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    We have dog gates and child gates so when we are out they are restricted to one or two rooms - Marley has always had free reign in the house as he can be trusted with our cat - not so with Mikey so unfortunately Marley's movements are restricted to downstairs when we go out. We started with only giving them access to the kitchen and hallway, then added in the lounge when we felt we could trust Mikey with the furniture (new addition about 6 months ago - he is 3.5 years old - about 6 months younger than Marley).
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    Same as Janine says, we do give a command “watch the house” and give a small threat and when we come back we say “watched the house for us” and a small treat then. We also leave the tv or radio on softly in the background...
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    I’m of the same opinion, that puppy shots and first booster are necessary after that I feel, in my opinion, that any other booster shots are unnecessary. There are so many articles around telling us we need this and that for our pets, but i think it’s about financial gain for company’s that sell them and the vets. Pet company’s are well aware of what we’re willing to spend on our beloved fur babies but the majority of it is unnecessary, lots of research is needed before we buy into what they tell us is best. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I long ago decided that repeat vaccination had no purpose except to enhance the coffers of the vets. Down the years I have read quite a bit on vaccination and revaccination, none of it good. Dr. Karen Becker is an holistic vet in the US. She has written that yearly vaccination is worthless and unnecessary and no longer endorses it in her practice. I have also read articles that pointed to vaccination being the cause of such inflammatory disorders as arthritis in later life, especially if repeated annually and also causative of hip dysplasia in pups, saying that you don’t see pups up to the age of 8 weeks with dysplasia only after their first vaccination. It certainly gave me food for thought and my thought was that I couldn’t see the point. I don’t have the flu jab either. So I will continue not to give my pets boosters, as most of them are likely to be rescue or rehomes I won’t be making the decision for any pups or kittens and I can’t turn the clock back for any that I take in. When you consider just how many dogs and cats have arthritis it makes you wonder why doesn’t it! I think poor food choices are as relevant to pets as people but it wouldn't surprise me to find that repeatedly injecting a pet with a foreign substance is likely to cause harm. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thanks everyone soooo much. All good suggestions. Being these dogs are known as pack animals I can totally see her thinking we are her pack.
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    Hi, she’s very pretty. If she starts to develop separation anxiety I would start by leaving her for 5 minutes, going out thru the front door, returning 5 mins later, no fuss on leaving and none on your return, do this multiple times in the day and gradually building on the time you leave her. Give her a toy to play with when you’re leaving, I would also restrict access to the rooms in your house, safety gates work well. Destructive behaviour is common with separation anxiety and huskies are experts at chewing and digging. Good luck! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners

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