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    Big thanks to the organisers and everyone there, we had a great time. Next year we'll splash out on a full week.
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    Hi guys I am Chad Owner of 8 huskies Here is a video of one of my huskies Malia Swimming.. I put in sounds of Jaws have fun watching LINK TO VIDEO - YOUTUBE I will make other videos of my other huskies
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    Honestly If your new to dogs I wouldnt recommend two pups at the same time, I'd focus on your husky then when hes a bit older , past the teenage stage and where you want him in regards to training then I would think about adding another dog
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    I can't believe she's already nine years old. She still acts like a puppy for the most part, though she's slowed down a little and isn't as destructive as she was from 12 weeks to around 5 years. Yes, that's her play growl. People unfamiliar with her think she's being aggressive but she obeys me well (last 30 seconds or so.) It's just play. SarahPlaytime20191012_Clip.mp4
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    Would like to introduce you all to Mikey (was Micco - but Mikey suits him better) who we adopted yesterday as a buddy for Marley. He is 3 years old and we adopted him from SHWA. Bearing in mind he has only been here 24 hours he is doing remarkably well, walks nicely on lead (unlike Marley), is interested but not reactive to dogs in the street, whined for about half an hour when I went to bed but then settled down for the rest of the night. He is pure white with a light sandy/cream back - and blue eyes. He is also moulting like crazy! We did a meet and greet at his foster's house - about 25 miles away on Monday - they have 5 huskies of their own - and he was very bolshie/over confident - but we had him brought to our house yesterday to see if he would be any better here. He wasn't for the first hour and we had really made up our minds to say no to him ......... however the fosterers offered to leave him with us for an hour to see how he would be on his own. When they returned an hour later I told them that they had lost their foster dog as we had decided to adopt him. He used to live with a cat in his original home - but he is WAAAYYY too interested in our cat for me to risk any sort of contact without a 4ft gate AND me inbetween them. Hopefully he will get used to seeing Socks around. He and Marley are getting on ok currently both laid down alseep about a foot apart. He loves his raw food, is house trained, the back door is open permanently so I don't know whether he will actually ask to go out - but his fosterers told me that he could open most of their doors - so he may well be like Marley and if he needs to go out will just open the back door by himself. He reminds us so much of Lunar when he was a young boy. Welcome to your new home Mikey - hope you will be happy here.
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    I know, I'm still waiting for him to become escape artist and show his true husky temper I don't want to be naive and I still keep in mind that he might change. I'll do my best tho.
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    You asked for it - enjoy! As you can see he is making himself quite at home.
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    Huskies are very stubborn and have very selective hearing! Can I just ask at you only giving treats when she does what you ask? And are you giving her the food even when she’s barking at you or do you wait for her to stop? If you are giving her food when she’s displaying the bad behaviour she will think she’s being rewarded for it. If you’ve not done already, wait for her to calm down before giving her the food. Just calmly ignore her and start doing something else like washing up until she’s calm, then make her sit and wait before she gets the food Regarding destruction, she may be bored or have separation anxiety if it happened while you were out. Huskies are working dogs and do require a lot of mental stimulation! Do you play games with her at home? Not many dogs like being patted on the head as they can’t see where your hand is. A tickle on the tummy usually goes down a lot better Recall is 0% with all huskies! They just don’t have recall, which is why they should never be let off lead unless in a secure area with high boundary fences Regarding the pulling, it is a huskies instinct to pull no matter how long the lead is! For training her not to pull I would take the long lead away as this gives her to much freedom and you can’t control a dog on an 8m lead. Get a simple slip lead and put it as high up her head as possible, just behind her ears. You’ve got control over her then, if she starts to pull tug on the lead and make a sharp ‘tsk’ noise. Don’t let her walk in front of you while you’re training her. When she’s learnt some better manners, try a walking belt as if she does pull then it’s a lot less strain on your arms & back Huskies don’t want to please humans, it’s just not their nature as a breed! They will do what they want, when they want unfortunately. They do have a what’s in it for me attitude and they are very independent. But that’s what I live about them! I’ve only ever had boys so I can’t say whether spaying will help You will get there, huskies don’t really reach adulthood until they are about 2 so she’s still a pup at the moment. Keep going with the positive reinforcement, but don’t get frustrated as she will sense it Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Hi! Alaska is really cute. 🙂 I agree on the specific breed info being so useful. For example...where else could you find people who know so much about how to deal with so much fur!!! 😁
