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    When angels are near Walking the dogs, texting my partner I just happened to look up and over to my left and spotted this, After loosing my girls I like to think this is them telling me they're ok and they're still with me , watching over me . My guardian angels [emoji171] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    Sleepy Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    That if you have ANY snow what so ever , even if it's just a dusting that you HAVE to take pics of the sibes in it? Yeah I thought so too lol So here you go [emoji14] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I had my little girl in the early hours of Wednesday! Harlow Niamh arrived weighing 8lb and she is beautiful [emoji5] still in hospital now and had to have an emergency c section so I still can’t walk the dogs for a while, but she’s here safe and definitely worth it [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    As many of you will know a few months ago I lost one of my dogs Well today a freind of mine was kind to help me out and drive me 200 miles to pick up my new Pup He is 14 weeks old when we arrived at the Farm he was bred on he was in Paddock with horses and donkeys next to it, Standing on a hump barking at us along with 5 other dogs of mixed ages. He is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois Lakenois cross. I think it will take him a few days to work out the big Fuzzy white and grey thing is actulay another dog, Uncle Louie is ignoring the growling and barks Will post more pictures in the next couple days want to get him calmed down and settled in before doing a real photo shoot, He has a lot to learn and get used to seeing as he will be my Service dog
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    Carried his own treat from store to home. Maybe he can carry the whole shopping bag next time Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Wow, thanks so much from me and my broken little man, lol! I told him all about his award, and as you can tell, he was super excited! 🤣
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    The topic for November's Husky of the Month Competition is....Broken Huskies! Post a pic of your husky in the most unusual positions. Does your husky curl up, or rest in a crazy position? Does it look like they are broken? The rules are simple, one post per dog (or you can post a group shot). Entries will be accepted through Sunday, November 11th. I will start out with Nikko Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Timba fast asleep. I don't know how he is comfortable sleeping in this position but he does.
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    You all have lots of cool pets!![emoji4] We have ARMANI & ALINAH and one wild toad named ACE who lives by the air conditioner. (We put a little fence up because doggies kept chewing off the foam that goes to one of the pipes.) Anyway, the dogs love ACE the toad!! ACE has been in both doggies' mouths a 100Xs this summer, but they never hurt him. They have to see him every night. I told them ACE will be hibernating soon so get your kisses in!![emoji23] Photo: ACE the toad with ARMANI kissing him!! [emoji196][emoji173]️[emoji191] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    for 2019/20/21/22/23/24/25....
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    It's a rainy day outside. Dex and Pixel are sleeping together in their dog box filled with warm straw They both have their own dog box but prefer to sleep together most of the time.
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    Just want to clear up a few things here, as there are some parts of this which I think are being misunderstood. Nix offered her opinion on this, because that is exactly what was asked for. There is little point in asking for an opinion if its a case of 'I don't like the answer'. There are a few things here people don't seem to understand about genetics, and different breeds, so hopefully this may help Seppala Husky - Technically, thats everyones dog here who has a Siberian husky. Its the name of the breeder, where its said the breed originally came from. So essentially, there is no such thing. There is just a Siberian husky. Seppela sled dog - This is also technically not a breed. They are what tends to be used in serious sled dog racing. They are a mix of breeds which are specifically selected for in order to maximise the capabilities of what you are looking for in a dog (bred for power, or speed, or intelligence etc) Agouti Husky - This is basically a Siberian husky, which is darker in colour, due to a higher level of eumelanin. If you were buying a human, you may as well be saying "I have a red head human" or "I have an Indian". Genetic testing - Most of the genetic tests you go for within general peoples budget, are money spinners. They will give you a general idea, but many will not come out the same. There is actually an ongoing genome project for dogs in which is not yet complete, so technically even an expert could not be 100% accurate. They can however through lineages etc. Research - As already mentions briefly by Nix, she has been reading books on the subject. These are a good source of reference if you go to the right places, and also research the authors. If you are reading things around the internet, you are likely to get incorrect information and treat it as fact. Just to emphasise that fact, if you look around at our site, look at how many people state something which is simply incorrect. Once you have done that, check how well we rank for the word Siberian husky, and that particular issue. We're probably quite high. As a forum with over a million posts, and masses of information, you would certainly be forgiven for thinking we are a source of reference. Lastly, chill out people FFS LOL. We're a forum for like minded owners of huskies. Not a company, Not a breeders site, not a working site, but a forum built by husky owners, for husky owners. (Honestly, I know, I built it! LOL). @Jaylo - In answer to your original question. I have no idea what breed. He looks like he may be a mix, but then I have seen many many huskies that I would have said the same about and been incorrect. The only 100% accurate way in which to find out is to try and track his family tree. At some point you will likely find club records from breeders. At that point, you will know. Either way, he is lovely so who cares!
