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    Hi everyone, we are Jon and Martine from just outside Fort William. We have Tehya an 8yr old husky x GSD and today we have just got a companion for her, Tala a Siberian husky, we pick her up on Tuesday after her microchip and vaccinations, she is 9 weeks old and we are looking forward to the sleepless nights of house training. We are both long time dog owners but are both new to the joys and woes of Siberian ownership so may be calling on your collective knowledge from time to time lol
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    sarah playing in the snow. we got more snow than normal this year and she loved it. i didnt like the 5 days without power it caused. 009.MP4 009.MP4 view from my front porch on feb. 4th.
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    Hi guys I am Chad Owner of 8 huskies Here is a video of one of my huskies Malia Swimming.. I put in sounds of Jaws have fun watching LINK TO VIDEO - YOUTUBE I will make other videos of my other huskies
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    A couple of pics I took yesterday with my iPhone. Had to coax Luna with a tree branch to get her to sit still lol. Really happy with these. She’s such a cutie 🐶💗
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    Hey all! Simka here barking that me and mommy hope everyone has been well and surviving this cold, wintery weather! We have sure been busy in Maine. Mommy helped a friend get back on her feet after an abusive relationship the beginning of this year. Helped her find an apartment and let her stay with us for the meanwhile. Mommy has the biggest heart! Well, Grizz & Crew have been doing well too. No trips to the vet dude. We actually have not been over to visit them in a while, but I have been keeping up on their “shoe-nanigans”! And by the sounds of it, they have not eaten any sneakers for a long time and are craving some badly. It’s actually been a while for me too, so I am totally going bonkers over what happened today: Mommy went sneaker shopping with the girls and brought home these pair of delicious new reeboks!: Mmmmmmm, they look and smell sooooo yummy and I just can’t wait to chew on them! Mommy says they are her new summer sneakers so I have to wait! Well, I kept trying to sniff and lick them and finally mommy said if I didn’t stop, she would wear them over to Carol’s and let Grizz & Crew have their way with them. Yikes! I’m trying to behave but it sure is a looooong wait until summer Maybe you humans and huskies can convince mommy to let me have a little nibble now?????? (I would REALLY love to sink my toofers into those soft white leather toes and slobber them all up!) Thanks All and goodnight! Simka
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    Greetings guys so I will be sharing with you constantly videos of my adventures with our huskies here is one for starters its our Husky Malia while sleeping ==================== LINK TO HER VIDEO ON YOUTUBE============================== <----- CLICK
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    did you say he is 6 weeks old and you have him already, pups should not leave mum until at least 8 weeks old when she starts to wean them. Diff colour eyes are fine lots of dog breeds have it with no problems and huskys are known for it. TBH people with huskys with 2 brown eyes will meet people Experts in thier own minds, who insist that they are NOT huskys as they should have blue eyes lol
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    Thank you I work term time so will do my best to come where possible. Little Zeus needs some friends Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    You need to pick a food and stick to it, changing his food up all the time will make him fussy. Have you tried to raw feed? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Huskies love their prey hunting.. mine love moles, rabbits mice and small birds...one they are on the scent it is difficult to get them of it that is why when you pull it back from the scent it will growl... huskies also play rough rougher then most other dogs lots of noice and neck fur biting... the "breath fast" panting is really the only way dogs sweat and cool down and is very normal...
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    🧡*ARMANI*🧡 TURNS 3 TODAY!!🔆 I am so grateful for my precious ARMANI!! It's hard to believe he is 3 already!! Time flies & seems like just yesterday when he was only 8 weeks old. Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby!!🧡🐺🐾☀️🧡
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    Its taken 4 1/2 months, four rounds of different antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, healthy dog gut bacteria, testing, re-testing, £2,960 (and counting) but yesterday his last test came back free of salmonella! Have another appointment on Monday with his usual vet - now we can tackle the ulcers properly (not bleeding any more) - get stuff to get rid of the H pylori completely (the bacteria that causes ulcers), - next its the leaky gut to heal totally - have already been doing this throughout his treatment using colostrum, grass fed beef bone broth and goats milk kefir - and Marley's other (homeopathic) vet will be able to give me some stuff I am sure. Once the leaky gut has been healed completely a lot of his allergies should go away. I am currently undergoing a course on healing a leaky gut (USA based). I may even be able to expand his diet a bit - although chicken and pork must stay off his menu for life because of the soya. Can now see a light at the end of the very dark tunnel we have been in for so long. The other bit of good news is that whilst he has been so ill - he has not had another epileptic fit - from 5 fits in the first 9 weeks of 2018 - then I put him on cbd oil in March of 2018 - and in the last YEAR (less 7 days) he has only had 3 fits - his last one was 144 days ago. His homeopathic vet says she can stop them completely - and is 100% positive of this, but wants to get all his other problems sorted first (yes I am now using allopathic and homeopathic remedies at the same time) - neither medication interferes with the other but work in different ways. We literally felt as if we had won the lottery yesterday when we got the news.
