapot yorkie she said he went out side for a wee and everytime he picked his leg up he got blown over and went down the patio like tumbleweed and afer a couple of gose came in and weed in kitchen
  13. mine looked like i starved him till he was about 3 then woof cant pick him up now other babe is a girl and she is still sleek but filled out all over not just tum
  14. whotever just a beauty and looks soooo happy
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