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    Esp. after the heat we have had the last few days... for Iwan it is just a shame that the cooler is off...
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    Her Royal Highness Miss B, chilling
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    giphy-downsized-large.gif.mp4 doc_2018-12-03_06-14-28.mp4
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    Do not attempt to walk pups on even a slightly windy day. 🤣 With every leaf that blow by... off I went. One pup going after one in one direction and the other going the other way after a different leaf. I think we were outside for 15 minutes and both pups are exhausted and I am ready for a drink. Hehheee
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    A guy in my town has bought an old cinema and re-opened it, and he owns a wolf dog! Was walking past the other day and the dog was just casually sat by the cinema main entrance [emoji23] he’s so gorgeous! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Thought I would put this in diet and health, as its ... well ....... kinda diet lol This was 3 tubs of bonfire lollies And of course, Koda is the guilty party here
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    This is a video I shot a few weeks ago. We are in the middle of the training season with our dogs. We've had some snow but it has melted again. So until we have proper snow we use a quad bike to train our dogs. With up to 12 dogs in front of it (sometimes even 14) they to absolutely crazy just before we start. This time I wanted a different perspective on it, a little bit calmer... I don't know why but I love looking at this. Every dog is doing something different, so much to see. And to add to that, this was Bee yesterday before launch, lol.
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    judo cat. second picture is how my sarah rolls too.
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    it didnt really happen but if someone does climb into an animal enclosure at a zoo they deserve what happens to them. its the animals home and they can defend it just like we can. i hate seeing animals caged or tied up anyway. how funny is this
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    got some spider, flies, ladybirds...all these cheap animals that do not need feeding...we just name them like George the spider...
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    ALINAH underwent Entropion Surgery Friday by an Opthalmologist Surgeon. She did very well throughout the surgery and is now back home. She's quite a trooper but hates the Elizabethan Collar (or the "lamp shade"). So "Mommy" ran to the store to get her a blow-up "inflatable" collar so she can at least see where she's going & use her peripherial vision better. ALINAH usually squints quite a bit and has lots of tearing from all corners of her eyes. Her eyes are usually not opened all the way, and her upper eyelids have always rolled in & curled down causing her eyelashes to rub on her eyes. We had taken her to see a specialist a while back because we thought her upper eyelids were drooping somewhat. Since her surgery, ALINAH has some eye swelling to be expected. Below is a definition of what Entropion is if you've never heard of it. You'd be surprised that this diagnosis is pretty common in a lot of different breeds including Siberian Huskies. *ENTROPION SURGERY* [Entropion is an abnormality of the eyelids in which the eyelid "rolls" inward. This inward rolling often causes the hair on the surface of the eyelid to rub against the cornea (outer part of the eyeball) resulting in pain, corneal ulcers or corneal erosions. This corneal damage can also result in corneal scarring, that can interfere with vision. Most dogs will squint, hold the eye(s) shut and tear excessively.] I just wanted to let everyone know what Entropion is. ALINAH will be mostly healed in 2 weeks & will have her stitches removed then. Big Brother ARMANI has worried about ALINAH and is being so sweet to his sister!![emoji171] Have a great weekend!! ~ANGIE, ALINAH[emoji191][emoji252] & ARMANI[emoji191][emoji252] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Why Can’t Siberian Huskies Safely Go Off-Lead? This is one of the constant questions raised about Siberian Huskies. You would think it would be enough that: • every responsible Siberian Husky owner will tell you that it is not safe to let a Siberian Husky off lead in an unenclosed area • every ethical Siberian Husky Breeder will tell you that it is not safe to let a Siberian Husky off lead in an unenclosed area • every single Siberian Husky rescue organisation IN THE WORLD will tell you that it is not safe to let a Siberian Husky off lead in an unenclosed area; and that every single Siberian Husky Club IN THE WORLD will tell you exactly the same thing. Now these people and organisations don’t take this line for fun, or to "big up" the wild nature of their dogs, or to try to keep the breed exclusive. They take it because it accurately reflects the bitter experience of thousands of owners worldwide over a long period of time. However, this obviously is not enough because there are still a steady stream of people who just don’t believe this unanimous and ubiquitous message. When you give examples of Siberians which have been killed, caused accidents or been shot by farmers for killing/savaging livestock, the doubters come back with, “But you could say the same about any breed!” – and to be honest, in many respects they would be right. Too many irresponsible owners of all kinds of dogs let their dog off lead with little thought for their dog’s safety, the safety of other animals, or the safety of the public. That is not for discussion here though. I want to explain why, in my opinion, it is never safe to let Siberian Huskies off lead in unenclosed areas. So, Why is the off-lead thing such a big deal with huskies? What makes them different from other breeds? There