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    You also have a very big heart Markulous
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    Yep husky Look she looks like one my husky which I already had tested
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    I am starting them on 1/4 of a Sardine (the head) right now. They are boneless and skinless. The goal is 2 Sardines a day. Then slowly adding muscle type fishes with no bones like calamari and muscles stuff like that. Boiled and giving the broth only at first. Because of his extremely low stomach acid I am not able to give him bones yet. (Which like you have said, is where a lot of the nutrients is 😁) I am also not able to give him fats. Organ meat is also an issue. Starting with a very small slice. We are using the Apple Cider to act like stomach acid. Once he has his own stomach acid then we can add fun good stuff.
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    Good that she's eating / drinking! ( Mine did the same thing when he had liquidy diarrhea...he asked to go out, then laid down outside and refused to come back in. ( Normally he likes to lay in our bedroom or the hall right outside the bedroom!) So, they are clean and they have a strong instinct to not soil in the house... I am not as good as you, though! I dragged his dog bed outside for him (the ground seemed so hard) and went to bed! Morning came and he came in the house like nothing happened...couple more days of soft poo, and then life went back to normal... I guess I would probably have stayed out to watch him if I thought he ate his dog bed though!! I never did figure out what he ate.)
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    know the breed I have a Malinois Lakenois cross
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    So it will eat....I am simple with things like this Feed what you want your dog to have, leave it for 15 mins then take it away repeat next feeding time...do not over do it with the yummy treats during this time or even any treats as they then become treat eating only pups... All the fussing about with different foods makes them funny and fussy eaters....
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    I have two rescued huskies - one is hyper, loves everybody, and everything - wants to greet every dog, cat, child, person he meets, lovely gentle personality but a 'frustrated greeter' and no doggie manners - despite nearly three years of training. The other is far calmer, seemingly well trained, walks nicely on lead, is responsive to commands, calm when meeting other dogs etc ............. his one mission in life is to kill my cat. He ignores cats in the street, just looks at them, but when he sees our cat he goes into a rigid, deaf, seathing, trembling mass of pure evil. These guys are different to other dogs, and are different from each other, and as 2Huskyfun says above what works for one will not work for another. You say your pup is anxious - start there. Build his confidence, get him to really trust you, so that he knows you will protect him (just know he will not return the favour) - once he has confidence then you can start to try and get him to do the things you want - but he wont always do it - its not that he is a bad dog - he is just a husky - they had a brain of their own, and as he gets older he will use it more and more.
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    Neutering will stop him becoming erect assuming you're on about his red rocket lol , even neutered dogs have this happen maybe not as much but it definitely doesnt stop it
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    Poor boy I hope hes ok soon
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    Maybe think about a rehome or rescue, then at least you’re more likely to be able to pick one that is healthy and has been checked by the rescue. Just the thought that you have to pay to put your name on a waiting list for a puppy conjures up an image of a place where huskies are bred purely for profit, it saddens me to be honest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I give ice cubes. Get a kiddy pool and fill it with water and ice cubes. I am running a humidifier and air purifier in every room. But you already have serious humidity so humidifier would not be a good idea. Wet towels for him to lay on. If he won’t eat them. Keep a fan circulating to keep the air moving. Good luck.
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    Welcome to your worldwide Husky Owners family Apollo
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    Please keep us posted. We send good thoughts.
