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    Hi— Having never heard of CCD I went to PetMD to check it out. In case anyone else is interested, it’s https://m.petmd.com/dog/conditions/neurological/5-signs-dog-dementia?page=1. Sarah is a bit younger than the article indicates but I’m going to talk to her vet about it Monday. I haven’t seen any of the DISHA symptoms other than her constant need to challenge me but the symptoms are on my Sarah Watch List. When your dog had it what were your first symptoms? Thinking about it, Sarah knows her commands and when I’m keeping on with the “I am the source of ALL good things and you MUST submit to get anything” she returns to normal. It’s only when I think she’s stable in her ideas of who is boss and let her eat her dinner like normal, etc that she returns to dominance attempts. Definitely something to add to my list for her vet. And if you happen to recall that herb please do post it. Thanks! Poor guy. I’m glad he got much more out of life than most pups with Parvo have. Other than resistant roundworms Sarah had a healthy puppyhood and has never had a high fever. The mastocyoma metastasizing into her brain is a concern though the vet doubts that since we got the entire cancer via surgery confirmed by cytology. I still worry though. Thanks and once I have this puzzle solved I’ll post the answer.
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    First she needs a vet check to make sure shes not in pain or has something neurological going on Has anything happened on a walk or around any people lately that could have triggered it If all that doesnt clear anything up like Rachael said look into getting a behaviourist
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    A lot of Huskies have a HUGE prey drive which means any small animal (including small dogs) are at risk, my girl once dived into a Bush and came out with a cat , thankfully she dropped it and the cat was fine but you cant blame the dog for what it did , it was just an accident and it happens , you can be more alert and you can train them to ignore certain animals but the prey drive never really goes away Mine can walk past birds, squirrels , cats etc but they still watch them and they still like to pounce towards certain animals occasionally Can you not avoid other dogs at all ? Not all dogs need to or want to socialise with others and they shouldn't have to . My girl was attacked as a puppy so is now fear reactive with other dogs, we walk at quiter times of the day , if we see another dog we walk another way or keep a distance away from them that shes comfortable with, any offlead dogs we turn tail and get away as quickly as possible whilst shouting the other owner to get their dog (if the offlead dog behaves and doesnt come near us shes fine)
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    Thank you for this. I am gonna do a dna test to make sure. I judt have had many husky owners tell me that if the ear isnt up by 12 weeks. Shes either a mixed breed. Or has a genetic defect. So that's why i took it to the forums. She looks alot like my boy when he was a puppy. But she does have a smaller head 😁
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    They change a lot as they're growing , teething can make them flop over too, try not to play with them too much otherwise it might stay floppy , what did her mum look like to make u unsure? Sent from my E6653 using Husky Owners mobile app

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