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    18 months ago we lost our Gobby girly Echo. She was a White german shepherd Dog. Recently we decided we wanted another shepherd. To give Darwin a companion and also to have a dog that can be trained to walk nicely and be let off lead with reliable recall. So we joined a Uk rescue, had a home check and started looking at possible adoptions. Then this interesting boy turned up. Say hello to Storm. A 4 year old Dutch Shepherd mix. the brindle coat is not the mix, that's the normal dutch shepherd coat. He's certainly a unique looking dawg Very few people will have heard of a Dutch shepherd, they were nearly wiped out during WWII, and most dutch shepherds end up with the Police or military as like Belgian Malinois they excel at that kind of work and so not many end up as pets. He is a good natured dog, loves people. He's really bonded with my seven year old granddaughter Eden-Willow and seems to get on with most other dogs. We've had him for a month, we've waited this long before announcing his arrival as sometimes a rescue may not work out for no fault of either the dog or the family, sometimes it's just not a good match. However he is settling in, He and Darwin have had a couple of scraps both instigated by Darwin being overly protective of his people, but we were expecting this so it's all good. Darwin is adjusting to the new dog in the pack and the occasional snarling and grumbling gets less by the day. He is a typical shepherd breed, always wanting to be by your side (even in the toilet !!!) always wanting a ball throw, and always happy to go for a walk. However his original family did no training with him, not even Sit!!! so we have a blank canvas and he's doing well and is eager to learn. You can all meet him at next years Husky Camp.
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    Wow ! Storm is very good looking indeed and has a big smile ! Actually I just learnt about this breed last night -I've been checking at websites of our local shelters to adopt a dog since I lost my big girl 17 months ago and last night a very handsome brindle dog with a face of German shepherd caught my eye ! Yes, I thought he was a mix and no, it was a Dutch shepherd ! We have quite a few German shepherds and Malinois as well as Huskies here at local shelters but never seen Dutch shepherds before. This dog was less than 2 years old and I wonder how he ended up at the shelter. And of course, I spent a couple of hours to know about this beautiful breed ! That's very amazing that Storm settles in very well and gets along well with Darwin in such a short time ! Welcome Storm -lucky boy !
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    Whipper snapper ! Next birthday I am 70 ....................... admit I struggle with two of them - unless they are on long lines - hubby now resorting to taking them out separately - Marley is such an air-head on a short lead.

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