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    Breeding a wooly with a standard coat wont cancel out the wooly , my girl is a wooly and both her parents were standard coats, its not just coat either, your dog and the bitch would need both hip/elbow and eye scoring and have a low enough score to make sure you're not passing anything hereditary down the line , this isnt something your normal vet can do and they do need to go to a specialist, he will also need to be breed standard (despite the coat) and kennel club registered, I'm not sure where you are in the world but here rescues are absolutely bursting at the seams full of Huskies, some specific husky rescues cant take any more in because they're so full theres a lot more to it then just putting a dog and a bitch together and hoping for the best, the sire owner has as much responsibility as the Dams owner with regards to If she needs an emergency c-section or to be on call in the middle of the night/early hours of the morning when she goes into labour , they're also just as responsible if down the line a pup owner cant keep their dog you would have to take them back on and you cant always guarantee dad and pup will get on down the line , he wont remember it's his pup we all love our dogs and would all love to have a part of them to carry on their legacy and remember them by but i don't think breeding is the way to go in doing it , no 2 Huskies are ever the same
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    TBH most vets do not seem to learn how to do a bandage on anything apart from a Leg, over the years i have learned to bandage all sorts of joints and other body parts. as to the honey it is probably cheaper buying it that way as teh vets would add a large markup on the price, things you can buy for a couple quid from your high street chemists Bandages Gauze wound dressings etc they will charge 10 pounds for or more, long ago one of my dogs needed eye drops, the vets charged me nearly 40 for a med i could get from boots for about 7.50 over the counter was exactly the same stuff too (one of my peeves about vets is teh HUGE mark up they put on things, like dressings, everything they use is what you can get on teh high street at a fraction of the cost) Also teh BIG vet schools Glasgow (probably the best) London etc are cheap to use as they will ask if you mind your animal being used as a teach aid so they can show students how to do stuff you just have to get to them
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    I've had some fantastic news from the vets. I orderd new allergy tests from the vets the day of his operation last Monday. Finally got the results back around 7pm just as they were closing. Here are the results from Dec 2018 and today: FOOD NOV 18 RESULT AUGUST 19 RESULT SOYA HIGH POSITIVE+ POSITIVE POTATOES HIGH POSITIVE NEGATIVE WHEAT POSITIVE BORDERLINE RICE POSITIVE POSITIVE OATS POSITIVE NEGATIVE CORN POSITIVE POSITIVE CARROTS POSITIVE NEGATIVE PEAS POSITIVE NEGATIVE SUGAR BEET POSITIVE NEGATIVE Whilst I know allergies can change - it shows that the hard work I put in after his salmonela poisoning/antiobiotics and treating him for a leaky gut worked. I have to be cautious though ............. this bloodwork was taken the day before he had this latest set of antibiotics ........................ so I will be going through the procedure again. However it does mean that when I am finished I can start to enlarge his diet a bit and include the occasional bit of chicken and maybe pork ............ Marley's favourite meat on the whole planet. No new allergies whatsoever and NO High Positives. Soya has always been my nightmare after he went into anaphalactic shock after eating meat that had been fed soya (hence him not being allowed pork or poultry). Now I can try them again occasionally. One very happy husky mummy
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    I know, I'm still waiting for him to become escape artist and show his true husky temper I don't want to be naive and I still keep in mind that he might change. I'll do my best tho.
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    Just bear in mind he is still young , I've known Huskies that have been good offlead for years then suddenly bolt , never become complacent
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    You asked for it - enjoy! As you can see he is making himself quite at home.
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    Awww, you guys are all so sweet! You were all very kind and you all accepted me with kindness.❤️ Thank you so much! There's no magic trick actually 😉Only daily work, concistency and never giving up. Almost immediately after I got Conan I start teaching him to sit and wait. First at home, without distractions, on leash. Step by spet. Word "stay" step back, treat. Constantly repeating, step by step, each time further. Then going outside and teaching him in nature, first without any dogs, animals, people. After he got it I started practicing with Sky and Flynn. Then we went on friend dog meetings and practicing with group of dogs jp morgan chase near me
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    After my boy’s last sedation for his butt, my vet refuses to put him under again unless it is life and death. This is one of his spots that went sideways. It didn’t heal pretty and every once in awhile he busts it back open but at least it is manageable now. Lots of long nights of him crying and trying to tear at it. You know what is best for Marley and he trust you. It may be best that you take charge and follow your gut. All you need from vets is antibiotics and pain pills. You can take care of everything else probably better then what they are doing. And ya, that is BS that they keep having to sedate him but then tell you to do it at home. 🤯. Unless they are going to put a wound vac in, I would tell them no more. You can get him healed probably better then they can at this point.
