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    Hi, my first post. Just to say hello to everyone from Croatia! I see this forum is great and you people are great. Nice to see so many love in one place This is my beauty Blue Moon Lunation. She is now 6.5 months old.
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    So, Im here to tell you what most of you already know, and was looking more and more likely in any case. For the first time since 2008, husky camp has now been officially cancelled. The UK government made it clear that any form of hospitality places will not be open until July at the very earliest. I suspect even in that case, camp sites will not likely be one of the first of those, and in any case its of course too late for camp regardless. The Welsh government are actually more locked down at present than that of the rest of the UK, with restriction of movement of people. The camp site have already said they will be in contact to refund, based on an email many of us had from them over the weekend, so going to see what we get through today. If you have not booked through the site, then you would need to contact whoever you have booked with. A couple of questions I have already been asked a few times, so will put the answers on here so I'm not repeating it to each person involved. Are you going to be setting dates for next year? OK, so we have been caught out by this coronavirus, as has everyone else in the world. Now however, we are not caught out. We know about it, and its here. So the issue is we have no idea when this will end, and when social distancing will end. Until there is a vaccine, a treatment, or it wipes itself out, the honest answer is we cannot set a date for camp. While there are trials for vaccines at the moment, there is absolutely no guarantee they will work. This time next year, we could be perfectly fine. However we could also be in a position where camp family holidays are possible, but social distancing in general still applies. For us, that would make camp almost impossible. Therefore there will be no dates set for any camp, until we get the complete all clear. Otherwise we risk the chance of making a decision where people lose money, and I personally wont put anyone in that position. The camp are offering 120% voucher. Should I take that or take the refund? I cant really answer this question. I believe they are time limited, so based on what I said above, Im not taking that chance. Personally we will be getting our money refunded. If you chose otherwise, just bear in mind you may well not be able to use it for husky camp, as it might have expired before we set one, for the reasons I mentioned above.
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    One thing for others to bear in mind with this is exactly whats just been said about the amount. If its not a huge amount then it may be worth the voucher. If however its getting to 3-400 like ours, then personally I would take the money. One thing to be very aware of is that not all businesses will make it out of this. And that includes big ones. I certainly wouldnt trust a company holding money of mine at the moment
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    Got my notification a couple of weeks back. Personally I’m taking the voucher, as soon as they open, I’ll go anyway just for a break from the status quo. Not worried about expiry dates as they will extend them until they open, regardless of when that is. But mine was only £130 so, not exactly a massive bonus. @Marc is right though. Can’t plan anything until we know the score, we don’t know how long this will last. :-(
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    Probably just not had anyone who can update it yet. They are currently trying to get hold of trevor from IT, but he was laced last night and still on his first coffee* *all speculation
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    Might just add if you not had emails yet you can log on to there website with your account number and check anytime for yourself, mine still says I'm going lol
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    Welcome to husky owners
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    Will still come to see you meet up and stuff if you do m8
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    I think it is partly on topic in that diet in dogs is very important, it can affect their behaviour. Not so many people know that in the UK it is a legal requirement to feed an animal species appropriate food, so all those vegans and vegetarians feeding non meat meals to their dogs and cats could and should be prosecuted. I’ve heard it said that dogs fed on kibble can be over anxious and hyper, changed to raw had a beneficial effect. Bones aside, there is no way I would feed my pets kibble, this is a good piece of information - https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2020/04/27/dry-pet-food-extrusion.aspx?cid_source=petsnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20200427Z2&et_cid=DM521243&et_rid=859307980 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I agree totally - wait! IF your puppy was to develop cancer it would be in 5-8 years time - not next week. Nutering before maturity will most likely cause problems like luxating patella, hip dysplasia. The sex hormones play a massive part of their growth cycle.
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    Can we go back to topic on this thread please...
