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    @wolfpup isn't he adorable.... Yeah i also researched these kinda beds... help them to feel cool in hot weathers.... also give them support. are these ok in winters also....?? you are talking about these beds?? @Shepsky5 hey tnx for such a lovely comment ... yeah i now,.. but for now y Simba is just 4 months old... and he is very naughty... he sleeps in all the funny way possible. sometimes like a "dead dog" sometimes like sometimes all legs up in the air and sometimes just crawled up with her tail on his nose.
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    depends on the dog, I gave my last dog bed away as it sat in the kitchen and was tripped over for a couple years but never slept in by any dog some times used to find things stolen from the bin in it but never saw any dog use it. my husky sleeps on the floor mostly in the bathroom or kitchen as the lino is cool. My shep sleeps on my bed My Malinois will get on the bed for a while then curl up on the floor next to it in my life of dogs i have had one or two that would use a bed teh rest slept on the floors or furnature
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    Here's my dog on his "memory foam" bed...it's best with the head hanging off, apparently... and if his sheet is dirty, he won't lie on it! 😉
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    Google coyote rollers, they're obviously not really a uk thing but I'm sure you could make them here aswell
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    So sorry for your loss
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    My boys have one of these type beds each - the advantage is that the bed is made up of a type of webbing that allows free airflow so is cooler. I got them from Amazon for around £20 each. They are also incredibly easy to keep clean. However as you can also see in the last picture huskies can make a hardwood floor look like a feather bed.
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    I am so sorry to hear that. Run free Flash
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    Run Free flash, you'll have plenty of new freinds to show you the ropes
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    I am so sorry for your loss - run fast Flash - run free.

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