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  1. That is terrible, I'm sad and angry, poor things, I'm sure they could have found them new homes instead of killing them. I hope those companies get what they deserve!
  2. They're all beautiful, good on you for taking them in and training them.
  3. All the trees here look fab. I love Christmas time, especially decorating the house. This was our Christmas, Dave picked it up from the farm last week and I spent hours decorating it last saturday. However after returning from the shops yesterday Dave rang to say the huskies had destroyed it. One of the presents had been opened (the one with chocolates in it no less), various decorations had been eaten and the lights had been chewed through. I went home to see the destruction, then had to franitically race to the shops to try and buy new lights, with 2 days to xmas there was of course none left. I took the tree apart last night and managed to re-wire the fairy lights (my dad is an electrician). I now have to re-do the tree again tonight. I was honeslty was so mad at them but Phoenix is just a puppy and Dave shouldn't have left them inside while he was out anyway. It's a good thing I like decorating!
  4. maggie84

    New puppy!

    Thanks Sarah, I figured it out, have loads more vids to post now. But for now here's the link for Dakota and puppy playing (P.S I'm having a conservation with people out off shot, not talking to myself ). Dakota and new puppy
  5. Not weird at all, very cute. We just buy the Dog stockings from our supermarket, there's toys and treats already in a stocking and I wrap it up as well so she can have fun ripping it apart! I love Christmas!!
  6. maggie84

    New puppy!

    Thanks everyone, yeah he's a cutie. He's going to be a big boy though, his paws are huge and I brought him to the vet last week and he was 7.2kg, he had put on 2.5kg in a week! I have a video of them playing together but not sure how to upload it from my computer?
  7. maggie84

    New puppy!

    Hi everyone I want to introduce you to our new pup. I’ve been meaning to put a post up but wanted to get some pictures first. He’s 10 weeks old now. We picked him up last week. A young guy had bought him off a breeder when he was 6 weeks old but after 3 weeks the family realised they weren’t going to be able to give him the attention he needed. He placed an ad and I was lucky enough to get him. The young guy was so upset giving him away to me, I felt so sorry for him. He named him Ouji which is chinese for prince. We’ll probably re-name him, I told Dave that he can choose the name as I picked Dakota’s name, although I like the name Phoenix so might push for this. I introduced Dakota to him before I decided to get him. He was a scared of Dakota but she hadn’t been walked and was very excited. They’re getting on fine now. Still some housing training problems but he’s getting a lot better. Dakota has been really good at correcting him when he’s been naughty and she seems so much happier now to have someone to play with. I’ve attached some photo’s the previous owner took of him as I broke our camera and only have photo’s from my phone. He’s so fricking cute though!
  8. Dakota 1. When your husky disobeys you, how does he do it? i.e. talks back, runs away, turns a deaf ear, won't look you in the eye etc. She'll turn her face away and give me one last 'whatever mom' look before walking away! 2. What commands/tricks does your husky understand? Sit, stay, stop sit (for when we're out walking and waiting to cross the road), paw, both paws, drop, down, off, treat, walkies, huskies, kisses, who's that? (means Daves car just pulled up, go wait for him at the front door), do you want this (she'll woo woo) , what do you do? (means your excited, sit and wait for me to pet you) and go toilet. 3. Where is your husky's favorite place to be scratched? Belly, back legs (loves them massaged) and her fatty cheeks! 4. Does your husky always pull the leash/lead? (when you walk, run, bike etc.) For the first 5-10 mins, calms down them but still walks in front. 5. Does your husky play fetch and bring back the item more than once if you throw it? Yes, loves playing fetch 6. Does your husky have any major/minor health issues? No 7. Is there anything that your husky does that totally drives you up a wall and annoys you? Jumps in the pool for a swim (10 times a day) and then runs inside the house and wets the floor, carpet and everything she touches. 8. What is your husky's favorite way to get exercise? running, swimming and we've recently let her pull us on our bikes, she loves doing that 9. Does your husky have a comfort place, or toy, or person etc? A purple rubber octopus, treats it like its her puppy 10. What is the strangest/naughtiest/worst thing your husky has done? Escaped from the garden, ate a pair of my shoes, ate the blinds and stole chicken off the kitchen counter. 11. In a safe but limitless place, can your husky be trusted off leash? (Am asking because I've seen pictures of huskies off leash of leash on this) Just in fully fenced areas. 12. How does your husky show you that he loves you? (This one is important to me because I can't tell if Smokey shows me affection without me knowing) Her excitement when I get home, tail wagging, ears pinned back, looking like she'll explode if I don't pet her! She gives 'kisses' (licks my chin), and she lets me know when it's time for bed (she'll walk in and out of the bedroom to living room and look at me like 'come on Mom') and won't settle till I go to bed (she sleeps in our room).
  9. Here's Dakota form last christmas, David bought the costumne not me. It's not very Christmassy though with the sunny weather!
  10. Oh my god Dakota did the exact same thing, dave had to hold the tree while I untangled her! But yeah we just gave her the no sound and she left it alone. Apart from a few stray baubles that fell off she was pretty good with the tree. Looking forward to this years.
  11. Hi guys , Dakota has started doing this with a rubber purple octopus I bought her a few weeks ago. She whines and howls if we squeek it,she carries it around very gently in her mouth and licks it a lot. She's very protective of it too, I can take it from her but she won't settle till I give it back. I read about the phantom pregency and she's not showing any physical signs of this. I starting to think maybe she's broody ? I am so maybe she's picking up from me?
  12. Love the pic, hopefully I can have a husky couch like that some day!
  13. Thanks everyone, I feel better about it now, she eats fine so I guess she just likes sleeping. I dropped her off at doggy day care this monring so she could run around with some friends today, she was so excited when we arrived there, sure she's having fun. Will def look into getting her a friend in the new year, don't worry I'll post loads of pics when we do. Thanks again.
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