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  1. Been a while since I posted anything up in here, so thought I would see how many people are getting into the whole home automation thing. With things coming out with the echo, hive, nest, hue etc, more and more people are automating things. For me, I've been automating quite a few things lately. Stopped doing it so much as it could quickly cost a fortune and money going on other things, but eventually I will be doing the whole house. Amazon echo in livingroom, office, diningroom, kitchen, bedroom Smart light switches in livingroom, office, bedroom (and one for the diningroom once I get it put in) Smart socket in livingroom for lamps Hive bulb in bathroom and spare bedroom Hue bulb in Matthews bedroom Hive heating thermostat control Essentially means that I can control at least the main lights I use, the heating, and lamp by voice control or on my mobile app. I am planning on automating some of the TV stuff, as I already have the gear here to do it. Just havent got around to playing with it as of yet.
  2. Nope. Last time you looked on the facebook group it did, not the page
  3. Bump. Get yourself booked in if you havent already guys
  4. Hi Guys, Just a quick request from you guys. If you dont mind, and you currently use facebook, please could you like our facebook page which you will find here? https://www.facebook.com/huskyownersdotcom/ This will help the promotion of the site in general, and of course in turn, make this a more active place for you all to participate in
  5. Welcome to husky owners
  6. I was exactly the same before we got ours, Dave. I still wont jump in there if any of them fight etc LOL. Welcome to husky owners
  7. Welcome to husky owners Anne marie and Shaun. This is the camp I was telling you about over at Ty Mawr
  8. Sorry for your loss, but welcome back!
  9. First of all, welcome to husky owners Reality is, every dog will be different. We have 3, and have had similar kinds of issues in the past. Depending on what you are trying to teach, separating them to do so may not always be the best thing. Simply as you want them to learn whilst around the others, and not to only listen when there are not others around. I gotta say though, she is 10 week old. She is gonna play, and going to want to continue to play. Huskies will be like that in general, and it can indeed be a PITA when training and you have more than one. The only advise I can really give is to just persist with it. You will get there, it will just likely take more time as you have 2. Examples with ours who are now older Kimba - He will do things on command, as and when he feels like it. He can go from super obedient to completely deaf in under 10 seconds flat, depending on his mood. He is 10 yrs o;d now and things he is 10 weeks old. Kaiser - He is obedient always. We let ours on the settee, and to give you an example, I can ask him to move to the other side of the settee to I can sit down, and he will. I don't even need to make a sound most of the time. I just walk in and point at the other side, and he moves. Koda - He is quite well trained, but will do things when he wants to. Its almost impossible to train him with food. He is just a PITA with it. He will steal treats from the others. He lets himself out of his crate, and we had to get a CCTV camera to even figure out how he was doing it (the crate was still locked after he left it, which is where the confusion was from). So you can see just from that, they are all different. Huskies tend to be very personality based, and very intelligent. They will learn, but when they don't want to do something, they won't. Hence why they shouldn't be offlead for example.
  10. Sounds like primarily good news then
  11. Marc


    ooookay then lol
  12. And yes @BingBlaze n Skyla I checked tapatalk LOL
  13. Yeah I know, you didn't notice. The site however has moved. Its moved from https://www.husky-owners.com/forum/ to just https://www.husky-owners.com , however everything is redirected so it should be a pretty seamless move. We shall see. Needless to say if you see any issues let me know
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    Damn right. You will love it!
  15. Marc

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    LOL, we have people much much further than that coming @robke is 10.5 hours and 3 countries away
  16. Welcome to Husky Owners - The Siberian Husky Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Welcome to husky owners. Noticed you are in the UK, so just thought I'd point out this
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    You guys losing it? LOL
  19. 24 on the list lol Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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