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    This gives me some relief. My insides are all in shambles seeing him like this. But it gives me hope espscially if he can perk up within a few days. He was playing running jumping perfectly and then by night time he was barely moving. Yes, they love the rice boiled with the chicken and chicken legs. I will definitely treat him with it tonight. A pic of him some time before his diagnosis.
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    I went to the farm a few days ago - and am going back with my dog trainer and both dogs on Thursday at 10am for an off lead run and then recall training. The outside field I saw with the highest fences is about the size of 2 - 3 tennis courts - surrounding the field are 6ft x 11ft temporary builders panels (I have the same in my garden) - however theirs are dug into the earth - so the height is more like 5ft 6" - 5ft 8" - whereas mine are on blocks which take them to around 6ft 6". However most of the fences have trees and thicket behind them - only a couple of small areas are bare (just fences). The indoor area is actually a very large polytunnel I estimated around 80ft x 30ft give or take a bit (did not pace it out). Both ends can be completely shut - either with about a 5 foot gate - or the tops can be bought in to completely enclose the area (have asked for it to be completely enclosed for Thursday) Most of the ground is hard dirt - however she is in the process of getting it astroturfed in small sections over time. There are also two old chairs in this section (for which I am thankful). The facebook page is Lytham dog field - the large picture at the top is one of the other fields - not recommended for huskies as the fencing is not high enough - certainly not for my houndinies. It is close to Wrea Green in south Lytham. Very nice lady who runs it - she spent time with me showing me round - I only learned later that the reason she was saying goodbye to so many relatives was that it was her father's funeral the day before. So for anyone living fairly close or for those visiting the area this is a good place for off lead exercise - I will be booking a couple of sessions a month to give the boys a place to run off some steam.

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