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    Breeding a wooly with a standard coat wont cancel out the wooly , my girl is a wooly and both her parents were standard coats, its not just coat either, your dog and the bitch would need both hip/elbow and eye scoring and have a low enough score to make sure you're not passing anything hereditary down the line , this isnt something your normal vet can do and they do need to go to a specialist, he will also need to be breed standard (despite the coat) and kennel club registered, I'm not sure where you are in the world but here rescues are absolutely bursting at the seams full of Huskies, some specific husky rescues cant take any more in because they're so full theres a lot more to it then just putting a dog and a bitch together and hoping for the best, the sire owner has as much responsibility as the Dams owner with regards to If she needs an emergency c-section or to be on call in the middle of the night/early hours of the morning when she goes into labour , they're also just as responsible if down the line a pup owner cant keep their dog you would have to take them back on and you cant always guarantee dad and pup will get on down the line , he wont remember it's his pup we all love our dogs and would all love to have a part of them to carry on their legacy and remember them by but i don't think breeding is the way to go in doing it , no 2 Huskies are ever the same
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    Do they allow caravans or is just tents?? We like a little luxury when we are away. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Sorry. Just read the whole post. Yes they do. This little lady wants to come Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Not us this year just to expensive, train alone is about € 700,- so not gonna happen this year...☹️
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    Who hate the biscuits 🤣🤣 then time to sleep it all off.
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    She just can’t seem to figure it out 🤣 And these are just too cute not to post. ❤️
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    The introduction went really well and we officially have a new fur baby. Meet Lola.
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    Gary and Lynne + 3 mutts
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    Please don't feel left out all members and any non member you know that would like to come to next Mays Husky camp is very welcome to come join us weather it be for 1 day weekend or the whole week Dates and details on the post below but please if you want any more details just ask any admin or mod
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    18 months ago we lost our Gobby girly Echo. She was a White german shepherd Dog. Recently we decided we wanted another shepherd. To give Darwin a companion and also to have a dog that can be trained to walk nicely and be let off lead with reliable recall. So we joined a Uk rescue, had a home check and started looking at possible adoptions. Then this interesting boy turned up. Say hello to Storm. A 4 year old Dutch Shepherd mix. the brindle coat is not the mix, that's the normal dutch shepherd coat. He's certainly a unique looking dawg Very few people will have heard of a Dutch shepherd, they were nearly wiped out during WWII, and most dutch shepherds end up with the Police or military as like Belgian Malinois they excel at that kind of work and so not many end up as pets. He is a good natured dog, loves people. He's really bonded with my seven year old granddaughter Eden-Willow and seems to get on with most other dogs. We've had him for a month, we've waited this long before announcing his arrival as sometimes a rescue may not work out for no fault of either the dog or the family, sometimes it's just not a good match. However he is settling in, He and Darwin have had a couple of scraps both instigated by Darwin being overly protective of his people, but we were expecting this so it's all good. Darwin is adjusting to the new dog in the pack and the occasional snarling and grumbling gets less by the day. He is a typical shepherd breed, always wanting to be by your side (even in the toilet !!!) always wanting a ball throw, and always happy to go for a walk. However his original family did no training with him, not even Sit!!! so we have a blank canvas and he's doing well and is eager to learn. You can all meet him at next years Husky Camp.
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    Ignore the mess
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    Hi, my first post. Just to say hello to everyone from Croatia! I see this forum is great and you people are great. Nice to see so many love in one place This is my beauty Blue Moon Lunation. She is now 6.5 months old.
