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    Mr Bear's one of the Smarden 18, 18 neglected Huskies that a few rescues co-operated to ensure they were all taken into care. Bear was particularly bad with urine-burned paws and matted coat - and they were all emotionally damaged through being very isolated in outdoor runs. Mr Bear's already well on the way to being physically healed but still anxious at anything new - but such a loving boy (always amazes me how well neglected dogs get on with people, given their treatment). He's here for assessment and help him climatise to the real world - currently he's living his lost puppyhood, despite being 5!
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    My guys have got their paws crossed for her - my fingers are also crossed. Please keep us informed.
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    As things were getting better.... We are at the emergency vet. I think she wanted to have nail polish and makeup on this morning 🤣 Too bad she ate the hole plastic casing and cap. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I think her and brother eating their dog bed is what started it. O I would not have stayed out with her if it was just diarrhea. Her vomiting is what concerned me.
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    Good that she's eating / drinking! ( Mine did the same thing when he had liquidy diarrhea...he asked to go out, then laid down outside and refused to come back in. ( Normally he likes to lay in our bedroom or the hall right outside the bedroom!) So, they are clean and they have a strong instinct to not soil in the house... I am not as good as you, though! I dragged his dog bed outside for him (the ground seemed so hard) and went to bed! Morning came and he came in the house like nothing happened...couple more days of soft poo, and then life went back to normal... I guess I would probably have stayed out to watch him if I thought he ate his dog bed though!! I never did figure out what he ate.)
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    I have eliminated the blockage theory. Has held down the rest of breakfast and water. Her poop is trying to take on some form. Also eliminating bad canned food and CBD as a cause. Brother was exposed to the same amount of both and hasn’t had any issues. She had to have picked something up during one of the walks my daughter or husband took her on. Keeping her on a quarter cup of food every 4 hours for the next 24 hours and Pedialyte water mixture. Fingers crossed she continues to show signs of improvement. How sweet is this ❤️ Tired. LOL I believe she has nothing left in her. At least she is sleeping now. She couldn’t get comfortable last night at all.
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    My girl was 2 years and 2 months old when she was spayed, no health issues what so ever (that link to spaying) just remember when ever you decide to spay you need to wait till at least 3 months after her season ends before you can get her spayed

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