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    Hi I am Matthew and I live with Sarah and Mark and the 2 angles and the 1 devil XD
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  1. Welcome to Husky Owners! Your pup looks beautiful.
  2. MattS.

    U dont choose the dog!

    You dont choose the dog The dog chooses you. I just did another random edit I thought of this one because my lasa apso dog just had pups and when someone came round to buy one if them (Mylo) walked over to them so they did the right thing and chose him amd then they called him Mylo.
  3. MattS.

    Siberian Husky puppy

    This one will not be on FB for a bit
  4. MattS.

    Siberian Husky puppy

    Thank you Val (Zebedee) for inspiring me to make another one.
  5. MattS.


    More good comments :)
  6. MattS.

    siberian husky poem

    I did this my self, im 11 years old and I did it on a free photo editor I also did the poem my self too.
  7. MattS.


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