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    Vetricin is excellent for cuts, abrasions, etc. It's an antibiotic spray and can typically be found at Tractor Supply stores (says the lady with a pet pig, lol!)
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    Had notification that Caravan needs paying by 1st March. Just a heads up for anyone who hasnt already seen it
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    Yep husky Look she looks like one my husky which I already had tested
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    This is Tehya enjoying a dip in the Loch by our house And this little one is Tala
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    I am the proud owner of a 2yo female Siberian and in the process of adding a new Male Siberian pup in a couple of weeks. Thank you for the add!
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    Hi .. I am Anila, from Doha.. I got a Husky puppy 2 months back. Her name is Ice.. she is now 3 months old. I am a new pet owner and totally clueless. Looking forward for some information and advice from this forum😊
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    I designed that t-shirt for my little daughter. What do you guys think of it? More info here: Design link -Jack
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    You really don't need to shave , a good brush is all you need this was done over a few weeks with a undercoat rake Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I like how she uses the armrest as a tail support... ... "I don't know what those things on the sides are for, maybe for my tail!"
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    2 different colored eyes in huskies is common and nothing to worry about ...
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    My hobby is herbal medicine
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    If you have read my posts I am a goldpanner and prospector. Of the 4000 minerals on earth Ive found one of them it was identified as La Ce Po4 So3 a lanthanide rare earth actually found in North Wales its comprised of small ovoid purple metallic lenses. Identified by Dr Hillary Pritchard a world expert on platinoids. (she used a electron probe) I find new gold rivers yearly There are over 100 hundred goldmines in North Wales check out the story in Goldmines of Merioneth by G W Hall. Id recommend you discount any of his theorys on how to locate the lodes or rock involved he was the prospector for Gwynfynydd ( welsh for white mountain)(the white been quartz which was found to be shot through with gold but not initially)But his knowledge was brought into question and he was replaced by geologist Professor Black . Intrestingly the book has a photo of Miss Gunn a geological student of Prof Black taking a sample off the wall of the mine. The photo is a real photo as she was a total disaster im told by miners who were there at time. Her job was to run assays on all the rock they mined through. Prof Black came on his monthly visit to check on progress and as he walked through the workings they came across a sheet of marcasite. he asked if Miss gunn had assayed it she said no. They rushed off with a sample to assay and he found it was supersaturated with gold. He asked the miners what had happened to the stuff taken from the mine. They told him they had tipped it down the dump. There had been 6 wagon loads and for two weeks he had the dump excavated for all of it. Fact was they had only tipped 2 load over the side of the dump and buried 4 loads in the waste heap as they had suspected that it was something special. It was estimated they had lost gold in the marcasite to a value of £2000000 . I got to know Jack Williams of Clogau and became friends so much so he gave me the location of his secret goldmine that he used to operate when he not prospecting in Clogau. He built his house at Bontddu initially from his first working there. His daughters wedding and other important family events. Ive al;ready said the area holds great intrest for me as lots of things can be found in the area including uranium molebdium copper and in places vast if staggering amounts of gold.
