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    You all have lots of cool pets!![emoji4] We have ARMANI & ALINAH and one wild toad named ACE who lives by the air conditioner. (We put a little fence up because doggies kept chewing off the foam that goes to one of the pipes.) Anyway, the dogs love ACE the toad!! ACE has been in both doggies' mouths a 100Xs this summer, but they never hurt him. They have to see him every night. I told them ACE will be hibernating soon so get your kisses in!![emoji23] Photo: ACE the toad with ARMANI kissing him!! [emoji196][emoji173]️[emoji191] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    giphy-downsized-large.gif.mp4 doc_2018-12-03_06-14-28.mp4
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    it didnt really happen but if someone does climb into an animal enclosure at a zoo they deserve what happens to them. its the animals home and they can defend it just like we can. i hate seeing animals caged or tied up anyway. how funny is this
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    Big thanks to the organisers and everyone there, we had a great time. Next year we'll splash out on a full week.
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    Hi guys I am Chad Owner of 8 huskies Here is a video of one of my huskies Malia Swimming.. I put in sounds of Jaws have fun watching LINK TO VIDEO - YOUTUBE I will make other videos of my other huskies
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    Kira used to eat harnesses. Niko once at a box of cereal, box was in 800 pieces. Lately, the worst we see from them is shredded napkins. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    I will start with Nikko, Kodiak and Yukon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Happy 10th birthday husky owners! Thats right, today we are 10 years old. Hard to believe this place was started so long ago. Starting from Sarah saying she wanted to be able to "Meet a couple of people with huskies" we have achieved in the past 10 years Becoming the largest husky forum Funded members coming here from the US and the netherlands with competitions Been featured in national and local newspapers Been mentioned in radio broadcasts Held camps for 100+ people Ran meets in every corner of England, and had meets organised by others around the world Been through 4 different bits of software to get to where we are today Been through over a million posts Seen people get married and divorced Had people meet parners on the forum Seen people come from being at school, to being at work and in their own houses And much much more besides. All of this due to our members around the world making this place the great place it is.
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    Condoms Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Hi, my name is Roxy and I just turned two, a week ago. I am a full grown miniature Siberian Husky (not Klee Kai or Pomsky). I weigh 21.5 lbs. and I am approximately 15.5 - 16 inches in height. I love people, but my favorite is my human dad, who I constantly follow all over the house. I also love other dogs. The humans tell me that I am very sweet. And, I have never gotten upset or growled at anyone. My favorite hobby is running around and play fighting with my human dad, etc. And, I am very spoiled: I get to sleep with my human parents every night and in the morning I like to get at least a 15 minute belly rub rub. I also like to be well groomed so I enjoy taking a shower every week. And, I expect that my nails get cut often. When they are too long, I bite them. According to my human parents and siblings, I have one annoying habit which is I tend to bark too much, especially when someone is knocking at the door. They say I have this loud ear piercing bark that bounces off the walls. My human family wishes that I would howl like a normal husky but I can't help it. Perhaps, I don't have enough wolf blood in me! Well, I have to go now! Time for bed! Roxy I forgot to add a photo of me!
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    Hey, I am Nush and my husky is a 35 day old boy. He is Grey and white and has beautiful blue eyes.
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    I live here and didn't know half of this lol
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    Its also healthier than ANY dog specific wet food on the planet
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    we are lucky Solo only destroys bags lol he is forever re checking the recycling. He would love to pull the stuffing out of my bear collection so they are out of reach but he doesnt chew big things
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    this was Loki’s first snow back in February, enjoyed every second of it because we never get snow here [emoji31] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    I don’t have pics of mom and dad. But the dad looked very much like their dad but had a dark face. Same the mom except mines mom had a full mask. My girl started off white with red tips. Now she is gray. 7 weeks 12 weeks 4 months 9 months The boy changed a little but not like his sissy. 7 weeks 12 weeks 4 months 9 months Its hard to tell how the coloring will change. Every pup is different.
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    I had a hell of time with my two. One would sleep and the other would cry and so on.... just like human twins. LOL I spent 6 months on the couch in the living room. I stay at home, hubby works long hours, and we had diarrhea and sickness issues. My pups turned 9 months yesterday and have had free roam of the house for two weeks now. I did / still do crate training during the day. Started with putting the crates in the middle of the living room with the door open at all times. I would do all feedings in the crate. *say the command (crate-kennel- whatever word you want her to know) Start by not shutting the door. After a week or so I would start shutting the door but let her out the second she is done eating. Did that for a few weeks. Then I slowly started extending the time (30 seconds) using wait command. I also did a lot of other command training that really helped with the crate. Sit, down, stay, release, Pups run to their crate when I give the command. I say sit and then give them food. They have to be laying down before I open the door. Even with the door open they are not to leave it until I say release. They go in their crates to eat their meals and in the middle of the day I will give them their chewy. Normally last 45 to an hour. But the rest of the time their crates are open. They go in on their own and nap or when they want alone time to chew on something. Other then that, they have free roam of the parts of the house I allow them to. I have kiddy gates blocking the kitchen, cat room, and dinning room. I also have a doggie door that stays open. These guys need to be near you. If you don’t have room in your bedroom for the crate make a den in your room. I have now moved their crates into another room that is Husky proof and keep that door open and they have beds in the master and living room. It’s good to get them ok with being in crates in case they have to go to the vet or there is an emergency or something. But these guys are pack driven and need to be around you as much as possible.
