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    For those of you who are not familiar with Marley - he is a soon-to-be 4 year old rescued Siberian Husky (4th owner) so his background is unknown. He started epilepsy at 10 months of age and they came quite regularly, approximately every 27 days for over a year. Luckily my vet was reluctant to start him on meds at that time because he was so young. Then in early 2018 he had 5 fits between Jan 7th and March 9th 4 in 12 days and 3 in two days - my vet wanted to put him on vet meds (epiphen) but I said no, I wanted to try cbd oil first. To say he was unhappy with my decision is putting it extremely mildly - I thought he was going to ban me from the practice. I have several year-long herbal medicine courses under my belt, and with the help of a qualified herbal vet in the USA (I am obviously in the UK) we started him on skullcap and passion flower to try and lessen the frequency and severity of the seizures. I had also started serious research into cbd oil before deciding which one to start him on. The first one took him to 106 days (24/6/18), then I tried a slightly stronger one which took him to 108 days (8/10/18) this fit was extremely mild – only lasting 15 seconds and was basically head shaking only, I then put him on an even stronger one at a dose of 4 drops a day, dropping to 3 drops on the 27/10/18 and down to 2 drops on 14/11/18 as a maintenance dose, wanting to give him the least possible amount without triggering another seizure. He is still on that dose. What makes this all the more amazing is that during the last year he has been extremely ill, having contracted: 1. Salmonella poisoning which took 4 months of antibiotics before he was clear. 2. He developed 9 different food allergies - High Positive to soya and potatoes, positive to wheat, oats, rice, corn, carrots, peas and sugar beet. This was only discovered when he vomited blood and went into anaphylactic shock. 3. Tests and a camera down his throat showed he had up to 100 bleeding ulcers in his stomach. The antibiotics had caused him to develop a leaky gut so I started researching and learned of ways to go about healing the gut naturally - the vet did help with giving me healthy dog gut bacteria in tablet form - but I had to buy the prebiotic from the USA as I could not get the one I wanted in the UK at the time (can now). He had another food allergy test done about 4 weeks ago - and is now only positive for corn, soya and rice, and borderline for wheat (no high positives any more), and negative for all the others. I can live with that - more importantly so can Marley. He now has only grass fed beef and lamb, venison, rabbit and wild caught fish only (farmed fish are raised on copious amounts of soya - something they would never encounter in the wild) - no poultry of any kind, or pork (both are routinely fed the stuff he is allergic to) Then about 6 weeks ago an operation on a re-occurring sebaceous cyst on his spine went wrong (he was allergic to the deep stitches) needing 4 anaesthetics in 12 days - leaving him with a very large, deep, open wound on his back - which is now almost healed thanks solely to medical grade Manuka honey (his only treatment for this). Through all of this he has been seizure free - yet when I happily told my vet that he had reached day 340 a few weeks ago - thanks to the cbd oil – he completely blanked me - would not even acknowledge that the cbd is what has gotten him to this stage - despite him being on no meds. I am no young forward thinking twenty-something ......... I am already in my 7th decade - so if I can accept that plants can have amazing health benefits – why does a highly trained, very intelligent, vet completely block all the information out - its beyond me. All I can say is don’t take everything your vet says as gospel, don’t follow his recommendations blindly - do your OWN research. I am not naive enough to think Marley is cured - or that I can keep him seizure free forever - but it won’t stop me trying or continuing to research. Happy first seizure free year Marley. You are an incredible fighter, with the heart & spirit of a lion - and the gentleness & grace of an angel, you are my soul mate and I love you more than you will ever know.
