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    Mr Bear's one of the Smarden 18, 18 neglected Huskies that a few rescues co-operated to ensure they were all taken into care. Bear was particularly bad with urine-burned paws and matted coat - and they were all emotionally damaged through being very isolated in outdoor runs. Mr Bear's already well on the way to being physically healed but still anxious at anything new - but such a loving boy (always amazes me how well neglected dogs get on with people, given their treatment). He's here for assessment and help him climatise to the real world - currently he's living his lost puppyhood, despite being 5!
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    lol only upgrade i would recomend for us guys is swapping out the heavy steel Karabiner for a lightweight Alloy one as the steel one is eye watering if it hits us guys in the crotch area other than that i love my new belt i just got.
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    might want to ask Sid to swap to lightweight for us guys I was looking at amazon but i have seen some of those so called climbing quality ones break, thanks to them being cheap chinese knockoffs but now i have a make/type/style i can look around better in climbing stores when i find one local to me they all seem to by in north wales london or the costwold

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