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    This is them right now being good while a clean and rearrange stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
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    this is sarah. she was born sept. 11. i got her nov. 11.
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    Ours have not long had brekkie, so Ice is currently out in the lean-to where he eats his meals. He's been waiting patiently for me to open the kitchen door and let him back in again, lol. Bear has finished her brekkie and gone back up to bed. She's laying upside down underneath it and Paul's still sleeping and got a bit narky with me for messing around with the camera, he reckons I'm up to no good, fancy that! Brooke too has finished her breakfast and has gone up to Callum's bed (my teenager). He's playing oblivion on the x box and she's laying on his bed watching him.
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    I thought I would start a little thread on cleaning up after inside accidents as there seems to be a few people having some issues of late I have been very lucky with Ronin and his toilet training, but my advice comes from experience with my previous dog that had daily accidents towards the end of her 14+ years. One of the big problems with inside peeing, especially on carpet is that urine contains ammonia which as we all know stinks to high heaven. Many cleaning products contain ammonia so our dogs can smell even the smallest amount and think "hey great, it must be okay to pee in an area that already smells of pee, woo-hoo!" The other problem is that if we don't clean it up well enough, the dog will still have a target for repeated offences. A wet and dry vacuum is obviously a great tool but for those that don't have one, my suggestions are as follows; You will need Paper towels White Vinegar (cheap stuff used for cleaning) Baking Soda (Bicarb soda) Spray Bottle 1. Blot up as much of the urine as possible, use around 6-8 sheets of paper towel, place over pee area and stand on it, repeat until most of the wetness is removed. 2. Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle 50/50 and liberally spray the area. The vinegar neutralises the ammonia. 3. Blot again 4. Sprinkle around half to one handful of baking soda on the area and leave to dry (this will remove the smell of the vinegar) 5. Vacuum up baking soda when dry. The above is pretty basic, you can use a fan or hair dryer to speed up the drying, you can brush the bicarb in to the carpet before vacuuming, or you can add some dish washing detergent and water to another spray bottle and spray over the baking soda (this cleans a bit better but takes longer to dry and I seldom bothered with this step) Anyway, there are all sorts of magical cleaning formulas they sell in pet shops and supermarkets for urine costing big dollars, that don't work as good as the above in my opinion, so save the money and spend it on dog treats to reward your dog for going potty outside
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    This is me, changed my hair from bright red yesterday
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    Sleeping Drinking Being a princess
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    Pics of your Dogs right now. . . no posing just click and post !!! My 3 right now Click on Pics to make em bigger) Snoozin Darwin Awwww Echo giving googly eyes at my Son Dozy daughtry
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    I have to say, I'm constantly reading on Facebook about people who let their huskies offlead in woods etc. I used to let my own girl off when she was younger, brought up with 2 collies, excellent recall, then her prey drive kicked in, not now! For anyone contemplating it, against all breed advice, take a read Edited to add, this is NOT about my dog, I found the article & just sharing http://www.siberescue.com/Common/Leash/leashTRUST.html "Trust is a disease: There is a deadly disease stalking your dog, a hideous, stealthy thing just waiting its chance to steal your beloved friend. It is not a new disease, or one for which there are inoculations. The disease is called trust. You knew before you ever took your puppy home that it could not be trusted. The breeder, who provided you with this precious animal warned you, drummed it into your head. Puppies steal off counters, destroy anything expensive, chase cats, take forever to house train, and must never be allowed off lead! When the big day finally arrived, heeding the sage advice of the breeder you escorted your puppy to his new home, properly collared and tagged, the lead held tightly in your hand. At home the house was "puppy-proofed". Everything of value was stored in the spare bedroom, garbage stowed on top of the refrigerator, cats separated, and a gate placed across the door to the living room to keep at least part of the house puddle free. All windows and doors had been properly secured, and signs placed in all strategic points reminding all to "CLOSE THE DOOR!" Soon it becomes second nature to make sure the door closes .9 of a second after it was opened and that it really latched. "DON'T LET THE DOG OUT" is your second most verbalized expression. (The first is "NO!") You worry and fuss constantly, terrified that your darling will get out