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    Please don't feel left out all members and any non member you know that would like to come to next Mays Husky camp is very welcome to come join us weather it be for 1 day weekend or the whole week Dates and details on the post below but please if you want any more details just ask any admin or mod
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    Thank you! You are right: Jasper is an absolute ham. He's SUPER talkative and opinionated. We live in the city, and out on walks people stop us all the time to admire him, and he always starts "aRooo-ing" while we are talking, because he wants to be in the conversation too. Heidi is fairly laid-back and calm (husky-calm, not regular dog calm). We have no idea what her history is. She's missing an upper canine tooth, but it doesn't bother her. We are pretty sure she was just left outside by whoever owned her previously. She was pretty under-socialized when we adopted her. At first the only "toy" she was interested in were rawhides and sticks. But eventually our other dog Ginger showed her about squeaky toys and balls, and now she LOVES them. She has been a great "mama" to Jasper too!
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    Hi! I had a massive issue with this for most of my pup’s younger months. He’s nearly a year old and has stopped the biting unless he gets super annoyed (which is rare). We tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. The only thing that stopped him is...biting his ear. This sounds crazy (we got the idea from Snow Dogs) but it really works and shows them who’s boss. You need to bite a little harder than a nip but not too hard. I would suggest that your wife and daughter do this too so they assert themselves as dominant over him too. I know this sounds mad but this is genuinely the only thing that worked for us. Any commands or luring away/distracting simply didn’t work and his bites were getting really bad. So the ear bites really helped us! Good luck, he will get there. P.S. he is stunning!
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    first thing get dog to vets next check leaves in case its toxic and check around leaves for rat bait wrapper or something else but most important get the dog to the vets
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    This gives me some relief. My insides are all in shambles seeing him like this. But it gives me hope espscially if he can perk up within a few days. He was playing running jumping perfectly and then by night time he was barely moving. Yes, they love the rice boiled with the chicken and chicken legs. I will definitely treat him with it tonight. A pic of him some time before his diagnosis.
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    I went to the farm a few days ago - and am going back with my dog trainer and both dogs on Thursday at 10am for an off lead run and then recall training. The outside field I saw with the highest fences is about the size of 2 - 3 tennis courts - surrounding the field are 6ft x 11ft temporary builders panels (I have the same in my garden) - however theirs are dug into the earth - so the height is more like 5ft 6" - 5ft 8" - whereas mine are on blocks which take them to around 6ft 6". However most of the fences have trees and thicket behind them - only a couple of small areas are bare (just fences). The indoor area is actually a very large polytunnel I estimated around 80ft x 30ft give or take a bit (did not pace it out). Both ends can be completely shut - either with about a 5 foot gate - or the tops can be bought in to completely enclose the area (have asked for it to be completely enclosed for Thursday) Most of the ground is hard dirt - however she is in the process of getting it astroturfed in small sections over time. There are also two old chairs in this section (for which I am thankful). The facebook page is Lytham dog field - the large picture at the top is one of the other fields - not recommended for huskies as the fencing is not high enough - certainly not for my houndinies. It is close to Wrea Green in south Lytham. Very nice lady who runs it - she spent time with me showing me round - I only learned later that the reason she was saying goodbye to so many relatives was that it was her father's funeral the day before. So for anyone living fairly close or for those visiting the area this is a good place for off lead exercise - I will be booking a couple of sessions a month to give the boys a place to run off some steam.
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    I am going to check out a new secure dog field around half an hour from me called Lytham dog fields (what it is called on Facebook) - its a farm - has several fields - but also has one with 6ft fencing and also an indoor area for when the weather is bad. Both are secure for houdini huskies according to the owner. The indoor area looks like a horse training arena. Charge for sole use is £6 for half an hour or £10 per hour. If OK will be going with our dog trainer to work on recall with both dogs - after they have had half an hour to run themselves silly. Will let you know what it is like in case anyone is around this area.
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    I can't believe she's already nine years old. She still acts like a puppy for the most part, though she's slowed down a little and isn't as destructive as she was from 12 weeks to around 5 years. Yes, that's her play growl. People unfamiliar with her think she's being aggressive but she obeys me well (last 30 seconds or so.) It's just play. SarahPlaytime20191012_Clip.mp4
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    I am starting them on 1/4 of a Sardine (the head) right now. They are boneless and skinless. The goal is 2 Sardines a day. Then slowly adding muscle type fishes with no bones like calamari and muscles stuff like that. Boiled and giving the broth only at first. Because of his extremely low stomach acid I am not able to give him bones yet. (Which like you have said, is where a lot of the nutrients is 😁) I am also not able to give him fats. Organ meat is also an issue. Starting with a very small slice. We are using the Apple Cider to act like stomach acid. Once he has his own stomach acid then we can add fun good stuff.
