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  1. Hi guys, I'm worried about Dakota, she's been really sad the last week or so.She's happy after her walk, she sits on by the front door with that happy husky look on her face and then takes a nap. But she'll sleep then for the rest of the day, she's only 15months, I've never thought a husky would sleep so much? Dave's been away (for work) about 3 weeks now, think she might be missing him, but she's going to have to get used to it so I'm not sure what to do. We did talk abut getting another husky as a companion but we want to wait till after Xmas as we might be going home for 3 weeks, don't think it'd be fair to leave a new husky for that amount of time. We've tried to get her to play ball & fetch but she gets bored after a few mins and goes back to bed.Does your husky sleep this much or do you think she's sad?
  2. We took Dakota to the dog beach in Fremantle this morning, Dave has taken her before but I've never gone with them. It was lots of fun, she got to meet loads of dogs, it was a shame we couldn't take her of the leash though. I think she wanted to play fetch with the other dogs. Went for breakfast afterwards, theres a open cafe on the beach that allows dogs inside, really nice morning. Might try and do it every sunday.
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