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    Thanks. Have ordered the highest quality of colloidal silver in a spray and the doggie one - Prime will deliver it tomorrow so I can start him on it then. Mikey is just as interested in Marleys back as he is - but I separate them at night so all the damage done is by Marley himself. I am happy that your lad's rear end is better and I hope you manage to get his tummy issues sorted. When Marley had a hot spot I used (alternately) either a calendula tincture or a strong black tea - it healed over in 24 hours and he stopped gnawing at it.
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    Been delt with ], i found a cell number on another thread here, called and they resent the invoice that had the link this time with luck new belt should be in the post next week lol got it sorted and thanks
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    Man I feel you on this one. My boy had a total GI blow out 10 days ago. I feel your pain.... Have you heard this AdoredBeast.com Unfortunately, you have to wait a week after the last antibiotics before starting this. *I already started my girl and it is amazing * This is what he will be on: I know you are in England and this only ships to US and Canada but, see if your vet (or you) can find something similar. As far as giving the meds. Pill sticks work great. It does. However, not for what Marley has. Neosporin is good for small surface wounds that can stay dry. Only once the wound has closed and there is no leakage (stays dry) can it be put on. This stuff however, is the best I have found for the open nasty one...

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