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    Have any of you looked at your dogs 💩 and scratched your head and went 🤷🏻‍♀️? Has your dog ever vomited randomly in the middle of the night or early morning? Was your response O dogs will be dogs, dogs have random diarrhea and vomit sometimes? Does your pup scratch a lot? Sometimes there is no scratching and then all of a sudden it is a chewing/scratching fit? If your answers were yes to these then hopefully this will help. Here is some information that your vet either does not know or does not want to tell you. *Not all vets are bad. I love my vet and are personal friends with a few. So don’t take this wrong.* Leaky gut starts when they are baby babies. (Pure breeds have a higher chance of developing this, but all breeds can get it) It also can develop in older dogs. Rare but is being seen. When mom stops feeding her babies, humans assume it’s time to put them on kibble. It is like giving a 6 month old human baby a steak! Their stomachs are not able to break it down. It does not allow the flap to fully close. This causes them 1st to not get the nutrition they need 2nd the food is put into the bloodstream and the body thinks it is under attack 3rd because the immune system is thinking it is under attack it causes the pups to get sick and catch any cold or sickness it is exposed to 4th this is where food allergies and intolerances are developed 5th the stomach does not have enough stomach acid to digest food or has to much 6th because their tummies always hurt and they feel hungry and they constantly eat everything (even foreign objects) to get anything in their stomachs to make it stop! Allergies/intolerance- itching, chewing, red skin, hives, rash, watery eyes and nose. Stool puppy soft but still has shape to brown swampy water, burping and flatulence. That was the basic look at what is going on inside them. Now what we do as humans at this stage. Most dog owners (not their fault they don’t know this!) Have a dogs will be dogs attitude. They ignore the early symptoms. Ignoring symptoms causes- IBS, stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, pancreatitis, gallbladder issues, and heartburn. OR Pick up on something is not right. Run all kinds of test. Vet tells you they cannot put their finger on it but here is a bunch of meds (there are no long term meds that will fix this- more on what these meds will do to your babies) and prescription dog food. (Which is crap food and will make your dog with IBS worse!) My pet insurance contacted me on Monday advising me I am hitting my $10,000 mark for this year. We are only 8 months into this cycle. 🥴😵. I will be posting the steps I have been taking. Hopefully this will help someone not to spend 💰💰💰 and keep your babies from going through stressful test that are not needed!!! So first things first.... If mom is truly refusing to feed the babies they need to be put on a formula or blended low ingredient can food until 3 months of age. (Stay with siblings until at least 3 months) No kibble and even can if not blended completely will still cause this. I got my two at 7 weeks. 1st diarrhea. Random then constantly. They were sick with kennel cough, pneumonia, and everything else you can think of. 2nd eating foreign objects Uggg 3rd random vomit between late at night through early morning. 3rd itching non stop. Sometimes eating holes in his self. There was no rhyme or reason. No pattern. Would go a few weeks with no symptoms. Then all hell would break loose. So the first thing you think you should address is food allergies/intolerance. Yes it helps calm symptoms but until the actual cause is addressed it will never end or improve. It is about $600 per test here. And vets will tell you it is not 100% and Allergies can change every 6 months or so. Sooo I did/do my own food trials. Then there is meds and prescription food. Meds ( antibiotics) destroys their stomach. *my vet has advised me to never put my pups on antibiotics again (unless it is life or death) or have them vaccinated again or have them put under or sedated (unless life or death) EVERYTHING is to be treated Holistic* All I can say about prescription dog food is read the ingredients.... but for IBS they cannot have anything heavily processed. It does the opposite of what they need. Prescription dog food is chemicals and synthetic. **The only test needed is a full panel bloodwork up done** For example: my boy does not make Vitamin B at all. His stomach liner gets so thick you can feel it when you touch his stomach. No charge for tummy rubs. (You could get an MRI of their stomach if you are in very early stage or not in a flare up) he also does not produce stomach acid, has no good bacteria, and does not break fat down. 