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    This is weird and amazing! Friday night decompression after a busy workweek ...we went out to dinner. We gave Rumo dinner and left him loose in the house (he would always open the gate anyway, and we realized that he doesn't do anything bad when he gets out of the kitchen.) We came home 1.5 hours later to find the garage door wide open, AND the door from garage to kitchen hanging open...we could see light shining out of our house! ( I think that the garage door opener didn't work somehow when we hit it, and I think Rumo figured out how to open the door to the garage...} I was terrified and bracing myself to spend the night driving around in the dark, calling his name. But we walked into the kitchen and Rumo greeted us at the door as usual!! He didn't leave the house! Anyway that was TERRIFYING and we will NEVER do that again!!!! We were so amazed that he stayed home.
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    Koda Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    It was a small infection vet said not to let her lick because she could become ill.... (cone of shame for a few days ) they say sometimes when long haired dogs go into heat it’s best to trim them some because bacteria could build up. Plenty of water and personally keeping the area clean. Was a bit worried but glad my angels ok! Next appointment is her getting fixed they say that will stop that from happening along with cancer and pyro risks....
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    No no no xxx Apart from the fact she's really far too young to leave her mum, you need to nurture & protect her. I would seriously check just why the mum rejected them.. and how old is mum?! Was this her first litter? Have you seen her papers, and asked for any health checks ref inheritable traits? I won't rant on.. because she desperately needs loving. A little pup this young needs 5-7 meals a day and more nutritious wet than solids but ask on Husky forums too.. Goats milk is more suitable than dairy - again research on reputable dog/veterinary sites. Clean paper down, for house training, but if crated, or nursery penned, keep one half papered, one half with bedding; old towels, to turn around keeping scrupulously clean and maybe a wrapped hot water bottle for warmth and a soft toy to cuddle up to. . If she's biting just move her away and hold firmly. A gentle tap on the nose with a No won't go amiss but the rejection will help her understand that that behaviour is not acceptable. When she's bigger, isolation into another room for several minutes, (no words, just clip on to lead and walk her out). Bring her back in and when she's good praise and reward with a small tasty treat. Successdogs.com shows you so much for good behaviour and positive reward training. She would do this to her siblings and if it got too rough Mum would intervene by separating them. You can potty train by stimulating her genitals in a stroking motion with a soft tissue and also, (as mum would while still nursing); when she's bigger, you can put her out on the grass outside but supervise and bring in when done. Also she will need worming regularly and should be microchipped ... and checked over at your vet. Obviously innoculations will be needed too, and your vet will advise. Lots of loving and gentle handling with a routine ref feeds every four hours minimum to eight weeks then at least 5-6 times a day from 0500 through to 23:00hrs but if she cries you'll need to seek something a little more substantial at 23:00 hours to get her through the night. I used to feed mine soaked weatabix but I'm told this is not right. Never hurt my Westie pups though! However : Soaked Xcel 32% protein (Red Mills brand) is perfect for nursing mums, weaning pups through into adulthood. It is wheat, gluten & grain free (corn maize is good!) and mine two HuskyxMals have and are still fed on this. You can order online. A guideline is : overall daily portion/s ref their adult predicted weight, spread over several meals a day. A teaspoonn of Kefir keeps their gut healthy, and a teaspoon ACV diluted into their water bowl keeps their immune system healthy too. Ask google ref benefits too on these, plus a peasize dab of coconut oil. A raw egg won't hurt and let them chew the shells too - extra calcium! No bones or rawhide. Frozen carrots are great for teething & treats. Research wrong food for huskies /dogs. Many are toxic, incl plant bulbs/roots. Raw Bones, after their second teeth come after six months, but never unsupervised & remove all splinter bones. Large good quality rope toys are better than cheap stringy ines - these can be lethal. 🤗 Remove uneaten food. Clean bowls daily & fresh water always.
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    How about fox and the hound lol, (I brought kofu a fox with no stuffing in it and they became best friends)
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    Today we came across some kids and one goes 'its a polar bear! I think it's a polar bear!?' Lol Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I must admit I had to google agouti but your right he dose look alot like that, but oddly he's the only one that's got the black fur? I still can't decide what colour his eyes are they look green sometimes, brown others and I'm sure they started blue lol His little ear stays down till he gets excited it's so funny to watch, I was told it should of gone up properly by now but I think it adds character.
