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    A couple of pics I took yesterday with my iPhone. Had to coax Luna with a tree branch to get her to sit still lol. Really happy with these. She’s such a cutie 🐶💗
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    We're aiming for early Friday afternoon, but we have some nice comfort static this time
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    we should be there Thursday afternoon..
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    I was planning on Friday afternoon, but will look at escaping the office Thursday and coming a day early. Will be around then to help others / put up party tent etc.
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    Alpha says ... just to let you know I am a full blooded male ... ok minus the tackle but stil a male...lol. And yes that is where my head or tail goes all the time...
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    I like how she uses the armrest as a tail support... ... "I don't know what those things on the sides are for, maybe for my tail!"
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    Sounds like a typical husky , mine are 9 and 10 and majority of the time unless they want food or it's time for a walk you wouldn't even know we had dogs lol
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    Sounds like a true husky to me...mine after 8 years only come to me for a cuddle when they want to... and it is that the spaniel makes a racket when we come in they will join in but otherwise they just lay there...
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    Hi I’m sorry but that’s a typical husky you’ve got there! Huskies tend to come to you on their own accord, and they aren’t very cuddly dogs I’m afraid. They like to have their own space Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    It’s all new for him and he needs to readjust, it can take time. I’d take him out for 10-15 mins regularly throughout the day to get him used to his new surroundings, praise him when he’s walking nicely and not trying to escape. Don’t overload him with long walks and lots of people, gradually build up the time you walk him. Hope it works for you both. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I would get a house lead in her and every time she goes to grab him grab the lead remove her from the room for a few minutes let her calm down and let her back in , if she does it again she's straight back out so she learns that that behaviour gets her isolated for a period of time and is not accepted , a firm no/ leave /ahah noise when u go to remove her and lots of praise when she plays nicely Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app

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