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  1. Thanks guys, will try Wilkinson 😁
  2. Anyone bought a Wunderball for their hairy monsters ? Are they any good ?
  3. Bear male 4 yrs 7 months 50.5 kgs
  4. sarahjng

    2014 09 05 04.38.20

    I didn't, but if you have a question, I'm happy to answer
  5. Fabulous pics, how big are they ? Thank the gods for a big garden
  6. The visit, it was different, lol, they were due at 4 - 4.30, arrived at 6.40, did text me, but still very, very late. I had planned on bringing mine out to meet zuko ( the puppy) but when I opened the door he was already off lead and shooting past me. Bear was NOT happy with this strange dog running up his stairs and it took a good 15/20 minutes to get them calm and I had to crate both of mine. Really not a good start, the puppy parents have never seen husky play, and were quite panicked at the growls, jumping, neck biting (it was play !) going on, but I was shocked at no such like bear he was, except cleaner lol, a gorgeous puppy, and very doting parents
  7. Thanks jase, think I will play it safe.
  8. As many of you know, back in September we had a litter of ten puppies, I've been lucky enough to keep in touch with the parents and tomorrow we are having our first visit with one. My question is the re-introduction, the pup has been gone for 3 months, and I wonder, will my pair recognize his smell ? Or will they treat him as a strange dog in their home?. Would it be better (safer) to meet in the park ? Or crate them when he comes in ? Any advice on this would be really helpful.
  9. An irrational fear is just that ..... irrational. You can't explain it or understand it. But this isn't that, an accident that left you stranded ? A partner who grabbed the wheel ? These are not irrational, or stupid, this is a fear based on your experiences, a very RATIONAL reaction. All the advice given is great, get your own car, take special lessons, (they do ones for motorways,snow, all sorts now) therapy, but most of all, stop blaming yourself. Would you blame someone scared of dogs after being attacked ? Or scared of water after nearly drowning ? Of course not, you would offer them sympathy, and help them get over their fears, not call their fears stupid. Does he know about the wheel thing ? Have you really told him how it made you feel, the pit in your stomach ? The band around your chest that stops you taking a breath ? If not, do.
  10. We take our with us, our holidays abroad are over for a while, lol. We rent a dog friendly house instead, and yes I do say what dogs I have up front, I've had a few say no, and a few have asked if they can come visit lol. One lady was more worried about my teenagers than my dogs.
  11. sarahjng

    Hen Do Help

    A spa day could cost you a fortune so.... what about an afternoon tea in London ? I know it's a journey from you but train tickets booked in advance can be really cheap, you could do tea at one of the nice hotels, or can I suggest something a little bit different ? Down a small backstretch is a club called Volupte, the ground floor is a cocktail bar, and downstairs is the floor show. Have you ever heard of Burlesque ? On a couple of Saturday's a month they do a voluptea show, dancers, a comic, high tea and champagne, I think it's about £40 a head, it's not a strip club, most of the audience and almost all the staff are female, last time I went there were two hen parties and a baby shower lol, it's definitely not your average hen do !
  12. So sorry you having such a rough time Emma, will say a little prayer for you all. Slap me down if this is out of order, but .. Your ALL suffering ? Might be an idea to find out about environmental factors, air water, even the bricks in your house can be toxic, just a thought ..
  13. That's so mean ! I always crack them into a dish. Think I may try it Andy's way lol
  14. At 13 weeks he's still a baby, he's settling into the routine of your home and may well chance his luck, the first growl came when you reached for his Kong while he was eating in his crate right ? At 13 weeks he's figured out that the crate belongs to him, the Kong belongs to him and he wanted HIS Kong in HIS crate. You mention the whole alpha wolf idea, he's a domestic dog not a wolf firstly, (and the whole theory of the alpha has been debunked in more recent extensive studies. ) and at 13 weeks if he was with other dogs he would still be living with a `puppy licence` in other words if he was still with his parents they would mostly put up with that sort of behaviour because he's still a baby. My boy let our new puppy get away with murder when we first got her, she would take toys and treats right out of his mouth, but it wasn't until she hit about 6 months that he started telling her off.
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