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  1. I will try to keep this updated as and when we know things, but Ive been asked multiple times now about camps later this year, and even next years. So to be clear, there will be no dates whatsoever for any husky camp set by us until we are 100% clear on whether it would go ahead safely. At the moment, its only from Monday that we would even be able to meet up at all in Wales (30 people max), and even then we have to social distance. Anything indoors is also only just opening. Some have only just managed to get refunds from last husky camp, let alone another one. We're not just a few people going on holiday. Like it or not we're a group gathering. To put this in context England - You can meet up to 6 people outside your house from different households - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/meeting-people-from-outside-your-household-from-4-july Wales - From Monday, up to 30 people will be allowed to meet outdoors, but must be Socially distanced. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52416541 Both of those are nowhere near what we need to do, and some places, as we know, have taken a step backwards only this week. With 30, we will still have problems with social distancing at night, and thats if we can guarantee there is only 30 people. I know you guys want camp. I do to. But we simply cant do it safely. Its too soon, it's as simple as that. We may well get to March next year and find everything is locked down again. We might get to March next year and its all gone away and everything is rosey. But the simple fact is, we don't know.
  2. Its probably just going to take time. Make sure you are not going back to him every time he cries. Treat him when he has been good when you are away from him etc.
  3. The hardest thing for us to really know is what the climate is like where you are. Thats one thing to be aware of with him being outside. That said, I have read people who do have theirs outside at night. The main things you need to ensure is that its seen as his safe space, the same as anything else with training. No different really to crate training. So ensure it's a place he wants to be. Make sure he has shelter when he needs it, can access outside the shelter when needed, can go to the toilet when needed. Have his toys out there, feed him out there etc. Anything at all that makes that space the place he feels the most comfortable. You are going to get people who wont particularly agree with keeping him outdoors. But the reality is, there are many that do. You just need to ensure that if they are outdoors at night, they are well catered for and feel safe. The rest, unfortunately, is nothing more than just giving it time. If you dont get the basics right though, you are fighting a losing battle. Safe space Place to shelter Place to be comfortable Toys are outdoors Feeding is done outdoors Dont ever use that space as punishment. For example, do not put him outside if he has done something wrong, otherwise you turn it into the negative place. So if ours fight, ours go outside and never ever in their crates. Because their crates is where they sleep and is their safe place. You need to do the opposite of that, as your outdoors is what you are trying to make his safe space. As strange as it sounds, think of it like you would yourself. If somewhere is the the place where all the nice things happen, thats where you want to be. A dog is no different in that respect.
  4. Welcome to husky owners
  5. One thing for others to bear in mind with this is exactly whats just been said about the amount. If its not a huge amount then it may be worth the voucher. If however its getting to 3-400 like ours, then personally I would take the money. One thing to be very aware of is that not all businesses will make it out of this. And that includes big ones. I certainly wouldnt trust a company holding money of mine at the moment
  6. Probably just not had anyone who can update it yet. They are currently trying to get hold of trevor from IT, but he was laced last night and still on his first coffee* *all speculation
  7. So, Im here to tell you what most of you already know, and was looking more and more likely in any case. For the first time since 2008, husky camp has now been officially cancelled. The UK government made it clear that any form of hospitality places will not be open until July at the very earliest. I suspect even in that case, camp sites will not likely be one of the first of those, and in any case its of course too late for camp regardless. The Welsh government are actually more locked down at present than that of the rest of the UK, with restriction of movement of people. The camp site have already said they will be in contact to refund, based on an email many of us had from them over the weekend, so going to see what we get through today. If you have not booked through the site, then you would need to contact whoever you have booked with. A couple of questions I have already been asked a few times, so will put the answers on here so I'm not repeating it to each person involved. Are you going to be setting dates for next year? OK, so we have been caught out by this coronavirus, as has everyone else in the world. Now however, we are not caught out. We know about it, and its here. So the issue is we have no idea when this will end, and when social distancing will end. Until there is a vaccine, a treatment, or it wipes itself out, the honest answer is we cannot set a date for camp. While there are trials for vaccines at the moment, there is absolutely no guarantee they will work. This time next year, we could be perfectly fine. However we could also be in a position where camp family holidays are possible, but social distancing in general still applies. For us, that would make camp almost impossible. Therefore there will be no dates set for any camp, until we get the complete all clear. Otherwise we risk the chance of making a decision where people lose money, and I personally wont put anyone in that position. The camp are offering 120% voucher. Should I take that or take the refund? I cant really answer this question. I believe they are time limited, so based on what I said above, Im not taking that chance. Personally we will be getting our money refunded. If you chose otherwise, just bear in mind you may well not be able to use it for husky camp, as it might have expired before we set one, for the reasons I mentioned above.
  8. We paid through camp, so until they actually close, there is not a chance in hell they will refund us LOL. It is what it is. Much more to worry about than money I wouldnt have had in my pocket anyway.
  9. Update Camp is closing after today, all of its parks, until 1st May. We have to be realistic. If they are asking people to stay in for 12 weeks, the chances of it opening again on 1st May is practically zero. It just not going to happen. At some point its likely you will be asked if you want a refund or a credit. I have seen people have been offered credit to use only in 2020. I have to be very clear and say if camp cannot go ahead in may, there is no guarantee we will be able to get one in 2020. There are 2 very big reasons for this. People first of all would have to rearrange holidays at short notice. We have to bear in mind that every other person on the park will be doing the same. We simply wont be able to get the caravans at the same time. At the end of the day, there are bigger things to worry about than camp at the moment. We will re-evaluate only once we know 100% what we are able to do. You stay safe yourself over there too m8
  10. Same m8. It is what it is.
  11. While I know its pretty obvious, I feel a responsibility as one of the people who run the site to state the position we currently are in. Parkdean Resorts have closed all facilities at the park, other than accommodation so far. So there will be no food facilities there, no toilet facilities for people who are camping, or showers etc. The situation with supermarkets at the moment is a pain in the arse just shopping for ourselves, with us being only allowed to purchase 3 items of any product line in most supermarkets. So bulk purchasing for camp is simply going to be impossible to do. Pubs and restaurants are closed for the foreseeable. So when out and about, we simply will not have anywhere we can stop to eat, drink etc. Not only for us, but for the dogs. No places to stop even to go to the toilet, as all public toilets are closed We have people within our group that will be in the 'at risk' groups I think the likelihood of them not closing the park entirely at some point is pretty close to zero. The cases of covid 19 at present are following, pretty much identically, cases in Italy as they were 2 weeks ago, with no real end in sight. To that end, while its not confirmed, I think we can safely say that camp is becoming increasingly unlikely to happen in any form at all. In addition, we have to look at our own social responsibility. I'm posting this because once it is confirmed, and I believe at some point it will be, we are inevitably going to be asked what we do next. Obviously we don't know what is going to happen, and when all this will be a distant memory. People are going to ask what the camp is doing about what we have already booked, and we dont know the answer to that question. All I can say at the moment is when/if camp is cancelled, and once things are over, we will re-evaluate at that point and see if we can get camp rearranged, once we know all the details and its viable. We have to bear in mind that people need to book holidays, and usually do so well in advance of this. Some will have had to take holidays already, and others are going to be in a position where they cant get them at shorter notice. Sorry for the doom and gloom post guys. But just getting ahead of it before it happens. We have to be realistic.
  12. Welcome back. If you know your account name, let me know and can sort that for ya.
  13. Dont forget to get booked if you havent already guys
  14. @Guinnessman @nikitashuman
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