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    One thing for others to bear in mind with this is exactly whats just been said about the amount. If its not a huge amount then it may be worth the voucher. If however its getting to 3-400 like ours, then personally I would take the money. One thing to be very aware of is that not all businesses will make it out of this. And that includes big ones. I certainly wouldnt trust a company holding money of mine at the moment
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    So, Im here to tell you what most of you already know, and was looking more and more likely in any case. For the first time since 2008, husky camp has now been officially cancelled. The UK government made it clear that any form of hospitality places will not be open until July at the very earliest. I suspect even in that case, camp sites will not likely be one of the first of those, and in any case its of course too late for camp regardless. The Welsh government are actually more locked down at present than that of the rest of the UK, with restriction of movement of people. The camp site have already said they will be in contact to refund, based on an email many of us had from them over the weekend, so going to see what we get through today. If you have not booked through the site, then you would need to contact whoever you have booked with. A couple of questions I have already been asked a few times, so will put the answers on here so I'm not repeating it to each person involved. Are you going to be setting dates for next year? OK, so we have been caught out by this coronavirus, as has everyone else in the world. Now however, we are not caught out. We know about it, and its here. So the issue is we have no idea when this will end, and when social distancing will end. Until there is a vaccine, a treatment, or it wipes itself out, the honest answer is we cannot set a date for camp. While there are trials for vaccines at the moment, there is absolutely no guarantee they will work. This time next year, we could be perfectly fine. However we could also be in a position where camp family holidays are possible, but social distancing in general still applies. For us, that would make camp almost impossible. Therefore there will be no dates set for any camp, until we get the complete all clear. Otherwise we risk the chance of making a decision where people lose money, and I personally wont put anyone in that position. The camp are offering 120% voucher. Should I take that or take the refund? I cant really answer this question. I believe they are time limited, so based on what I said above, Im not taking that chance. Personally we will be getting our money refunded. If you chose otherwise, just bear in mind you may well not be able to use it for husky camp, as it might have expired before we set one, for the reasons I mentioned above.
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    Got my notification a couple of weeks back. Personally I’m taking the voucher, as soon as they open, I’ll go anyway just for a break from the status quo. Not worried about expiry dates as they will extend them until they open, regardless of when that is. But mine was only £130 so, not exactly a massive bonus. @Marc is right though. Can’t plan anything until we know the score, we don’t know how long this will last. :-(
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    Might just add if you not had emails yet you can log on to there website with your account number and check anytime for yourself, mine still says I'm going lol
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    Luka blue, he thinks I’m crashing his bed! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app Cai, this is now HIS chair. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Happy Hounds Pet Food on facebook sell bags of half rib cages for a few quid, they probably an hour or so drive from you to collect, they also do delivery
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    Yep v understandable. In my case my shop round the corner (0.8m from me) has everything! If you are desperate, I can ask if he will post a bag or two to you He has Natural Dark Gravy bones; small or large marrow bones; fluffy rabbit ears or dried nonfluff ones; various chews; natural dried chicken feet, or turkey feet; LoveJoys & Forthglade vac-packs, sealed. And lots more. I'm very fortunate to have free bones too, from my butcher in town. Just rang: Nigel - Animals Only: animal feed, tack, bedding leads, harnesses, toys etc etc from equine to dogs, cats, birds, fish.. 01684273050 Nigel Sligh does already post out dog supplies/feed/treats from ebay, but has said he can find cheapest courier/posting options for you. If no answer leave message or try again - he is pretty busy.. From GL20 (Tewkesbury). ❤👍🤗
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    LOL this high energy breed is just so hard to contain
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    Actor Kirk Douglas, a fixture of cinema for six decades, has died aged 103. The stage and screen actor was well-known for a range of roles, including the 1960 classic Spartacus, in which he played the titular character. Born in New York in 1916, he rose to prominence during Hollywood's "golden age", earning his first Oscar nomination for the 1949 boxing story Champion. He was also the father of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas. Michael said in a statement: "It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today." "To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies... but to me and my brothers Joel and Peter he was simply Dad," it read in part. Obituary: Kirk Douglas In pictures: Kirk Douglas at 100 BBC Arts: Three of Kirk Douglas's finest scenes "Let me end with the words I told him on his last birthday and