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  1. Personally I hate that people cross everything with a poodle these days, either get a bernese or get a poodle and research each breed to see which is a better fit and what would suit your lifestyle more , with a cross breed you never know 100% what traits you'll get from each side
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  2. I make bone broth for my two boys on a weekly basis (I get lamb ribs - the bone portion of their meals, spines - you would be amazed at how much meat there is on a lamb spine, and leg bones - sawn in half for me) all free, - in exchange for a couple of 600ml tubs of bone broth. Most of the bone broth goes into the freezer for the dogs during the week - but I also fill up two ice cube trays with the liquid only - and once frozen empty the trays into a small container - and doggie bone broth ice lollies are on tap whenever the dogs fancy one. Not only do the dogs LOVE them,
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  3. Puppies ears can take up to 5 months or so to stand up
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  4. No. Just no. Do not teach your dog to do this. My current dog is a rescue. He was given toys that looked like small animals/made similar sounds. They wanted to train him to be a killer. He had so much anxiety and behavioral issues when I got him. They don't see the difference between small dogs and rabbits and whatever. It also can cause aggression and mess the dog up in the head. These poor cats...spay and neuter programs do help. The average cat litter size is 4 kittens. If there's 10 queens (female cats) that's 40 kittens. But I'm guessing there's more than 10 queens. Trea
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  5. Thank you so much for responding and the advice I really appreciate it. I am in this for the long run I know it’s going to take time and patients. I am a first time owner to a Siberian husky. She is amazing I don’t want to give up I really do enjoy having her.
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