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    Welcome to the forum - she's lovely. Huskies ARE stubborn - as she gets older you will come across the well known "you want me to do that? What's in it for me?" attitude - that, and every other attitude you can think of. Its what makes them so challenging, and rewarding. There's no other breed like them. My two are completely different from each other (the other thing about being owned by a husky is that you will soon discover that one is not enough) Never under-estimate her intelligence, and dont let her get bored, ........................... if you don't keep her occupied she will find something to occupy herself - and it usually turns out to be very very expensive - as I know to my cost
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    Pocholo has stolen my heart - he is just about the most adorable puppy I have ever seen. I cannot answer your first question because I have never come across it. 2. Training time - NOW and keep training for the next 12-15 or so years 3. 5 minutes for every month he is old - 3 times a day i.e. 3 months 15 minutes walk 3 times a day. In addition play sessions in the house and garden you can start training as part of his play sessions. 4. There are various methods to stop biting - I used to yelp very loudly (like another puppy) every time I felt Marley's teeth and broke off any play session - and walked away from him 5. When your training him not to bite works. Other advice is never, ever, trust him off lead unless in a very secure dog park - not only are huskies never to be trusted off lead - he is just so beautiful that someone will steal him. However keep doing recall training all his life - when he grows up and realizes he does not need you (so much) it gives you a fighting chance of getting him back if he should get away from you. Make sure your fencing is very secure and at least 6ft in height - huskies are consummate escape artists. Welcome to the forum.
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    That is sooo awesome. It is worrisome when they are not active. Total red flag if there is not a good zoomy session first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Or if I am not having to constantly tell them to stop getting into something. I am so happy that he is bouncing back. 😁
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    Would like to introduce you all to Mikey (was Micco - but Mikey suits him better) who we adopted yesterday as a buddy for Marley. He is 3 years old and we adopted him from SHWA. Bearing in mind he has only been here 24 hours he is doing remarkably well, walks nicely on lead (unlike Marley), is interested but not reactive to dogs in the street, whined for about half an hour when I went to bed but then settled down for the rest of the night. He is pure white with a light sandy/cream back - and blue eyes. He is also moulting like crazy! We did a meet and greet at his foster's house - about 25 miles away on Monday - they have 5 huskies of their own - and he was very bolshie/over confident - but we had him brought to our house yesterday to see if he would be any better here. He wasn't for the first hour and we had really made up our minds to say no to him ......... however the fosterers offered to leave him with us for an hour to see how he would be on his own. When they returned an hour later I told them that they had lost their foster dog as we had decided to adopt him. He used to live with a cat in his original home - but he is WAAAYYY too interested in our cat for me to risk any sort of contact without a 4ft gate AND me inbetween them. Hopefully he will get used to seeing Socks around. He and Marley are getting on ok currently both laid down alseep about a foot apart. He loves his raw food, is house trained, the back door is open permanently so I don't know whether he will actually ask to go out - but his fosterers told me that he could open most of their doors - so he may well be like Marley and if he needs to go out will just open the back door by himself. He reminds us so much of Lunar when he was a young boy. Welcome to your new home Mikey - hope you will be happy here.
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    I do the same with the cheese - it helps that Mikey is such a glutton - but last night was the first time it worked. Yesterday when I rebandaged him the wound looked cleaner - only a little redness - the calendula and colloidal silver working their magic. This morning Marley is a different dog - a real pain in the bum - initiating play sessions with Mikey, nudging me for fuss, nagging for a lamb's rib (none allowed before dinner) - I got his 6pm evening pain meds down him at 11pm last night - and he has had none yet today - and does not appear to need them - which is great as I really do not like gabapentin. He really appears to have turned a corner - I've got my boy back ................... I'd forgotten what a livewire nightmare he is to live with normally
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    I make a meatball and crammed the pills in. Sissy gets an empty meatball at the same time. He competes with her so if I time it right he woofs it down so sissy doesn’t get more his. LOL But it’s the only time they get meatballs. So now every time they hear a pill bottle they start drooling 🤤 .