which will always remain true. Dad - I love you so much and I am so proud to be your son." Kirk Douglas was prolific as a film actor, with more than 90 credits to his name - ranging over six decades from the 1940s to the 2000s. An icon who defied convention Analysis by Peter Bowes, BBC News, Los Angeles When I met Kirk Douglas in 2008 he was a sprightly 91. He talked about his advancing years and the impact a stroke, in 1996, had on his skills as an actor. "I couldn't talk at all," he told me. "So what does an actor do who can't talk? He waits for silent pictures to come back! That's corny joke," he chuckled. Douglas was particularly proud of his role in ending the Hollywood blacklist, when he defied the ban on working with filmmakers with alleged communist ties or sympathies. He said he drew on "the impulsive qualities of younger Kirk" in making his decision to give the blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo a screen credit under his own name for his work on Spartacus. We discussed his passion for working with young people. He had started writing a blog to encourage young Americans to vote in that year 's presidential election. Douglas and his wife donated millions of dollars to charitable causes and helped build hundreds of school playgrounds. He said their philosophy was; "Before you die, try to do something for other people." He is perhaps best-known as Spartacus, a Stanley Kubrick film which won four Oscars and was so popular that its iconic "I am Spartacus" scene entered the pop culture lexicon. Douglas was himself nominated for an Oscar three times - for Champion (1949), The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), and Lust for Life (1956). He eventually won the honorary award in 1996 in recognition of his 50 years in the industry.
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    Caravans booked for Husky camp 2020
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    I’m of the same opinion, that puppy shots and first booster are necessary after that I feel, in my opinion, that any other booster shots are unnecessary. There are so many articles around telling us we need this and that for our pets, but i think it’s about financial gain for company’s that sell them and the vets. Pet company’s are well aware of what we’re willing to spend on our beloved fur babies but the majority of it is unnecessary, lots of research is needed before we buy into what they tell us is best. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Jan 3rd 2020 - Sleeping in the hallway outside my office.
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    We have dog gates and child gates so when we are out they are restricted to one or two rooms - Marley has always had free reign in the house as he can be trusted with our cat - not so with Mikey so unfortunately Marley's movements are restricted to downstairs when we go out. We started with only giving them access to the kitchen and hallway, then added in the lounge when we felt we could trust Mikey with the furniture (new addition about 6 months ago - he is 3.5 years old - about 6 months younger than Marley).
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    Same as Janine says, we do give a command “watch the house” and give a small threat and when we come back we say “watched the house for us” and a small treat then. We also leave the tv or radio on softly in the background...
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    Hi, she’s very pretty. If she starts to develop separation anxiety I would start by leaving her for 5 minutes, going out thru the front door, returning 5 mins later, no fuss on leaving and none on your return, do this multiple times in the day and gradually building on the time you leave her. Give her a toy to play with when you’re leaving, I would also restrict access to the rooms in your house, safety gates work well. Destructive behaviour is common with separation anxiety and huskies are experts at chewing and digging. Good luck! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Happy New Year everyone - let's all wish for drama/trouble-free year with our beloved dogs.
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    Getting Marley to have the fermented cabbage juice is rather a chore - but he will happiy eat raw cabbage (strange tyke). No further vomitting or runs and he seems happy in himself and eating well (loving the cold) so I am happy with continuing to treat him myself ..................... however Marley & Mikey are curious as to why I rush over to Marley's poos to check them before clearing them away 🤣. Getting him to have the manuka honey is no problem whatsoever though - Mikey also wants some - but I use 10+ for Mikey - he does not need the strength - and I dont need the extra cost. Here's hoping for a drama free Christmas.
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    my dogs used to be fed on a dry food, they did lots of soft poops that filled two or three bags had stinky gassy butts bad breath and dirty stained teeth I then switched to raw food diet they have great coats do tiny poops that are like stones and do not smell much, i would guess that they digest 80% of what goes into them on the dry food i would guess most of what went in came back out. the farts do not really smell any more, no stinky breath teeth are clean I got a puppy last year and he has been fed raw from birth and is doing great
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    Hi baby 1019 I'm a big believer in giving a puppy a good start in life and I think that a good dog food is essential all my 3 pups are on royal cairns medium puppy food there gust coming up to 6 months old and there still fed 3 times a day weaning them down to 2 meals a day they love the food and look very healthy on it and are on 300g a day plus treats when training.
