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  1. Yep v understandable. In my case my shop round the corner (0.8m from me) has everything! If you are desperate, I can ask if he will post a bag or two to you He has Natural Dark Gravy bones; small or large marrow bones; fluffy rabbit ears or dried nonfluff ones; various chews; natural dried chicken feet, or turkey feet; LoveJoys & Forthglade vac-packs, sealed. And lots more. I'm very fortunate to have free bones too, from my butcher in town. Just rang: Nigel - Animals Only: animal feed, tack, bedding leads, harnesses, toys etc etc from equine to dogs, cats, birds, fish.. 01684273050 Nigel Sligh does already post out dog supplies/feed/treats from ebay, but has said he can find cheapest courier/posting options for you. If no answer leave message or try again - he is pretty busy.. From GL20 (Tewkesbury). ❤👍🤗
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