are two major factors, both embedded deep within the history of the breed. The dogs we now know as Siberian Huskies were originally developed by what are known as the “maritime” Chukchi people of North East Siberia who relied on dogs for transportation during the frozen winter. Other Chukchi groups relied on Reindeer for both food and winter transportation. The maritime Chukchi lived in fixed summer villages along the Bering Sea coast, but during the arctic/sub-arctic winter, became nomadic – following and hunting whatever game was available. The Chukchi would load their whole families on their sled and using teams of up to 20 dogs, would hunt all winter, sometimes covering 100 miles a day in their search for food. It was originally estimated that the Chukchi’s dogs had been in existence for some 3000 years, but recent archeological research has found the remains of sled-type dogs going back well over 10,000 years. Indeed, the Siberian Husky has been recognised as one of the oldest dog breeds known to mankind, so they have had a long time for their instincts and behavioural traits to become hard-wired into them. The two major factors I mentioned above are: • An extremely strong Prey Drive; and • A fiercely independent intelligence. Prey Drive - The source of their prey drive is simple. During the summer, when they were not required as transportation, the Chukchi dogs ran free around the summer villages, rarely being fed by their owners, but existing (if not prospering) on what they could steal or catch. As winter came and food became scarce the dogs once more became sled dogs (of course not all the dogs returned - accidents and natural predators accounted for some, but at least there were no roads for them to be killed on). This pattern of behaviour was built up over a period of time which has been estimated as long as 10,000 years. As a result of millennia of such behaviour, these dogs now have a fearsome prey drive and the hunting skills to match. It is very common to hear that someone’s huskies have killed cats, rabbits, squirrels, birds (ours have taken birds out of the sky as they fly over our garden at low level) and even sheep. It is rare that they regard even small dogs as “prey” as they seem to be able to recognise a fellow canine. Independent Intelligence – You will occasionally hear dog trainers complain that huskies are not “trainable,” and you will consistently see them left out of lists of “The Ten Most Intelligent Dog Breeds” etc. The problem with such trainers and such lists is that they confuse obedience and “biddability” with intelligence, and, in reality they are not at all the same thing. Train a Border Collie to fetch a ball and it will tend to retrieve the ball time after time after time. Train a Siberian Husky to fetch a ball and it will do one of two things – either eat the ball, or bring it back once. The next time you throw it the sibe will look at you as if to say – “You threw it! YOU get it back! Do you think I’m that stupid?” When you give a trained Border Collie a command, you usually get instant obedience. When you give a command to a Husky, the Husky actually thinks about it before deciding to comply or ignore the command. This may sound like bloody-mindedness, but it is in fact a deeply ingrained survival trait for arctic sled dogs. Think about it. You are the lead dog on a sled team pulling your Chukchi owner and his family across the frozen sea ice. Your owner shouts for you to turn right down a trail between a line of ice seracs as he knows this is the way to get to a safe camping area for the night. As lead dog, you can see that a right turn leads you to the edge of a deep crevasse and you refuse to make the turn. It is this intelligence and independence of thought which has been bred into Siberian Huskies over thousands of generations. An example of this came from Leonhard Seppala’s famous lead dog (and hero of the 1925 Dipheria Run – Togo. One day, Seppala was running his team, led by Togo, over the sea ice of the notorious Norton Sound, “Togo had been leading his sled across the sound during a northeastern gale on another occasion when, a few miles from shore, Seppala heard an ominous crack that let him know the sea ice was breaking up. Togo headed toward shore even before Seppala could give the command, but drew up short so fast he nearly flipped backwards. A yawning chasm of water had opened almost at Togo’s feet, but the dog had reacted quickly enough to avert immediate disaster. Seppala looked around and realized with dismay that he and his team were trapped on an ice floe and headed out to sea. They spent more than twelve hours on that raft of ice, waiting as it drifted in the icy waters. Finally it neared land, but ran up against another floe that was jammed against the ice still connected to shore. they stopped moving, but there was still a five foot gap of water that Seppala couldn’t hope to cross. He tied a lead onto Togo and heaved the dog across the water. Togo landed on the ice and sensing what Seppala intended, the dog began pulling with all his might, narrowing the gap between the two ice floes. Then the lead rope snapped. Seppala thought he was a dead man. Then Togo, showing himself to be possessed of more intelligence and resourcefulness than most men could expect from even their lead dogs, leaped into the water and grabbed the broken end of the lead rope in his jaws. He clambered back onto the ice and continued pulling until he had narrowed the gap enough for Seppala and the sled to cross safely. As it was with Seppala’s Siberian dogs, so it is today with our Siberian Huskies. No matter how well trained your Sibe is, there is always a part of his/her mind that, when he/she hears an instruction thinks, "Is it a good idea to follow that order?" and also, "What's in it for me?" - When you combine that independence of thought and keen intelligence with the high prey drive, you can see that obedience when offlead is a very dodgy prospect indeed. Huskies