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    I`m a young writer, I write short interesting story on different topic!
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    Honestly If your new to dogs I wouldnt recommend two pups at the same time, I'd focus on your husky then when hes a bit older , past the teenage stage and where you want him in regards to training then I would think about adding another dog
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    @wolfpup isn't he adorable.... Yeah i also researched these kinda beds... help them to feel cool in hot weathers.... also give them support. are these ok in winters also....?? you are talking about these beds?? @Shepsky5 hey tnx for such a lovely comment ... yeah i now,.. but for now y Simba is just 4 months old... and he is very naughty... he sleeps in all the funny way possible. sometimes like a "dead dog" sometimes like sometimes all legs up in the air and sometimes just crawled up with her tail on his nose.
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    For those of you who are not familiar with Marley - he is a soon-to-be 4 year old rescued Siberian Husky (4th owner) so his background is unknown. He started epilepsy at 10 months of age and they came quite regularly, approximately every 27 days for over a year. Luckily my vet was reluctant to start him on meds at that time because he was so young. Then in early 2018 he had 5 fits between Jan 7th and March 9th 4 in 12 days and 3 in two days - my vet wanted to put him on vet meds (epiphen) but I said no, I wanted to try cbd oil first. To say he was unhappy with my decision is putting it extremely mildly - I thought he was going to ban me from the practice. I have several year-long herbal medicine courses under my belt, and with the help of a qualified herbal vet in the USA (I am obviously in the UK) we started him on skullcap and passion flower to try and lessen the frequency and severity of the seizures. I had also started serious research into cbd oil before deciding which one to start him on. The first one took him to 106 days (24/6/18), then I tried a slightly stronger one which took him to 108 days (8/10/18) this fit was extremely mild – only lasting 15 seconds and was basically head shaking only, I then put him on an even stronger one at a dose of 4 drops a day, dropping to 3 drops on the 27/10/18 and down to 2 drops on 14/11/18 as a maintenance dose, wanting to give him the least possible amount without triggering another seizure. He is still on that dose. What makes this all the more amazing is that during the last year he has been extremely ill, having contracted: 1. Salmonella poisoning which took 4 months of antibiotics before he was clear. 2. He developed 9 different food allergies - High Positive to soya and potatoes, positive to wheat, oats, rice, corn, carrots, peas and sugar beet. This was only discovered when he vomited blood and went into anaphylactic shock. 3. Tests and a camera down his throat showed he had up to 100 bleeding ulcers in his stomach. The antibiotics had caused him to develop a leaky gut so I started researching and learned of ways to go about healing the gut naturally - the vet did help with giving me healthy dog gut bacteria in tablet form - but I had to buy the prebiotic from the USA as I could not get the one I wanted in the UK at the time (can now). He had another food allergy test done about 4 weeks ago - and is now only positive for corn, soya and rice, and borderline for wheat (no high positives any more), and negative for all the others. I can live with that - more importantly so can Marley. He now has only grass fed beef and lamb, venison, rabbit and wild caught fish only (farmed fish are raised on copious amounts of soya - something they would never encounter in the wild) - no poultry of any kind, or pork (both are routinely fed the stuff he is allergic to) Then about 6 weeks ago an operation on a re-occurring sebaceous cyst on his spine went wrong (he was allergic to the deep stitches) needing 4 anaesthetics in 12 days - leaving him with a very large, deep, open wound on his back - which is now almost healed thanks solely to medical grade Manuka honey (his only treatment for this). Through all of this he has been seizure free - yet when I happily told my vet that he had reached day 340 a few weeks ago - thanks to the cbd oil – he completely blanked me - would not even acknowledge that the cbd is what has gotten him to this stage - despite him being on no meds. I am no young forward thinking twenty-something ......... I am already in my 7th decade - so if I can accept that plants can have amazing health benefits – why does a highly trained, very intelligent, vet completely block all the information out - its beyond me. All I can say is don’t take everything your vet says as gospel, don’t follow his recommendations blindly - do your OWN research. I am not naive enough to think Marley is cured - or that I can keep him seizure free forever - but it won’t stop me trying or continuing to research. Happy first seizure free year Marley. You are an incredible fighter, with the heart & spirit of a lion - and the gentleness & grace of an angel, you are my soul mate and I love you more than you will ever know.