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    Maybe try one of those glove brushes so it brushes her when you stroke her slowly progress up to a soft brush then upgrade to a rake
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    Lemme give a small intro : I am a Siberian Husky owner in India. He is just 6 months old but was adopted at the age of 5 months.. He is so lively!!and smart as it comes!!!! I 've joined this group as my darling boy "adores" biting me.. at any time of the day!!! and result : bruises and scratches and bleeding on both the forearms!!!
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    Hi everyone. I'm fostering a Husky for a dog rescue, he was rescued 3 weeks ago from a life of abuse and neglect, he is a year old, a stunning white Siberian husky with ice blue eyes. Despite his awful start in life he is so trusting and loving. He is currently fostered to me as a critical care placement as when rescued his organs where starting to shut down. I've had him 3 weeks and he is like a different dog already. Big learning curve as I've got a little terrier cross age 10 and 5 rescue cats so a young large all be it skinny husky is a learning curve. I'm hoping to adopt him once he is well enough to be up for adoption.
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    Agree with Nix... will stay parti-eyed...
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    Sending love x
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    Aww, I bet ALPHA is pretty comfy trying to lay on it taking up the whole couch...and so you guys can't sit on HIS COUCH!! [emoji295]️[emoji38][emoji252][emoji295]️ Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Run fast.......run free Neeka, very sorry for your loss. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Sorry for your loss, @wolfpup - as you say, you had a good 14 years Suggestions for Marley? As mentioned, plenty of attention and anything to take his mind off his loss - and time. Time can be a great healer
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    Of course!! We actually have a few who will come for some of the meets throughout the week, so feel free to come to anything you wish.
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    I do embroidery and painting, also a bit obsessed with decorating my house (my bedroom gets redecorated once a year!) Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Sorry for your loss... Run Free Nanook...Run Fast...Run Far...
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    Hello everyone, For the second time I have visited Merlin's Meadow in Tewkesbury yesterday. It is £15 for an hour to hire a 16 acre secure dog park. The place has to be visited to be appreciated, but essentially it is a paddock of two very large fields, securely fenced with 6ft fencing. Here is a link to my google photos drive so you can take a look at the action: Tewkesbury Dog Park with Taylor, Blaze and Snowball There are some rules for the park apart from the obvious poo pickup etc, number of dogs per hire etc, but if a few of us wanted to meet there, I am sure we can sort something out. Access is secure via an air lock system so you drive through the main gate, leave the husky's in the car, lock the gate then let them out. You then open another gate into the main area and off they go!
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    Yes I told relatives not to let him jump up they have learned the 65 pound hard way lol.
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    Politics is always a sure fire way to get debate on a forum, let's talk about gun control [emoji57] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I would get a house lead in her and every time she goes to grab him grab the lead remove her from the room for a few minutes let her calm down and let her back in , if she does it again she's straight back out so she learns that that behaviour gets her isolated for a period of time and is not accepted , a firm no/ leave /ahah noise when u go to remove her and lots of praise when she plays nicely Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    The comment “it’s just me and Josh now”...... has there been a major change in the house? Did this start around the time of any changes? I agree with re training. Start from the beginning like you just brought them home. They do make a no jump harness. Could try that but differently make the wall higher if possible.
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    giphy-downsized-large.gif.mp4 doc_2018-12-03_06-14-28.mp4
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    Yeah wording doesnt help anything really [emoji3][emoji179] Nervous is almost an understatement lol [emoji23] I had friends parents [emoji4][emoji4] And now friends that I help [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] I try to stay confident most of the time sometimes it wavers hahaha [emoji4] [emoji191] I LOVE helping people [emoji178][emoji177][emoji252][emoji252][emoji179][emoji179] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app Yeah worrying not working lol I'm sorry [emoji23][emoji16] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Agree or disagree with the above but the OP asked about long lines as he does not want to let his dog offlead in a nature park...if you want to talk about offlead yes or no start another topic please...

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