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    You asked for it - enjoy! As you can see he is making himself quite at home.
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    Mikey has been here 3 days short of 4 weeks now - the two dogs get on reasonably well, quite a few fights - but I have been able to separate them each time, and no major injuries - Marley had a bleeding face one time, but it was minor. Neither dog is allowed any toys now and all old toys have been thrown away and after about another 2 months of training we will try and re-introduce new toys. Mikey is still resource-guarding me - but it is lessening, he is starting to understand that resource guarding me is only going to get him separated from me - he is either pushed aside or put outside the lounge for a couple of minutes. He is starting to tolerate the fact that if I fuss him I also fuss Marley at the same time, and if I am fussing Marley and he comes up respectfully he also gets his fair share of fuss - but if he herds Marley out of the way - it only gets him shunned temporarily. He is a very intelligent boy and was so amazingly quick to learn Marley's way of telling me he wants a lamb's rib, that I now get mugged by both dogs at the same time - very often they can be out in the garden, and then both dogs run in at the same time and mug me in a joint effort to get a rib treat - it really appears as if they plan it outside and decide to make a united front He is VERY head shy - something his foster mum also noticed, but only with me, not hubby - another thing his foster mum noticed - that he wasn't head shy with her husband. Also he is very 'touchy' about his rear end being touched, stroked - or groomed - nipping me (gently) to let me know he did not like that area being touched. This suggests he might have been hit in the past - so we are being very careful. We had hoped that Marley would pick up Mikey's good walking on lead habits - but unfortunately he is picking up Marley's excitability instead. However hubby has noticed that on occasions when walking them that Marley will go over to Mikey and sort of lean on him whilst they are walking - and vice-versa. I've only managed to go out with them a few times - to the esturary - on their 30ft leads, as I am still awaiting my operation, - however I am back on the waiting list now that my heart is behaving itself a little more thanks to the medication. I dont think the boys will ever be busom buddies - but they are tolerating each other reasonably well 99% of the time - no food resource guarding - when Mikey gets a rib he takes it outside to eat, I only had to point to the back door once and he 'got it' immediately, Marley always brings his into the lounge. Also Mikey waits until Marley has finished his dinner before he goes over to hover up any missed bits. Mikey is not a bit fussy about food, has never turned his nose up at anything, and had no tummy issues from being changed over from kibble to raw immediately so unlike Marley does not have a delicate stomach. It is taking me a little time to come around to Mikey (hubby fell in love that first day here) - I think mainly because of his ice blue - almost colourless eyes - I much prefer brown eyes as I cannot 'read' a blue eyed dog for some reason - but I am getting used to his ways - he has trust issues, which from some of the things I have learned is understandable, and as I am working on those, we are forming more of a bond. One thing however is getting more and more abundantly clear - if he ever gets to my cat he will kill him - this is strange as he does not react to cats he sees outside, he is interested but makes no attempt to get to them - whereas he only has to hear Socks upstairs and then he stays by the hallway gate for the rest of the day and night - refusing to leave it, and keeps testing it trying to get through. I had hoped that as he lived with a cat previously he might be a little more tolerant of our cat - unfortunately this is not the case. However we have enough gates in his way that the cat should be able to find his way under our bed before the dog can get through them all. All in all he is settling in very well, he could have been very much worse than he has been, and I am sure that as the two dogs get to know each other, and read each other more accurately then they will settle down more, with less scraps - they are down to one or two a week now, rather than daily so things are improving.

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