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    I can't believe she's already nine years old. She still acts like a puppy for the most part, though she's slowed down a little and isn't as destructive as she was from 12 weeks to around 5 years. Yes, that's her play growl. People unfamiliar with her think she's being aggressive but she obeys me well (last 30 seconds or so.) It's just play. SarahPlaytime20191012_Clip.mp4
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    Thank you! You are right: Jasper is an absolute ham. He's SUPER talkative and opinionated. We live in the city, and out on walks people stop us all the time to admire him, and he always starts "aRooo-ing" while we are talking, because he wants to be in the conversation too. Heidi is fairly laid-back and calm (husky-calm, not regular dog calm). We have no idea what her history is. She's missing an upper canine tooth, but it doesn't bother her. We are pretty sure she was just left outside by whoever owned her previously. She was pretty under-socialized when we adopted her. At first the only "toy" she was interested in were rawhides and sticks. But eventually our other dog Ginger showed her about squeaky toys and balls, and now she LOVES them. She has been a great "mama" to Jasper too!
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    Hi! I had a massive issue with this for most of my pup’s younger months. He’s nearly a year old and has stopped the biting unless he gets super annoyed (which is rare). We tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. The only thing that stopped him is...biting his ear. This sounds crazy (we got the idea from Snow Dogs) but it really works and shows them who’s boss. You need to bite a little harder than a nip but not too hard. I would suggest that your wife and daughter do this too so they assert themselves as dominant over him too. I know this sounds mad but this is genuinely the only thing that worked for us. Any commands or luring away/distracting simply didn’t work and his bites were getting really bad. So the ear bites really helped us! Good luck, he will get there. P.S. he is stunning!
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    Mr Bear's one of the Smarden 18, 18 neglected Huskies that a few rescues co-operated to ensure they were all taken into care. Bear was particularly bad with urine-burned paws and matted coat - and they were all emotionally damaged through being very isolated in outdoor runs. Mr Bear's already well on the way to being physically healed but still anxious at anything new - but such a loving boy (always amazes me how well neglected dogs get on with people, given their treatment). He's here for assessment and help him climatise to the real world - currently he's living his lost puppyhood, despite being 5!
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    My girl was 2 years and 2 months old when she was spayed, no health issues what so ever (that link to spaying) just remember when ever you decide to spay you need to wait till at least 3 months after her season ends before you can get her spayed
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    I may be in the minority, but my research leads me to believe that canines should remain intact until their growth plates have fused - which lends itself to the 1-2 year mark depending on the size of the dog (the bigger they are the later they should be done). My research leads me to believe that desexing too early stores up trouble later on with elbow/hip dysplasia etc, I also believe it makes them more prone to arthritis. They need the hormones whilst they are growing. I have never had a female dog, only ever males so have never experienced the problems that come with females. Marley is a rescue (as is Mikey) - but he was intact when I got him and is still intact at nearly 4 years old.
