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  1. Thanks guys, will try Wilkinson 😁
  2. Anyone bought a Wunderball for their hairy monsters ? Are they any good ?
  3. Bear male 4 yrs 7 months 50.5 kgs
  4. sarahjng

    2014 09 05 04.38.20

    I didn't, but if you have a question, I'm happy to answer
  5. I want to staple a copy to the forehead of all the people at the dog park who tell me I'm a bad owner for not letting my boy play off lead. ( it's not enclosed, and the park is right next to a very main rd)
  6. sarahjng

    2014 09 05 04.38.20

    10 puppies born between 10.45pm and 4am. Reds, blacks and Grey's !
  7. I love our vet, he adores my dogs and is great with them but he freely admits he knows nothing about raw diets. He keeps saying he'll have to do some research, but never does lol
  8. Thanks for the offer jase, I think I'd rather avoid nasty forums if I can. as for her raw diet, we are adjusting as we go as each day she seems to want something different, very like a human lol. Mad for sardines at the moment, yuk ! She's gaining weight well, seems to be good condition and strangely developed a love of being brushed. As for more details, she's 14 months, caught on her 2nd season, was 30kg, now 38kg. Generally good health, due on Sept 8th, vet and mid-woof ready just in case. Started on panacur course (worming), don't really know what else to tell you.
  9. After doing some research I'm wondering why I need to switch my pregnant girl to puppy kibble ? As long as she's eating enough surely she can stay on raw ? Anyone tried raw during pregnancy ?
  10. sarahjng

    2013 06 29 19.32.04 1 1

    His favourite position
  11. sarahjng

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