🤦🏽‍♀️ With his bloodwork, food allergy/intolerance test I have done, and weight. The vet, nutritionist, and myself have came up with a full recovery plan. *there is no cure for this but the quality of life can improve and stop further complications* Step one: anti inflammatory. Lots of fish. HOWEVER, the tummy has to be healed first before giving bones! *check with vet for your dosage! My girl does not show symptoms but is also going on this* My previous meals that I have posted (I was advised are good for when the gut is healed) This is the meal for healing their gut. In a crockpot Wild Boar-or any lean meat Kale-switch with spinach to give variety Butternut squash-switch with pumpkin celery Turkey or chicken or beef liver 1/4 oz a day Before serving add Apple Cider vinegar 1 tablespoon per meal Ground Ginger 1 teaspoon per meal Sardine in olive oil 1/4 per meal Beef heart raw just a sliver Apple 1/4 no skin- switch with banana Nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon per meal. Respiratory Tea: sleepry elm and Marshmallow root. Boil tea, should make 24 or 36 oz. 1/2 cup over everything (make sure it has cooled)- I couldn’t find the tea so I use capsules. Check with your vet for dosage. As the gut heals: will add fish-goal is an all fish diet. up sardines -goal is two a day. IBS is misdiagnosed a lot. Unfortunately we have an extremely high diagnosis here but are too late. By the time it is figured out they are in a life and death fight. This is something that can be managed and easily. Thank You @wolfpup for putting me on the right track at the beginning. ❣️ I hope this helps someone and saves money.
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    Just when you think you're pups are playing outside whilst you're getting ready for work think again our older husky kiera must have opened the door for them.so let's see how many training pads we can destroy in 20 mins also decided to see what's under the grass. Lol
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    Below is a link to an article that you may find useful - but at the bottom of the article is access to a leaky gut workbook - I used this to help heal Marley's leaky gut https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/leaky-gut-syndrome-dogs/
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    Amazing journey! Kudos to you! seriously, I think that with a different owner, Marley would probably not have made it...
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    That is sooo awesome❣️❣️❣️ You are so correct. I am fortunate to have a vet that can acknowledge when she is unsure of something and works with me a and my crazy experiments with my boy. I have started my boy on CBD in hopes it helps leaky gut/IBS issues. We started with a very small dose and will be upping it soon. So far he has not vomited since, still has diarrhea flare ups. But even those have lessen. I am so happy that Marley is doing good. ❤️
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    @2Huskyfun"This last one is him protesting me putting him in place using his dog bed. He is still on it. " That photo is so hilarious! It is the Husky attitude totally! 😄
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    On the prongs... Pulling hard and consistently with even a flat collar can cause trachea damage... So, sometimes I think, maybe better to wear a Prong, and save their trachea! (And I am the kind of soft owner who avoids any pain if possible). But for the sake of my dog's neck (or my own spine/shoulder), I would be willing to use it... It takes training to use properly...it has to be high up on the neck (not at the base), fitted properly, everybody recommends Herm Sprenger, etc. Also, the timing... the thing not to do is just pop a prong on and take off for a walk. There can be strange results (for instance, if they feel pain in their neck every time they pass another dog, they can associate other dogs with pain and start snarling/lunging at them). I only know this "in theory" not in practice, but it's just what I've heard from our obedience teacher. A LOT of people in the class were having trouble with pulling, including me, and treats didn't really work for me at all. Only the "we ain't going nowhere until you settle down" worked for me...but like I said, he's older and seems to have a bit of logic in his head. 😉 PS And it's pretty amazing - mine knows the exact end of the leash and will slack off just before he hits it. When he's in a hurry, he'll walk with light tension on the leash but not too much - he knows the exact point of pressure where I'll complain at him.