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    I can only speak of my two. As puppies (until 14 months of age) they were little sponges. Loved learning! My girl was extremely hard when it came time to find something to motivate her with. It is harder now. But she doesn’t like brother being able to do something she can’t LOL First. What you are going through, I think is absolutely normal. Need to find a trainer that actually knows Huskies! Or save your money and just train yourself. Lots of great YouTube videos I personally like Jeff out of Maine SolidK9. They are stubborn and one of the hardest breeds to train. I have been told over and over. Can’t start training until 16 months of age, they will never be trainable, there is no way you will be able to train them together. Not to toot my own horn, but my pups are awesome!!! 😁 I am a very proud momma and get compliments everywhere I take them. I started them at 4 months and we train EVERY day. We do daycare once a week now (they are getting to be too much for the kennel attendants LOL- they were going 3x a week. I am the only one they listen to.. and they both are pushing 60 lbs and can be bullies when they want. What I typed out in your other post is exactly what I did starting at 4 months and still do to this day. Mix it up and have fun with it you and her will figure out what works best for you guys. Once you learn what she likes what her personality is you will be able to work with her. Don’t get frustrated don’t get mad at her. There will be days they are pissy with me and don’t want anything to do with me (daycare days are amazing for this). Lots of play. My girl will not play outside for some reason she just wants her walks. I have to have a 5 minute play time outside prior to walking my boy to get energy out before walks. I would not trust a trainer that has never LIVED with a Husky. 😉
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    TBH most vets do not seem to learn how to do a bandage on anything apart from a Leg, over the years i have learned to bandage all sorts of joints and other body parts. as to the honey it is probably cheaper buying it that way as teh vets would add a large markup on the price, things you can buy for a couple quid from your high street chemists Bandages Gauze wound dressings etc they will charge 10 pounds for or more, long ago one of my dogs needed eye drops, the vets charged me nearly 40 for a med i could get from boots for about 7.50 over the counter was exactly the same stuff too (one of my peeves about vets is teh HUGE mark up they put on things, like dressings, everything they use is what you can get on teh high street at a fraction of the cost) Also teh BIG vet schools Glasgow (probably the best) London etc are cheap to use as they will ask if you mind your animal being used as a teach aid so they can show students how to do stuff you just have to get to them
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    I've had some fantastic news from the vets. I orderd new allergy tests from the vets the day of his operation last Monday. Finally got the results back around 7pm just as they were closing. Here are the results from Dec 2018 and today: FOOD NOV 18 RESULT AUGUST 19 RESULT SOYA HIGH POSITIVE+ POSITIVE POTATOES HIGH POSITIVE NEGATIVE WHEAT POSITIVE BORDERLINE RICE POSITIVE POSITIVE OATS POSITIVE NEGATIVE CORN POSITIVE POSITIVE CARROTS POSITIVE NEGATIVE PEAS POSITIVE NEGATIVE SUGAR BEET POSITIVE NEGATIVE Whilst I know allergies can change - it shows that the hard work I put in after his salmonela poisoning/antiobiotics and treating him for a leaky gut worked. I have to be cautious though ............. this bloodwork was taken the day before he had this latest set of antibiotics ........................ so I will be going through the procedure again. However it does mean that when I am finished I can start to enlarge his diet a bit and include the occasional bit of chicken and maybe pork ............ Marley's favourite meat on the whole planet. No new allergies whatsoever and NO High Positives. Soya has always been my nightmare after he went into anaphalactic shock after eating meat that had been fed soya (hence him not being allowed pork or poultry). Now I can try them again occasionally. One very happy husky mummy
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    I know, I'm still waiting for him to become escape artist and show his true husky temper I don't want to be naive and I still keep in mind that he might change. I'll do my best tho.
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    You asked for it - enjoy! As you can see he is making himself quite at home.
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    Awww, you guys are all so sweet! You were all very kind and you all accepted me with kindness.❤️ Thank you so much! There's no magic trick actually 😉Only daily work, concistency and never giving up. Almost immediately after I got Conan I start teaching him to sit and wait. First at home, without distractions, on leash. Step by spet. Word "stay" step back, treat. Constantly repeating, step by step, each time further. Then going outside and teaching him in nature, first without any dogs, animals, people. After he got it I started practicing with Sky and Flynn. Then we went on friend dog meetings and practicing with group of dogs jp morgan chase near me

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