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    Nice tats everyone! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners mobile app The cherry blossom will be extended and I have one on my hip and ankle, my other half hates them. We’ve just come back from fuerteventura and he hated me wearing swimwear, as if I’m going to cover up in temps of 32 degrees plus [emoji849] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    I know, I'm still waiting for him to become escape artist and show his true husky temper I don't want to be naive and I still keep in mind that he might change. I'll do my best tho.
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    You asked for it - enjoy! As you can see he is making himself quite at home.
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    Huskies are very stubborn and have very selective hearing! Can I just ask at you only giving treats when she does what you ask? And are you giving her the food even when she’s barking at you or do you wait for her to stop? If you are giving her food when she’s displaying the bad behaviour she will think she’s being rewarded for it. If you’ve not done already, wait for her to calm down before giving her the food. Just calmly ignore her and start doing something else like washing up until she’s calm, then make her sit and wait before she gets the food Regarding destruction, she may be bored or have separation anxiety if it happened while you were out. Huskies are working dogs and do require a lot of mental stimulation! Do you play games with her at home? Not many dogs like being patted on the head as they can’t see where your hand is. A tickle on the tummy usually goes down a lot better Recall is 0% with all huskies! They just don’t have recall, which is why they should never be let off lead unless in a secure area with high boundary fences Regarding the pulling, it is a huskies instinct to pull no matter how long the lead is! For training her not to pull I would take the long lead away as this gives her to much freedom and you can’t control a dog on an 8m lead. Get a simple slip lead and put it as high up her head as possible, just behind her ears. You’ve got control over her then, if she starts to pull tug on the lead and make a sharp ‘tsk’ noise. Don’t let her walk in front of you while you’re training her. When she’s learnt some better manners, try a walking belt as if she does pull then it’s a lot less strain on your arms & back Huskies don’t want to please humans, it’s just not their nature as a breed! They will do what they want, when they want unfortunately. They do have a what’s in it for me attitude and they are very independent. But that’s what I live about them! I’ve only ever had boys so I can’t say whether spaying will help You will get there, huskies don’t really reach adulthood until they are about 2 so she’s still a pup at the moment. Keep going with the positive reinforcement, but don’t get frustrated as she will sense it Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    You also have a very big heart Markulous
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    Yep husky Look she looks like one my husky which I already had tested
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    Is she EVER going to come home???
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    Merry Christmas! Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I’ve loved every minute despite the issues, they are so worth the effort required to train them, once you have that bond with them theres no feeling like it. I had my hip replaced 2 weeks ago and they have been fantastic, they’re careful when they walk by me as I’m on crutches, there’s no silly playing by me, they’re not leaving me at night as I’m sleeping downstairs. They know I’m not at my best at the moment and their behaviour is impeccable, it does help that I’m at home with them. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Wondering what to get your Huskies for Christmas? Why not book them a holiday to Husky Camp? Happy Huskies and Happy Humans.
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    Can you please post your husky babies' family photos if you have any? I kinda want to see what to expect with my littleone. He started out white but his color is starting to come in slowly. I think he's going to look like his mom. Photos of your dogs parents or siblings would be greatly appreciated.. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I tried it for 2 days and mine hated it, plus I wanted to be able to get them used to free roam around the house with no issues, there was a video on the forum somewhere showing how to get them used to going in it using treats, taking it slow and building the time up so she sees it as a good place. Husky’s love to be with us and near us maybe you could put the crate in the bedroom at night so she can see you. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Because any old chair won’t do... Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Just an update in case anyone else runs into this. There is no meds that can be given. It goes away on its own. Highly contagious to only other dogs. Pups under 2 years. Then it is only like 20% chance of it passing to another pup. It is common for them to bleed. (When they rough house) It is a theory, crushing one will activate the immune systems response and speed up recovery. * was advised they would get a lot more (in clusters) and it will take a few months for them to start to go away. My girl had 6 and the boy had one. Had one in each of their mouths crushed and there has been no further outbreak. Plus the ones that the girl did have are almost all gone. It’s only been 7 days. So, I am going with the theory. It was worth a vet visit just to crush one. Even though the vet said about 95% of dogs do not have complications from this and do not need to see a vet, I still watched for any signs of difficulties breathing (they can spread to the back of the throat and lungs- very rare) and for infection. Plus I highly recommend going to the vet to have one crushed.
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    Thanks everyone. She really is a cutie and so much personality already lol. Love her mischievous looking face 😊 She’s currently curled up next to me in bed. First time we’ve owned a Husky or a big dog for that matter but looking forward to watching her grow 💗
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    Thanks, I'm home with them all day so he won't be alone, and he enjoys his crate so it shouldn't be a big issue. He does pretty well taking his meds if I wrap it in a piece of turkey bacon or lunch meat. Anything else and he just spits it out. LOL We live in a small town so there is no physical therapy for animals here. The vet gave us a plan on rehab with massages and slow walking. We are trying to get it done soon so he doesn't miss too much of winter and before the ice comes.
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    Ace= Male = 2 months = 3.8 KG Ace= Male = 2.5 months = 7 KG
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    Kylo is 13 months and quite big .. taller than my dad's 4 year old husky .. he is massive though just in build
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