and a disaster will surely follow. Your fiends comment about whom you love most, your family or the dog. You know that to relax your vigil for a moment might lose him to you forever. And so the weeks and months pass, with your puppy becoming more civilized every day, and the seeds of trust are planted. It seems that each new day brings less destruction, less breakage. Almost before you know it your gangly, slurpy puppy has turned into an elegant, dignified friend. Now that he is a more reliable, sedate companion, you take him more places. No longer does he chew the steering wheel when left in the car. And darned if that cake wasn't still on the counter this morning. And, oh yes, wasn't that the cat he was sleeping with so cozily on your pillow last night? At this point you are beginning to become infected, the disease is spreading its roots deep into your mind. And then one of your friends suggests obedience. You shake your head and remind her that your dog might run away if allowed off lead, but you are reassured when she promises the events are held in a fenced area. And, wonder of wonders, he did not run away, but come every time you called him! All winter long you go to weekly obedience classes. And, after a time you even let him run loose from the car to the house when you get home. Why not, he always runs straight to the door, dancing a frenzy of joy and waits to be let in. And remember he comes every time he is called. You know he is the exception that proves the rule. (And sometimes late at night, you even let him slip out the front door' to go potty and then right back in.) At this point the disease has taken hold, waiting only for the right time and place to rear its ugly head. Years pass - it is hard to remember why you ever worried so much when he was a puppy. He would never think of running out the door left open while you bring in the packages from the car. It would be beneath his dignity to jump out the window of the car while you run into the convenience store. And when you take him for those wonderful long walks at dawn, it only takes one whistle to send him racing back to you in a burst of speed when the walk comes too close to the highway. (He still gets into the garbage, but nobody is perfect!) This is the time the disease has waited for so patiently. Sometimes it only has to wait a year or two, but often it takes much longer. He spies the neighbour dog across the street, and suddenly forgets everything he ever knew about not slipping outdoors, jumping out windows or coming when called due to traffic. Perhaps it was only a paper fluttering in the breeze, or even just the sheer joy of running. Stopped in an instant. Stilled forever - Your heart is as broken as his still beautiful body. The disease is trust. The final outcome; hit by a car. Every morning my dog Shah bounced around off lead exploring. Every morning for seven years he came back when he was called. He was perfectly obedient, perfectly trustworthy. He died fourteen hours after being hit by a car. Please do not risk your friend and heart. Save the trust for things that do not matter
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    Ice has finally decided it's time to get up and is sunning himself in the garden. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Hi and welcome to Husky-Owners! This forum was started by myself and my husband Marc in October 2008. I'd just got my first husky, Kimba and wanted to build a forum for like minded husky owners so that we could share our pictures, memories, tears and happiness and everything in between, that comes from being owned by this magnificent breed. I now have 3 gorgeous boys As this place grew, we started arranging meets in local areas which then turned into taking holidays together. We now have "Husky Camp" once a year in the UK and in Iowa in the US where we go on walks, play games, have awards, and at night when the dogs are tired we sit around a camp fire having a drink and talk until the early hours of the morning. You have come to a forum that will not tolerate bullying or abuse in any manner. We want you to ask a question openly and freely and be confident that you will not suffer negativity - at the end of the day, at some point, we were all first time husky owners and we are all constantly learning. Please take a moment to read through the forum rules - click HERE Staff are on hand throughout the day and a list of our moderators is below: Sarah - Admin UK based Marc - Admin UK based Dunc - Admin UK Based Andy - Super Moderator UK based BingBlaze n Skyla aka Nix - Super Moderator UK based Mazz aka Dave - Super Moderator USA based Robke - Super Moderator NL based Emma - Moderator UK based Jason Schrader - Moderator USA based We all have the same values and have the same love for the forum so if you have any issues the above people will help you - all you need do is ask. Finally - now you've joined us, why not take a moment to start a new topic in the Introduction section - throw up a picture or 2 and say hi
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    what good is a selfie if your husky isnt in it?
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    Alpha is trying to get some sleep after morning walk and breakie... Bindi is wondering: what are you doing old man leave me alone need rest after my walk....
