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    Welcome to the pack
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    TO. ask away...a general tip, do not let your fur baby of lead...
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    I think that unless your dog is frightened for some reason, her tail will be naturally up on its own! A dogshow is an exciting and interesting place. When my dog goes on walks, his tail is almost always up (his is more like fourth picture over) so I'm sure it would be up at a place with so many other dogs and people. I have not heard of a way to "train" a dog to hold its tail up? For breed standard, you probably have to post a picture of your husky standing in the right show pose from side...? Members who know more about this stuff, could see her body structure better than a picture lying down.
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    So I would fall under the; Around Huskies 24/7. LOL I have PTSD and severe anxiety. I have had a number of other dogs and different breeds. (I loved and spoiled all of them) However, I feel the demands my two have on me has pulled me out of a lot of my triggers, bring me out of my comfort zone, and (my male especially) comforts me when he senses when I am off.

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