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    Hey, I am Nush and my husky is a 35 day old boy. He is Grey and white and has beautiful blue eyes.
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    Hmm, will she walk nicely on leash with no other dogs around? That's a place to start... I think the rest of the solution lies in training.... For passing: Training of the "Heel" command (or in our case, "Stay Close!" meaning a casual heel - close to the leg, but no specific side or position). Get the command working without other dogs around, then dogs at a distance, then finally use when there are dogs passing on other side of street...comes in handy for cars and bicyclists too! For planting feet: I use a firm "Come On" and a sideways jerk on the leash when he is fixated and refusing to budge. He knows the command "Come" (and its variant "Come on") very well in normal conditions - so he is choosing to ignore me. I give the command, wait, give the command again, and if still no response, he gets the firm command + leash jerk. That snaps him out of it! (He does this for other dogs once in a while, as well as when he sees Prey). Some people use a stern "Leave It" command and it works well. I use the "Leave It' for food, but have not tried it for other dogs. Or you can train an incompatible command i.e. "Look at me!" + give treat (start by training with no other dogs around, and work up to dogs passing closer). This worked with mine, up to a point. I suspect the reason it didn't work effectively all the time is that you need more distance for passing a lunging barking dog and less distance for a calm mellow dog, so it gets hard to calculate the passing distance based on the other dog's behavior! If I tried to pass too close, he would totally ignore the food. ( What threw off my distance calculations are those dogs that act very calm, and the minute you are passing, they lunge to the end of their leash and bark! So training conditions are less than perfect...:-) There are a variety of no-pull harnesses / haltis etc. that people like. . . you could see if that might help... There are people who use prong collars with this issue - but it must be done correctly or your dog may associate the sight of other dogs with pain (literally, a pain in the neck) and then you get a problem which is even worse - your dog fears/hates the sight of other dogs. While in training, you could try walking at times of day when it's not "dog o'clock". When my dog had issues like this, I avoided walking between 5 - 6 pm, which is "dog o'clock" in our neighborhood. That makes training easier. It's easier to train through 1 -2 encounters per walk, than a dozen! And if at-home approaches don't work, you could always try a group obedience class, or a session or two with a private trainer. I think this is a really common problem. They CAN get used to the idea that they are not allowed to go greet unless you walk them right up to the other owner/dog. 🙂 I used to despair of ever walking at normal times of day. My dog would rear up, howl, lunge and bark at other dogs (desperate to go meet). Last summer, we went on a popular paved walking trail - passing dogs, bicyclists, joggers at close distances, and he went calmly by ( I use the command "Stay Close" and keep him walking close to my leg. He understands this command - I am holding the leash doubled up (short) but he is not pulling). When we got home, I realized how far we had come - I barely noticed that he was improving...but a year ago, we would NEVER have been able to walk that trail. It's a process....
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    Carried his own treat from store to home. Maybe he can carry the whole shopping bag next time Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Choock choock booked...grass booked...and paid for as well...
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    I know letting huskies off lead is a bit of a luxury as there’s not many safe places about to do it, so if anyone would like some extra off lead sessions, there’s Un-Leashed Dog Exercise Area (pre-booked slots, not far from Abakan/Flint, they can be found on Facebook). It’s a 60mx40m area £8 an hour for up to 3 dogs and £2 per dog after that. I’ve never been but they have 5 stars on Facebook Also Meadow View Doggy Day Care & Enclosed Field (also by Flint and also found on Facebook) the lady who owns that owns huskies and Mals so it’s definitely husky proof! That one is £10 per hour for up to 6 dogs A bit further out but there’s also Dogs Go Dog Park (on the Wirral and also on Facebook but they also have a website), they have prebookable 1 hour slots for private use of their secure 6 acre dog field. They can take up to 30 dogs and it varies in price up to £40 for 30 dogs. Heard it’s great there Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    This is really cruel ☹️ Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    heres a little sneak peak of my baby. 12 days and counting till i pick her up [emoji3] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. She’s gorgeous. Love her different eye colours. I have recently gone through exactly what you are going through with my puppy Luna. We got her at nearly 6 weeks old and I have cried, felt like I was going mad and thought that getting her was a mistake. She was biting, leaving cuts all over my hands and face, she constantly needed attention and put a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. However she is now 15 weeks old and the majority of the biting has stopped, I get way more kisses and she’s just a fluffy cuddle monster lol. I love her to bits and couldn’t imagine life without her. She has so much personality. No way am I experienced in husky ownership but just some advice from what worked with me. Don’t shout or use any force with her. Use positive reinforcement. Whenever she bit I would give her a toy to bite and praise her. When she got to much, I put her in the kitchen in timeout. She cried for a while but now when I put her in she is silent and comes out after a few minutes calmed down. Since yours is a puppy then I wouldn’t recommend running with her. Too strenuous on their growing joints. The rule is, 5 minutes of exercise per month of their age. So walk her for 10 mins a day outside or 15 when she’s 3 months etc. I would recommend taking her outside (carrying her until she’s had her jabs and can go outside). Getting her used to noise, smells, other people. If you can then take her to puppy class. Also teach her to wait, leave, sit etc. Use treats. She will pick it up quickly. Luna at 12 weeks could sit, give both paws, wait, go in basket, lie down etc. It feels like a bad decision at the minute for you but stick with it and she will get much better and will make the best companion. Huskies are amazing dogs but for first time owners, they can be overwhelming. Any other questions then just ask. Oh and one more thing. You will want to feed her good quality food. A lot of food is bad for huskies. Stay away from anything that contains wheat, grain, beet pulp etc. They are fillers and no good for your fur baby. I feed mine on puppy Taste of the Wild. One of the best food you can get. Not the cheapest but well worth it in the long run. Post some more pics and hello from me and Luna Thanks Amanda p.s you won’t believe hope quickly she will grow lol. Pic of Luna now at 15 weeks and at 7 weeks haha
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    Her Royal Highness Miss B, chilling
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    Niska is now 1 year old and weighs 60lbs! She’s now extremely strong and muscular. She was skinny Husky looking but has filled out in the last month. Time to cut her food intake!
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    who shaves a husky? these always make me laugh.
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    Decided on exploratory surgery. Ten minutes in they found this. A damned peach pit. Said hes handling surgery well and they're making sure nothi ng else is in there. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    no. just something i found on another site. i can barely handle sarah.
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    well that was nice of you! [emoji5]
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    I can sometimes be slightly inappropriate [emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Actually not. Means the same thing here too. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Do they all get along or do they fight? I have no clue about them or if you can keep same sex ones or have to have boy/girl...and then I assume you'll end up with lots of baby rats?! Or do they spay/neuter rats as well!

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