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  1. oh wow i'm so jealous! he's adorable, will certainly keep you and kendra on your toes/paws lol
  2. oh he is SO CUTE! how old are they all now? I've got to come on here more often i'm missing out on everything!!
  3. i tend to use "leave it alone!!" a lot lol
  4. she walked over to the sink and.........
  5. ohhhhhh lol these are great, any more ????????
  6. awww anne how cute does she look in the plant pot!!!
  7. Q: Why did the chicken run across the road? A: There was a car coming. Q: Why did the chicken cross the road halfway? A: She wanted to lay it on the line. Q: Why did the rubber chicken cross the road? A: She wanted to stretch her legs. Q: Why did the Roman chicken cross the road? A: She was afraid someone would caesar! Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To prove to the possum it could actually be done!
  8. ohh how exciting bet you can't wait!
  9. lol love it recycling the recycle hehe
  10. dog walker


    oh poor laura, how is she, have you heard anything else??
  11. oh those pictures are lovely you look gorgeous!
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