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    The introduction went really well and we officially have a new fur baby. Meet Lola.
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    New year new votes And the Link is: http://1award.co.uk/addvote.php?vote=9517 YOUR WEBSITE VOTES Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 1 votes towards this years awards and 28104 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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    As a puppy their eyes can change but it is not normal for a 8 month old pups eyes to change that dramatically so , it sounds like there may be a kidney issue going on
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    I hope the vet got rid of the ticks - you did not say. I would invest in a tick removal tool and check her daily - especially after walks in grassy areas. Did he give advice on possible reasons for the vomitting? I have never had a female dog but would not put her illness down to being in season. If urine goes darker it is usually because they are not drinking enough water - i.e. dehydration - however if they are drinking normally then there is another reason obviously. Could she have ingested something that was 'off'? Has the vet suggested bloodworks, stool sample testing?
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    Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 32 votes towards this years awards and 28692 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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    Hello, I have a 15-week old male Husky pup and I am having issues in him having loose stools. I have tried everything, and it seems to firm up for a few days, and then it goes back to being running, about the consistency of pudding. He was started on Eukanuba puppy food and I switched him to Wellness dry puppy food about 3 weeks ago. He has been on strictly Wellness food for about 2 weeks (I had mixed it gradually over a weeks time). He first got diarrhea about the time I started switching him, so I tried chicken and rice for a couple of days and it helped, but when he went back to the kibble his runny poos came back. Then I tried the pumpkin, and the poo firmed up, but once I stopped it his diarrhea retuned again. I realized it might have been the pig ears that I give him as a treat (I was giving him one per day), but once I realized that it was not good for him I stopped it. It’s been a week and he is still having runny poo. His activity level has not changed, and there is no worms or blood in his stools. If it was the pig ears, or the changing of the food, shouldn’t it have gotten better in a week? I have a vet appointment tomorrow and will be giving them a sample, but am I just being paranoid or should I be worried? Forgot to mention that I give him 3 cups of dry food a day. Is this too much? I try to feed him 3 times a day, but he does not always eat it all each time. He averages 3 cups a day total. He is about 25lbs at 15 weeks. Thanks! -1st time husky parent
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    Giardia is quite common so at least I have the answer and the solution. He should be ok in a few days. Thanks
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    Thanks for the responses. I have been to the vet about the dioreah. My puppy has Giardia which is what is causing the dioreah. I've now got treatment and medication from the vet to treat the Giardia. I'm not getting into a raw versus dried debate everyone has their own preferences including my dogs. They are good quality dry foods out there that are holistic and grain free , potato free etc if people do the research. As for the dioreah Giardia is common in puppies and it was like brown water before I had even fed him at all.
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    In my opinion there is no such thing as high quality kibble, some is definitely better than others but none of it is ideal. Biggest issue is protein content, owners say how much their dogs love it and will eat a lot if they could and that's down to them trying to eat enough to get the protein they need, instead they just get more fillers, the starches from sweet potato etc. if you won't feed raw try dehydrated raw, Nature's menu make one in their Country Hunter range. It's convenient to use as training snacks. The other issue is his change in circumstance, if he's lived somewhere for 7 months and then come to you the stress is enough to affect his bowel. How long that will last will be down to how long it takes him to settle to a new environment, a new human, his new diet etc etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Change of diet - from really good to ............. Any reason not to continue with a raw diet? Dogs are not really meant to handle all the starch in kibble - it puts an enormous strain on their digestive systems - more thanlikely that's the reason for the squits.
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    you can also try keeping your shirt or any other clothing with your scent with him while you are making him sleep alone. Your smell from clothes will help him sleep bit more comfortably in the start. This helped my pup.. but still if finds way in our room want to sleep with us :) .
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    Handsome boy. You dont say where you are (country) I am in the UK and use Billy No Mates - herbal only - just put a teaspoon of the herbs on their food a day. No toxins - and even safe for my epileptic boy.
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    If your dog is with you all day - why then shut him out at night?? I really do not understand. He is obviously distressed by this. Huskies for the most part WANT to be with their owners - they were bred for thousands of years to sleep with the family - especially the children - in order to keep the kids warm through the night. Why distress a new dog - that will already be suffering from anxiety, stress etc having changed owners, home, environment, routine................... everything he has known all his life. It does not bode well (in my experience) for yourselves or more importantly for the poor dog. From what you say the impression is that the reason the dog is kept outside at night is more for security than companionship. If this is even remotely the case - then you have gotten the wrong breed of dog - I dont know of a worse 'guard dog' on the planet. Huskies are extremely sociable animals - better with two than alone - MUCH better with human companionship whenever they want it.
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    I started leaving them for 5 mins, going out of the house and coming back in, no fuss when leaving or returning, so as to normalise leaving them alone. Then I slowly built the time they were left, 5 mins to 10 etc and I did this several times a day, doing this also prevents separation anxiety. I can leave them safely now for up to 6-7 hours but it’s taken the best part of 18 months to achieve this. I also had a safety gate by the kitchen door to restrict access to all of the rooms until they behaved appropriately, and when they misbehaved I’d give them a time out and then bring them back into the room, I won’t lie, it was hard work but positive reinforced training pays off. You have to build up the time you leave her slowly because if left for long periods of time husky’s become bored and destructive, you also have to take into account the changes they go through when the prey drive kicks in because she’ll listen to you selectively, and that once adoring puppy who followed you around on command becomes a headstrong, selectively deaf independent demon [emoji33] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    YOUR WEBSITE VOTES Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 2 votes towards this years awards and 28105 as the total number of votes for all time
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    Probably because they're not froo froo type dogs n are gorgeous without bows lol Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app

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