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    Big thanks to the organisers and everyone there, we had a great time. Next year we'll splash out on a full week.
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    Nice one...will upload ours when we get home next week...interweb speed here is not so good...
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    See everyone in 2020 Anyone any more pictures ?
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    Oh no poor Luna that sounds so painful the poor baby I hope shes ok Hope you're ok too , must be so upsetting and stressful, hugs for u both
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    Oh no, that sounds serious! I hope Luna recovers well. I did not know bladder stones were so common!i haven’t experienced this with either of my dogs but it sounds really painful for them.
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    Exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!
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    Hi thanks for getting in touch, don’t they just love new and tasty things to eat lol. Thanks for the update and I’m glad there are no other problems than a cheeky pooch and looking forward to getting my little terror out on her new presents [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    If you use a double lead tug line with neckline you cannot go wrong...
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    My beautiful Lunar went over the bridge today - he wanted to go out for his morning walk - but only got as far as the gate and just stopped - his legs would not let him go any further. Marley will miss his friend awfully - they were inseparable. We are heartbroken. However we had 14 happy years - and he still recognised us despite the dementia taking most of his personality over the last 6 months. Run free my beatuful friend - you can run again now without pain. Patch, Benson, Kia, Louie and Bernie will be waiting for you on the other side and you can all run together.
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    Sad news, but I’m pleased he’s at peace. You can rest easy knowing you went over and above what most owners would do and that shows how much you loved him, he was lucky to have you and you got great joy from having him, that’s a perfect relationship isn’t it! Don’t quite know how you can help Marley, would he allow an old rescue cat some space or if that’s not likely how about a biggish soft toy that you could open up and put something of Lunar’s inside that smells of him? Maybe leave it near his bed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Mother’s Day to all! Hope everyone had a fun day! Simka & Natalie & Crew
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    We adopted our now 8 year old husky, Zasha, when she was 9 months. Her owners got her from a pet shop and then realized how a Husky is. She's got personality and has been a great addition, though challenging in her youth (what Husky isn't). This past weekend we adopted our second Husky (from the same rescue), Zeus. He's about 10 years and is overweight with arthritis in his back legs. He's adjusting nicely and he and Zasha are adapting well to each other. Zasha is an alpha but Zeus is slowly letting her know when she's going too far and to back off (he needs his space and Zasha has no concept of personal bubbles ). I don't know his back story other than he's an owner surrender and lived on a farm for awhile.
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    Hes had a tooth removed , playing with a toy this morning and you could tell he'd hurt himself, noticed the blood , he had broken his tooth, so took him straight to the vets where he had to stay and have it extracted The root had actually rotted away so that's why his tooth fractured, it's all been removed and stitched up , I can go pick him up as soon as I finish work (5ish) , poor poor bug
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    Your beautiful Loca is very very lucky - and you and your husband have very very big hearts. The people you got her from are obviously just in it for the money without any care for the welfare of the dogs - if they were in the UK they would be prosecuted and the dogs removed. I am my husky's fourth owner, as detailed on his vaccination card - and he was only 12 weeks old when I got him. He had no issues with weight or disease when I got him, just the usual issues of being taken from his mum too early. Still has horrendous separation anxiety so he is never, ever, left alone, if we both have to go out for any reason, he comes with us. Bless you for taking pity on her and welcoming her into your home.

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