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    Would you give your children dried food for most of their meals and expect them to eat it? If you’ve just adopted her she will take time to settle in and you may unwittingly have changed her diet which can upset the gut. Could you not feed at least some raw to encourage her gut bacteria? Kibble varies hugely and most is cheap rubbish full of cereal and not enough protein, a good quality dog food, not Pedigree anything tbh, Aatu, Barking Heads and similar tray or tinned foods would be infinitely better for her. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Maybe think about a rehome or rescue, then at least you’re more likely to be able to pick one that is healthy and has been checked by the rescue. Just the thought that you have to pay to put your name on a waiting list for a puppy conjures up an image of a place where huskies are bred purely for profit, it saddens me to be honest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Two nights ago I tried rebandaging a different way to the way done by the vets - and it has stayed on (thank you my old nursing tutor) - Marley has not had a serious go at it for 36 hours so its now getting a chance to heal (where is some wood)! He gets his antibiotic and pain meds in the morning - no problem - he is very hungry. However he always manages to find the small antibiotic capsule in his dinner and daintily leaves it by his bowl - and as for getting the two larger pain meds and antibiotic in the evening ......................... well, lets just say I am going through an awful lot of Cathedral City cheddar! I usually get one down at the third time of asking - he normally eats the cheese and spits out the meds. Have him booked in for 8.30am on Friday to take out the stitches - they dont do sedation on Saturdays which is when his 10 days are up - fingers crossed we get there without any more dramas.
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    This week we moved him onto wilkos own puppy kibble I didn't have very high hopes. I gave him a stool firmer which was packed full of the nutrients he needed that he may not get from the kibble, he also had some chicken last night as a treat, but finally he's had a solid poop! I got way too excited. I even ran across the garden to double check! Now to see if it stays that way! If it doesnim going to keep him on this for a couple weeks help him build back up and then slowly introduce a few more treats like the fish etc. Thanks everyone for the help
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    Just a thought on how to protect his wound, how about a life jacket? They’re pretty tough? Tablets are a night mare, when Luna was so sick and they sent me home with 2 lots of tablets to give her I just thought, what are they expecting me to do with tablets, I’ve just told them she hasn’t eaten or drunk anything in over 24 hours? I actually got 2 down her by syringing water in after them, then of course she vomited and up the capsule came. She was so sick by the next day that we took her back and they admitted her thank god, she’d be dead if they hadn’t. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thanks. Have ordered the highest quality of colloidal silver in a spray and the doggie one - Prime will deliver it tomorrow so I can start him on it then. Mikey is just as interested in Marleys back as he is - but I separate them at night so all the damage done is by Marley himself. I am happy that your lad's rear end is better and I hope you manage to get his tummy issues sorted. When Marley had a hot spot I used (alternately) either a calendula tincture or a strong black tea - it healed over in 24 hours and he stopped gnawing at it.
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    Been delt with ], i found a cell number on another thread here, called and they resent the invoice that had the link this time with luck new belt should be in the post next week lol got it sorted and thanks
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    Sooo cute! Welcome
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    Man I feel you on this one. My boy had a total GI blow out 10 days ago. I feel your pain.... Have you heard this AdoredBeast.com Unfortunately, you have to wait a week after the last antibiotics before starting this. *I already started my girl and it is amazing * This is what he will be on: I know you are in England and this only ships to US and Canada but, see if your vet (or you) can find something similar. As far as giving the meds. Pill sticks work great. It does. However, not for what Marley has. Neosporin is good for small surface wounds that can stay dry. Only once the wound has closed and there is no leakage (stays dry) can it be put on. This stuff however, is the best I have found for the open nasty one...
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    I hate it when people post about such concerning issues then never come back and update. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    have you tried a chicken and rice/noodle soup, yes soup put it in a liquidizer so no lumps and he might drink his dinner (you may have to add chicken stock if its too thick to thin it out)
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    @wolfpupmy heart goes out to you. I hope the worst is over and he has a smoother recovery. @BingBlaze n Skylathat is the coolest idea ever! I am sure I will be having a need for that sometime in my future.