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    Hi chelseafan, Thanks for the response. Her teeth seem fine but I am going to pursue the fungal infection avenue. You are certainly correct in regards to allergies. Stef
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    I cannot believe they made it to their first Birthday after everything we have been through. Even now they are on poop watch for eating rocks. LOL Wish I had pics of all the outdoors stuff we do but I always have my hands full with the two of them and unable to hold a phone. Hehhee My babies 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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    It’s all new for him and he needs to readjust, it can take time. I’d take him out for 10-15 mins regularly throughout the day to get him used to his new surroundings, praise him when he’s walking nicely and not trying to escape. Don’t overload him with long walks and lots of people, gradually build up the time you walk him. Hope it works for you both. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    So glad for you [emoji3] what a weight to be lifted for you, and great news for Marley! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    That’s shocking! As soon as you can get her out and socialised with both people and dogs as soon as possible. If I had been with my mum and litter mates for 8 weeks then put in a totally new environment without them I think I would be pretty scared too! That’s without being prodded by a vet. Definitely get a new vet and at every opportunity take her to the vets even if it’s just to sit in the waiting room for 10 minutes. Astro was scared of the Vets too and I used to do this with him to help desensitise him Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    (sigh) Hey all, Simka here barking that I’m kinda bummed right now. Those delicious new Reeboks that mommy got the other day, well, I missed out on BIG time. I had been trying to sniff them out this evening, but couldn’t find them. Then mommy spills the beans: See, she went over to Carols earlier today and “accidentally” wore them over. Well, Grizz & the Crew went nutso over them and ate them right off Mommies feet! They then took the Reeboks to the guestroom where they thoroughly enjoyed them. Mommy went looking for her Reeboks, and found them with Grizz and the boys under the blankets: They were completely chewed, slobbered and filled with lots of warm slimy Newfie slobber. Mommy had to wrestle them out of the boys jaws. I guess her Reeboks are still over there and Grizz and Crew plan on having them for a late night dessert. Hmmph! Sure wish mommy had brought me over so I could have enjoyed them (sigh). Well, goodnight all. Simka
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    Oh dear, I'M so sorry you are going through this with LUNAR. It sounds like he is still doing pretty well with the diagnosis. If he would become in pain or anything like that, he would probably be able to show you signs whether he has this diagnosis or not. I feel as long as he is walking around, eating/drinking fine, pottying fine & seems happy, those are the things that should be of benefit to him and telling you he's still fine. I'll be praying for LUNAR. [emoji8][emoji120][emoji191][emoji182] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    paid mine in full...LOL
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    Wow that’s pretty cool. Beautiful dog. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Hello to all, Im a single morher with a 10 year old awsome daughter. Thanksgiving day I decided that We needed an animal as I have been so lonely after our cat was killed in August. I started really looking and was unsure of what I really wanted. I wanted to rescue but also I wanted a brand new baby. An oppurtunity had opened up and I saw a friend on next door neighbor app post a “rehome 9week husky”. I set up the time for a meet and greet. I started watching utube videos and trying to research the internet. After a few hours of that I thought “oh my god” no way! I called and cancelled the meet and greet and after hanging up I found myself crying. First I thought what the heck is wrong with me, im nuts!!! I called the meet and greet back a few hours later and agreeded to me her. You can see....Im here with the husky group for a reason....She came home with me that night. Holy Moly, I am worn worn out with this girl. Im in love, she is smart, but she has a little bit of sas. She is rebellious and is testing her limits. She goes for her 3set of shots tomorrow. I want to take her out to run but parvo outbreaks are bad in my county. Her health is first. She is digging, she is running thru the house 100 mph. She keeps nipping at us and at guest. Ripping our clothes. She is crate trained. Great at night. Bad durning the day. She is going backwards with the potty training (which is really pissing me off) she is a thief, which it was funny til she got my carlos santana heel at chewed the crap out of it, She has the worst gas I almost throw up. I blame my daughter and she cries cuz I dont believe her. She sits. She shakes she lays down and she fetches balls and drops. Yesterday she all of a sudden jumped in the shower with me I got out and she chased her tail for in the bathtub for a good 45 mins. Oh my....that was a good laugh. I look forward to discussing guidance from you all. I am proud to be a nee husky momma to Jaida ALicen. Michelle Fogle Bakersfield CA usa
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    Welcome to the forum - lovely looking dog
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    They do play rough. However, my two started throat grabbing and shacking each other. They would also pull out each other’s hair wherever they were able to grab each other. *not saying this is what is going on with yours. This is just what happened with mine* No whinnying, no blood, so I let them play. It has progressed to a dominant competition and no longer play. It was causing my female to not want to listen to anyone in the house and not wanting attention. From the research I have done, this is not normal for this breed and I brought in a behavioralist. It has been a couple of weeks and I have been able to show them what is acceptable play and not allow one to be dominant over the other. Since then my female now comes up to use for attention and seems much happier. I would keep an I on the play. Yes, they play rougher then most breeds but pay attention to dominant pastoring and behavior. Mine also has severe allergies/intolerance. None stop itching, panting hard for no reason, chewing on themselves, diarrhea, and even vomiting. It was really hard to find a vet to do an allergy test. Kept stating that dogs do not get allergies under a year. Found a holistic vet and did the test. My male has full allergies and my female has intolerance to certain foods. It has taken about 4 months of having them on the perfect diet but the itching, diarrhea, vomiting has stopped, and my males hair is now growing back. I used a 50/50 solution of apple Cider vinegar and water. Sprayed it on their skin to keep hot spots under control. The only issue I had with it was that they loved the taste and licked each other. LOL Here is my pups playing. My neighbor’s say it sounds like I have bears or wild animals in my yard. 🤣
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    Welcome to the forum - he sure is cute!

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