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    lets see any addvice...... Concrete your garden the husky side makes them like digging and they could pop up into next doors or futher aways garden there is a youtube video of a husky hole that has room enough for two huskys to go into turn around and pass each other. Huskys can climb fences. Be ready to find fur balls every where, I find clumps of fur in my oven. They have a strong prey drive so a lunge and jump at a blown leaf can be common Or getting dragged to one side after a squrrel that just ran up a tree will also happen a lot you could invest in Bungy lead and Walking Belt as a memmber of this site you can get a discount from Indi Dog and you will have to hope your neighbours are ok with husky singing at all hours
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    I found a non pull harness worked with my boy however he was an adult, I dont think non pull tools should be used on pups whilst they're still growing and developing as their bones are still soft , find an absolute favourite treat something stinky and use that for non pull training also training a watch me command to get his focus will help immensely
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    Andy has it pretty much down pat - one thing I've thought of is that they like to argue with you - one of mine talks back to me all the time when I am trying to get him to do something he does not want to. It really is like having an argument with a small child! (or my hubby). Also when he wants a lamb's rib treat - he will not give up until he gets one - first he tries the cuddle & kisses route, then if that does not work he tries the head on my knee with his big brown sad eyes looking at me, (his cutest pose) then its a paw on my knee, if that one does not work he will try the other paw, then he will try walking up me to give me a full body cuddle and nuzzles my neck to make me laugh .............................. and if all else fails he will bark, - and bark, - and bark - with a howl or two thrown in. As soon as I say OK he is off showing me the way to the fridge - my other boy (new to the household) has been VERY quick to pick up on this trick and tries to join in.
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    Unless you are 100% sure of how good their recall is don't let them off lead. If people break into your house while you're away they will show them where all the good stuff is and jump in the back of the van. Be prepared for fur. . . . so much fur. . . . everywhere, . . . . all the time. If you don't get your shoulder dislocated the first time they see a squirrel, you're not a proper Husky owner. Staring contests,. . . . they love staring contests. You throw the ball for them, they amble over to it, pee on it then look at you to say "You threw it, YOU fetch it" Unless your garden is built like fort Knox they WILL escape Never leave a door open that leads to the outside world, Baby / pet gates blocking EVERY entrance.
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    That's an impressive combo of breeds! 😀 Hmm with the 50% shepherd, you've got a chance of him being a good offleash guy... but with the Greyhound/Husky/Deerhound...he may be more similar to a Husky with his recall! PS You really are a Photoshoppy wizard...the pic of Storm added to your signature is great!
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    I'd take it with a pinch of salt , I've heard mixed reviews on wisdom panel , interesting to see though
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    Yep me too, probably not another one like him. Unless he has some brothers and sisters. However knowing nothing of his history. . . . . it's a mystery.
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    Wow did really think there was some Dutch shepherd in him....
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    I think Mutts are the best. That is funny though...
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    Dropped a watermelon the other day. Aurora enjoyed it immensely. We didn't get any lol Sent from my SM-N970U using Husky Owners mobile app
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    for drying look into a dog blower is better to use for a dog as the temp does not go up that Hugh as an hairdryer which is better for the dog also they blow harder so faster as wel...
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    Hello! We are new to the forum. I am Kayla and our pup is Aurora. She is adorable and so much energy but i love her a lot. She's also my service dog candidate, as the first week we brought her home she naturally tasked for my disability. She just kind of fell into our lap. She was going to be my partner's at home sd, as she has mobility issues and cant bend down to pick things up off the ground. Wasnt going to train for public access, just help around the house. However, with her tasking for my disability naturally, it opens up so many possibilities with me living a more normal life, so she's my service dog candidate now. Yesterday we took her kayaking. She had a blast! Her favorite things are crunchy leaves to destroy and bugs. Sent from my SM-N970U using Husky Owners mobile app
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    This is super helpful. He has a vet appointment next week, where I'm planning to ask the vet if neutering will help him. I will also look into getting him evaluated.
