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  1. IMPORTANT:- Anyone coming to camp, you may need the barrier code to get in. The code is 4567
  2. 1pm till 3pm Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Close the app completely, then try it again.
  4. Marc


    Right ... shurrup moaning now, its fixed
  5. Hi Guys, You will be happy to know that the husky owners mobile app is now working again. If you haven't got this already, you can download from the App Store (apple) or Play store (Android)
  6. Aw, just had to share that video on our facebook page. Thats awesome. She is proper cute https://www.facebook.com/huskyownersdotcom/
  7. Welcome to husky owners, Matt!
  8. Rob will probably have this as a timer on his computer lol
  9. Marc


    Welcome to husky owners
  10. Marc


    Its being tested at the moment, so should be out in the next few days. Would suspect we will have it on here next week at some point
  11. Marc


    Yeah, I'd stop reinstalling if I were you lol
  12. Marc


    Technical details: We aware, tis broke, shall fix, bear with
  13. Training is no different really. if you are getting to 4/5am then you are not doing too bad. Its likely he just wants the toilet at that age. Let him out, then back in his bed and go back to bed yourself. Eventually he will likely sleep longer than you lol
  14. Praise when outdoors, treat etc, but ignore completely when its done indoors. That and persistence is really all you can do.
  15. Don't think we have had anything destroyed that badly, other than crates (several lol). Welcome to husky owners
  16. Marc

    new puppy

    Welcome to husky owners
  17. Marc


    Think you pretty much got your answer there Another thing with food, is to remember they will eat when they are hungry. As a general rule, do not leave food down. You need to put the food down initially for them to eat, and if they dont eat, remove it until the next meal time. Some are fed twice a day, ours only eat once a day. That will really depend on the husky. But removal if they dont eat will always be a good step to getting them used to "Oh, its food time, I need to eat"
  18. Nothing to really add to the above, other than to reiterate to get to the vet really.
  19. Welcome to husky owners, Terry
  20. Welcome to husky owners. She may well just be being clingy. Kimba is a PITA for it
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