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    Poor boy , hope he heals up soon , cysts arent fun I had one that kept bursting had to have it removed too , got a horrible scar now This might help unless they're providing the thunder shirt ?
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    Caravans booked for Husky camp 2020
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    Unfortunately, the owner of the dog is moving this weekend (absurd to me that they didn't find a home for this good boy yet). After discussing it further, we decided we would take the new dog in and do our best to make our schedules work with his needs. He got along pretty well with our current dog when we introduced them and even when we brought him into our home with our current dog. We are considering doggy day care a few days a week for him so he won't be stuck in the crate for long hours every day. Our back yard has a short fence, only 4 ft. I would never assume that is safe for either dog. I've always walked my current dog whenever he needed to go outside, always once in the morning, once when I get home, and once before bed (sometimes more). Making more time for walks shouldn't be a problem and its a sacrifice we're willing to make. We have a nice park nearby that I let him off leash sometimes, but from what I've read, you should never let a husky off leash. The ULTIMATE goal would be to allow the husky to have free roam of the house along with our current dog while we are at work. We are thinking of setting up a camera and leaving him alone for short periods of time and monitoring his actions. Over time we would increase these time periods that we are gone and see how he handles it. If it doesn't work out and he becomes destructive, than we will find another solution. Thanks for your input! I'm sure we are in for a rude awakening.....
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    Welcome. The itching and stuff could very well be food or environmental intolerances. Don’t put her in a position to allow others to approach her. She is telling you she doesn’t like it. She may never like being around other people or other dogs. If she is being aggressive towards the boyfriend, dump him. LOL dogs know when someone is good or not. My male is protective of me. My girl could care less. I listen and watch his body language. If he is uncomfortable, everyone and everything stays at a distant. However, when mine are acting like butts to just be a butt, I used Pet Corrector. I think I have only had to 3x. Now I just carry it to keep loose dogs from approaching.
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    Mikey has been here 3 days short of 4 weeks now - the two dogs get on reasonably well, quite a few fights - but I have been able to separate them each time, and no major injuries - Marley had a bleeding face one time, but it was minor. Neither dog is allowed any toys now and all old toys have been thrown away and after about another 2 months of training we will try and re-introduce new toys. Mikey is still resource-guarding me - but it is lessening, he is starting to understand that resource guarding me is only going to get him separated from me - he is either pushed aside or put outside the lounge for a couple of minutes. He is starting to tolerate the fact that if I fuss him I also fuss Marley at the same time, and if I am fussing Marley and he comes up respectfully he also gets his fair share of fuss - but if he herds Marley out of the way - it only gets him shunned temporarily. He is a very intelligent boy and was so amazingly quick to learn Marley's way of telling me he wants a lamb's rib, that I now get mugged by both dogs at the same time - very often they can be out in the garden, and then both dogs run in at the same time and mug me in a joint effort to get a rib treat - it really appears as if they plan it outside and decide to make a united front He is VERY head shy - something his foster mum also noticed, but only with me, not hubby - another thing his foster mum noticed - that he wasn't head shy with her husband. Also he is very 'touchy' about his rear end being touched, stroked - or groomed - nipping me (gently) to let me know he did not like that area being touched. This suggests he might have been hit in the past - so we are being very careful. We had hoped that Marley would pick up Mikey's good walking on lead habits - but unfortunately he is picking up Marley's excitability instead. However hubby has noticed that on occasions when walking them that Marley will go over to Mikey and sort of lean on him whilst they are walking - and vice-versa. I've only managed to go out with them a few times - to the esturary - on their 30ft leads, as I am still awaiting my operation, - however I am back on the waiting list now that my heart is behaving itself a little more thanks to the medication. I dont think the boys will ever be busom buddies - but they are tolerating each other reasonably well 99% of the time - no food resource guarding - when Mikey gets a rib he takes it outside to eat, I only had to point to the back door once and he 'got it' immediately, Marley always brings his into the lounge. Also Mikey waits until Marley has finished his dinner before he goes over to hover up any missed bits. Mikey is not a bit fussy about food, has never turned his nose up at anything, and had no tummy issues from being changed over from kibble to raw immediately so unlike Marley does not have a delicate stomach. It is taking me a little time to come around to Mikey (hubby fell in love that first day here) - I think mainly because of his ice blue - almost colourless eyes - I much prefer brown eyes as I cannot 'read' a blue eyed dog for some reason - but I am getting used to his ways - he has trust issues, which from some of the things I have learned is understandable, and as I am working on those, we are forming more of a bond. One thing however is getting more and more abundantly clear - if he ever gets to my cat he will kill him - this is strange as he does not react to cats he sees outside, he is interested but makes no attempt to get to them - whereas he only has to hear Socks upstairs and then he stays by the hallway gate for the rest of the day and night - refusing to leave it, and keeps testing it trying to get through. I had hoped that as he lived with a cat previously he might be a little more tolerant of our cat - unfortunately this is not the case. However we have enough gates in his way that the cat should be able to find his way under our bed before the dog can get through them all. All in all he is settling in very well, he could have been very much worse than he has been, and I am sure that as the two dogs get to know each other, and read each other more accurately then they will settle down more, with less scraps - they are down to one or two a week now, rather than daily so things are improving.