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    Welcome to the forum. What rescue would let a pup go at 5 weeks? One of my rescued dogs was taken from mum too early (know your situation is different) and he missed out on very important 'life lessons' from his mum and siblings ........... which gave me some problems later on - like bite inhibition - he had never learned to temper his nips and bit everything and everyone. If/when she bites you, yelp loudly like a sibling would and move away from her. This is only one way of letting them know that behaviour is not acceptable - others here will be able to suggest other ways - but this worked for Marley. Hopefully at least one of your cats will stand his/her ground and will turn around and clip her behind her ears, Huskies LOVE to chase things - at her age it is all a game, but these games teach them things they need in adult life - like chasing their prey to kill and eat! Hopfully your terrier will also put her in her place now and again. IF/When she plays up later on, try to remember she is not a bad dog - she missed out on the most informative weeks of a pup's life. She is gorgeous
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    I'd get her checked first to be safe Stop changing foods what did the breeder have her on when u got her ? Stick with that, any change should e gradual
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    First off, thank you @2Huskyfun for the detailed answer, I really appreciate it. I sorta work on impulse control through place commands but like you said I definitely could increase the training. I think i'll use these tools until my husky is trained out of lunging and other bad leash manner, then switch back to a regular martingale collar. I just don't understand how some countries are banning these tools like prong collars and even crates......freaking crates! These are looked at as torturing the dog when in reality they're a far better option than say leaving a puppy exposed to dangerous things around the house, or rooms, and having a dog choke itself on a flat collar. I just don't get how these are frowned upon by people but they're ok with having thousands of dogs euthanized because of overpopulation in shelters, because they don't want to utilize these tools.
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    Aw he looks happy! Thanks for helping him to start a new life!
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    It is so awesome that you are able help❣️ Those poor babies
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    Well done for taking one of these poor dogs on, what they went through was horrific. He looks very happy to be with you - wish I had room for another.
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    My Utonagan had the runs for the first three years of his life - then I managed to change him to raw food and he did fantastically for the next 11 years. One of my huskies has food allergies to : High positive for Soya and Potatoes Positive for wheat, corn, rice, oats, carrots, peas and sugar beet. He is so bad with soya that he cannot eat any meat that has been fed soya in its lifetime, so no poultry of any kind and no pork, and no farmed fish. I agree that too many changes of food is not good. However have you tried him on things like eggs, sardines in spring water - or preferably the fresh whole sardine - or herring. Both of these contain every vitamin & mineral there is - and as they are prey fish they contain far fewer toxins than fish higher up in the food chain like salmon & cod etc. At his worst Marley was on white fish only for two weeks (raw) then allowed one new food every week. I agree with 2Huskyfun - pre and probiotics - preferably healthy dog-gut bacteria (from healthy dog poo).
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    Caravans booked for Husky camp 2020
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    Hi there, have you got any further with your pup? I hope he’s ok. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thats too funny! 😂 Simka & Natalie
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    You’ll prob need to take water for them aswell, I did with mine, Cai can go good distances but Luka blue is better isn’t built for the long haul. If they’re wheezing then the harness is too restrictive but if they’re breathing fine then the harness is ok, good luck! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners Just re read that, should have said Luka blue isn’t built for the long haul, predictive text [emoji33] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    I love their nicknames 💕 so precious 🤗.
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    Yeah wording doesnt help anything really [emoji3][emoji179] Nervous is almost an understatement lol [emoji23] I had friends parents [emoji4][emoji4] And now friends that I help [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] I try to stay confident most of the time sometimes it wavers hahaha [emoji4] [emoji191] I LOVE helping people [emoji178][emoji177][emoji252][emoji252][emoji179][emoji179] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app Yeah worrying not working lol I'm sorry [emoji23][emoji16] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app

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