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    Me and my brother Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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    Lovely walk round sherwood forset on new year s day tired the boggers out Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
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    I know it’s a bit early but I saw this on fb earlier on and thought I’d share it With you. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    So I gave Dex his food and... You know what, I'm not even going to question it [emoji52]
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    Thanks Laura - shucks Here is a pic of my daughter with an Australia Day wig and drink bottle - aged 6
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    New haircut and new glasses! wooo! Before: After:
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    This is my 2 and my mum's 2 dogs right now waiting patiently for my pizza!
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    Yea but when they have their tongue hanging sideways, I think they look more like drunken rather than adorable
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    Currently in a restaurant after a long walk with Wodak
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    Couch wrestle time! Shh don't tell daddy! -Jai
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    If I walk Bandit he'll go and go and go and not tire out, taken him for a 3 mile run and we're both pooped [emoji90] Managed each mile in under 9 mins each so over the moon. Marathon in October here we come! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Dex is enjoying the snow in his own special way, lol.
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    (not entirely new to the site but I've been gone for about a year and a half after losing Dexter at 11 months due to a congenital liver shunt that couldn't be repaired) After Dexter having to be put down from his liver shunt a year and half ago now I decided to try again. Almost two months ago now I drove 560 miles total, down to MD, to pick up my little Jed. So far he's a healthy, energetic little Husky pup who loves to play and likes to eat everything (we have had one trip to the Vet for this already). He has a very sensitive stomach though which has lead him to a bland diet for the time being and some medicine to help harden up his loose stools. Other than that... he's presenting nice and healthy! I'm absolutely terrified of anything happening to him because of Dexter. He's a huge mama's boy and I'm so happy I finally went and got another Husky pup!
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    I totally thought this thread was about sledding.... Here is me--- my two boys--- Chris 8, on the left and Brody 11, on the right --- and the three girls who are 5. Rianne, Kaitlin, and Victoria in the hoodies and then Kaitlin, Rianne, and Victoria in the dance photo from left to right. ......... Those photos look much better when tiny on my phone.
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    Taken by a fellow husky owner just after a hike.
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    Won't come inside!! Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
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    Me saying goodbye to my foster dog yesterday 1/2/14. Drove 700mile round trip to make sure he was settled in
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    As one goes out, another comes in. Went down to Devon to collect 3 year old Ice - well worth the trip as she's such a lovely girl. A bit timid with people, fine with dogs (including our 6) and great with little kids (lived with 3) but a bit of an escape artist When the only camera you have to hand is your phone: Loves watching the world go by out the window Previous vet stated she didn't like jabs and needed muzzling. Most definitely not! Soft as butter And looks like we may have a potential home lined up for her already
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    My gal has got her friend over for a week and over Christmas. They make a cute friendship and both are reliving puppy years I think [emoji848] ... after a long walk and playing chase all over the house , pulling all the toys out they have finally fell asleep. Worse then toddlers Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Sent from my E6653 using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Bindi and Iwan sharing a bed...this has never ever happend before with Bindi..she is the boss and does not share her bed ever... until tonight...
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    It's taken 3 years to build this bond but Lilly and Sydney sure do have a lot of love for each other. I often think that Sydney thinks she's a dog, she shares their water bowl, I have often caught her getting dog treats and giving them to Lambo and Lilly from the tin..... if only she would make them sit first 🙄. But just thought I'd share that cat and husky relationships are possible 😍
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    Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app Okami is now 5 months and he loves the beach!
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    Somebody need to teach me how to take a ****ing selfie I always look like I just woke up from a hundred-year slumber P.S: I'm refusing to believe that my hair has grown too long. I hate getting hair cuts
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    On the settee and the muppets decided to play in my lap - whilst The Muppets were on TV
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    Me and Marc .... or marc and me.... not sure which way around
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    my attempt of a pic with the dogs BRIBERY WITH A SHEEP HOOVE!
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    Di and me at my brothers wedding
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    This photo is to cool not to share. This was taken at the Chinnggis Khaan Memorial just outside UlaanBaatar, Mongolia. This was taken in front of the enterance to the Jogyesa Temple grounds in Seoul Korea.
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    Me and marc Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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    Total bum. Sleeping on my leg with my other knee as a pillow.
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    Some pics of my other half and me. Looking forward to meeting some of you at camp!!
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    The most recent photo I have of myself.

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