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    Haha you have made my day! Thank you ❤️ Soon, we're going to sea side on Croatia, I will post some sea pictures when we got back
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    Our Mishka had a tiny bump like this. The vet said it was benign but would continue to grow. And eventually it would rub the cornea and have to be removed. She said it could be removed when she was under sedation for something else. The growth didn't seem to bother Mishka. So we let it go for a few years during which we moved and changed vets. When she was sedated for a dental cleaning, the new vet removed the growth which was what the first vet said it was. The new vet told us that the incision was a bit bigger than we might have expected because he took a little extra to make sure he got the "roots" so it wouldn't grow back. It healed nicely and 9 months later she's fine.
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    Welcome to the pack, how strong theh are lol , wish I'd trained my boy to walk nicely on the lead from day one , it was harder to train him when he was older lol
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    O how fun for them. I miss mine being that age and playing. Less damage. LOL Now at 63 lbs and 58 lbs, when they jump on the couch at the same time they flip the couch. 😂🤣
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    I started by feeding their breakfast and dinner in the crate. Slowly increasing the time they stayed in. Made it super easy
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
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    I give ice cubes. Get a kiddy pool and fill it with water and ice cubes. I am running a humidifier and air purifier in every room. But you already have serious humidity so humidifier would not be a good idea. Wet towels for him to lay on. If he won’t eat them. Keep a fan circulating to keep the air moving. Good luck.
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    Apollo is adorable! So sorry for you recent losses. This is my Floki - we are in Maryland as well! Calvert County, so about an hour from you...
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    So sorry for your recent losses. What a gorgeous, totally adorable puppy.
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    This is weird and amazing! Friday night decompression after a busy workweek ...we went out to dinner. We gave Rumo dinner and left him loose in the house (he would always open the gate anyway, and we realized that he doesn't do anything bad when he gets out of the kitchen.) We came home 1.5 hours later to find the garage door wide open, AND the door from garage to kitchen hanging open...we could see light shining out of our house! ( I think that the garage door opener didn't work somehow when we hit it, and I think Rumo figured out how to open the door to the garage...} I was terrified and bracing myself to spend the night driving around in the dark, calling his name. But we walked into the kitchen and Rumo greeted us at the door as usual!! He didn't leave the house! Anyway that was TERRIFYING and we will NEVER do that again!!!! We were so amazed that he stayed home.
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    Ha ha, yes... when he went on his ritual nighttime potty walk with us, he only peed once. Normally he pees 3-4 times. We were like, "Maybe he took himself for a walk around the neighborhood, and came home??" And yes, I did save a bit of roast beef in my napkin from dinner, and gave him some when I got home! Anyway from now on we will watch the garage door go DOWN before driving away!!
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    That must have been terrifying, thank goodness he loves his home! Would have loved to see a secret recording of what he got up to! I saw a cartoon once of a cat that was curled up by the fire and when the owners left he sneaked out, had a great night out and was curled up by the fire when the owners returned to be greeted by what a good kitty! He winked. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I have a 7' fence around 37 acres. Sarah has escaped multiple times and i had to stop traffic to catch her. I live way out in the country but people drive fast on these back country roads. I bought a collar that has beeps, vibrates and shock. I dont use the shock but the vibration mode does wonders. When she goes towards the corner of the property and i press a button, she comes back at full speed. this will save her life.

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