don’t help themselves in this regard. It is often found that husky puppies will act in extremely obedient ways for the first few months of their lives. I have lost count of the number of owners who have told me their Sibe is the exception that proves the rule and is ultra-obedient. Upon further discussion, it almost always transpires that the dog is a puppy – 4 or 5 months old! Sibe puppies can lull you into a false sense of security - then puberty hits, they realise that they don’t need you, and all bets are off!!! Having said all that, we believe strongly that all Siberian Husky owners should train their dogs in recall. We always recommend that people train their Siberians to recall IN SAFE ENCLOSED AREAS to as high a level as possible. Even in the best regulated worlds accidents sometimes happen – dogs slip their collars, snap their leads, escape from cages etc etc – and if you have trained your dog to recall, at least you have a chance of getting it back. Such training cannot be guaranteed, but at least it’s a form of insurance. Talking about insurance – a message to all those who, despite all the evidence and arguments, still insist on letting their dogs go offlead in unenclosed areas – get some public liability insurance. If your dog goes off lead and causes an accident or kills livestock – YOU are liable. On second thoughts, maybe it’s not worth it! The fact that every single Siberian Husky organisation in the world advises against letting them off lead, the owner whose dog caused the crash or killed the livestock could be liable for huge damages, as in legal terms, it could be argued that by acting against such universal informed advice, they had been incredibly negligent in letting their dog off lead in an unenclosed area and that this obvious negligence would invalidate their insurance. Just a thought! Mick Brent Dreamcatcher Siberian Huskies The Siberian Husky Welfare Association (UK) Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I threw a piece to him like 10 minutes ago so hes sitting way back there waiting... Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Hi! I've been lurking on this site for a month or so, but thought I would make a profile and introduce my husky! In June, an abandoned husky wandered into our yard. We tried to find her owners for weeks, but (I was truly shocked) no one ever came forward. Since then we've taken her to the vet and welcomed her into our family. Zelda is approx. 8 months to a year old. She's a very good girl--house trained now, learning crate training. She gets along well with my 13 year old Lab-Border Collie, and we've only lost a charger cord to chewing. Anyway, this forum has been a huge help prepping our home for a husky and giving her the best life possible.
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    yesterday was the first day we had enough snow to get ourself out on ice safely. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - Kiruna, Sweden Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    Happy 10th birthday husky owners! Thats right, today we are 10 years old. Hard to believe this place was started so long ago. Starting from Sarah saying she wanted to be able to "Meet a couple of people with huskies" we have achieved in the past 10 years Becoming the largest husky forum Funded members coming here from the US and the netherlands with competitions Been featured in national and local newspapers Been mentioned in radio broadcasts Held camps for 100+ people Ran meets in every corner of England, and had meets organised by others around the world Been through 4 different bits of software to get to where we are today Been through over a million posts Seen people get married and divorced Had people meet parners on the forum Seen people come from being at school, to being at work and in their own houses And much much more besides. All of this due to our members around the world making this place the great place it is.
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    Dogs growl out of fear, pain, territoriality and possession aggression, he prob sensed something off about the man and was warning him. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    When I took Marley into the vets today for his endoscopy there were 7 other dogs and owners waiting to be seen as well - they all said how beautiful Marley was, handsome, gorgeous, stunning - were amongst the words I heard. There were even two puppies in and still the attention was on Marley. "Proud Mummy" doesn't even come close! Of course he lapped up the praise - and acted like a prima donna - jumping up, (imagine Zebedee from magic roundabout) all four feet leaving the ground, wanting to kiss everybody who came close to him (he gives kisses on the mouth - no tongues though thankfully)
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    Hey everyone! I'm brand new here and would like to introduce myself, and of course, my husky! My name is Kelly, and I'm from Owings, MD. I am mom to Floki, a nine month old husky boy who we adopted from our SCPA at 12 weeks old. He's a typical husky (we had another husky a long time ago, and were already familiar with their "unique" traits and habits, lol!) He's hyper, stubborn, playful, strong, boneheaded, sweet, loving and very vocal! I am also mom to 5 daughters, one pig, and a cat, lol! Needless to say, our household is quite the adventure! Here are some pics of my Floki-Loki, from puppy stage to present!
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    Ours take themselves off up to bed if we stay up late. They have a better sense of routine than we do half the time [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Thanks all [emoji4] Amy - she is my rainbow baby I lost a girl last year, so she is and isn’t my first! Here she is with her eyes open! Still all very surreal, hope her furry brothers like her [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app

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