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    You obviously feel strongly about this - however you might be interested in the history of the dog Dogs & cats share a common ancestor the dormalocian - about a foot long, it weighed 2lbs, and lived in trees. Lived 55 – 66 million years ago - it hunted in order to survive - it was a carnivore. When dinosaurs became extinct dogs evolved from meat eating CANIDS – named for the shape of their teeth. Through time several species evolved and became extinct but the first true dog Lepticin (I think from memory) appeared around 40 million years ago. His decendent Epicyon came into being when Asia was still attached to North America via the Bering Land Bridge. Epicyon is a large, extinct, canid genus of the subfamily Borophaginae ("bone-crushing dogs") The decentants of Ucian developed into the modern dog genus CANNIS evolved in Eurasia. Throughout their entire history dogs and their ancestors ate bones for a very good reason - they could not live without eating them - it was an essential part of their diet providing not only calcium but being the major counter agent to phosphorus - in itself vital to the welbeing of the dog - but without calcium, phosphorus would become too prevalent. You are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine - my opinion is that any animal I choose to share my life with will get the best possible diet for its species - for a dog that diet consists of meat and bone with about 5% fruit and vegetables for extremely important phytonutrients - even wolves eat berries etc. Personally I give lambs ribs - my dogs love them and they do not shatter, they are crunched up small quite easily being amongst the most flexible of any bone in the body - its the first type of bone wolf pups are given (or steal if they can) - maybe a rabbit bone to start with etc. Weight bearing bones will either break teeth or will splinter if enough force can be brought to bear - maybe the wolf was starving and was trying to get to the bone marrow, I feel sorry for any animal that dies whilst just trying to live and eat the way it was designed by nature to do - I also feel sorry for the lionesses that get kicked to death whilst trying to bring down prey for their male mates, and all wild animals that die before their time - killing another innocent animal in order to feed themselves - but I would not deprive any one of them one part of their natural diet because of my opinions and prejudices. By the way - I have been vegetarian for over 40 years - my husband 30+ years - but our dogs are fed naturally. I will not reply to you again.
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    Everyone feeds their dog the way they think is best - as is their perrogative - my comment was - and is - directed purely at the fact that cooked bones splinter - raw bones much less so. I feel very sorry for that wolf - but its ancestors have been eating raw bones for several hundred thousand years (in fact millions) - its what their stomach acid and digestive tract are designed to eat - a wild animal (or dog) fed pure meat and no bones would have far too much phosphorus and not enough calcium in their diet (read almost no calcium) leading to their pups having deformed limbs and poor growth. The adult dog or wolf deprived of fresh bones and therefore calcium pulls that needed calcium from their own bones to make up the deficit - leading to arthritis, weak bones that break easily etc. Also dogs fed on kibble should not be fed raw bones - the stomach acid is not strong enough when it has to deal with all the starch from kibble. The same goes for wet (or tinned dog food) - they should be on a raw diet for at least 10 days before being given bones to eat to give time for the stomach acid to return to its normal level.
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    Been thinking about your dog all afternoon - one other thing comes to mind ......... has she had a rabies shot recently??? https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/rabies-vaccination-and-aggression-in-dogs/?fbclid=IwAR3qQfjYbXeJhyfHoYlHwanC7fBU_Bqb6L6n9lY-2uDkgvtQNut0UNIlkJ8 I could keep guessing for months and not get it right without knowing all the dog's history ........................ which might be better told to a professional.
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    My two are as good as a chocolate fire guard - my only warning is wagging tails and an eager expectant look, - they would jump up the burglar - to kiss him - show him where the treat box is and in return they would show him where any valuables are - and probably help him got them into the car - before going out on the town for the night together. That is why I have alarms everywhere - including my shed.
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    if you count being a trip hazard as guarding......
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    It's a dog-eat-dog world It is basically a lottery. You can't really control their core temperament and prey drive (as much as many people would like to say they think they actually do). My Husky only ever killed a mouse, some birds (WTF - why did god give them wings if they can be caught by a leashed dog), she enjoys catching and eating butterflies and I'm pretty sure she would snap those darn squirrels, but they are just too fast to catch on a short leash. I wouldn't be surprised if that boundary was pushed further with some different huskies. On the other hand, mine is always beat up by cats. Even the tiny, microscopic two-inch cat will make my Husky squeal. I wouldn't mind the natural selection to work this particular scenario - I mean - if a cat is stupid enough to snap at 50x larger animal, she has no business in staying alive. I'm pretty sure that's the case for many cats that suddenly don't come home but dared to go out of their way to attack a Wrong Husky
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    Good day to all! My name is Kris, Im from Philippines, my husky name is Veera she's now 2 years old. Shes been pregnant for 7 weeks expecting to give birth this coming May 14. This is her first litter pups.
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    Both Bindi and and new boy Maddock needed a nap...
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    For others doing the same thing I did - Utonagan - Nice lookin' animal!

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