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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. The only thing I can think of it to take potty training right back to the begining. Take her out (in the garden) after every meal, drink, and at her age possibly every hour (rather than half hourly with a very young pup) - and just stay with her until she goes. She will have to go sooner or later. Have plenty of treats in your pocket so the reward is immediate. Holding it will not be doing her any good at her age obviously. If you can devote two whole days to nothing but her potty training she should get the message. Just dont let her back inside the house until she has done something - but stay with her, don't leave her on her own so she thinks it is a punishment, play with her, do some other training etc. This would be an excellent time to try and sort out a toilet area for her - so she knows it is 'safe' to go there and is her's alone.
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