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  1. What some people may not know is that the criminal that attacked them was charged but he was only given a hand slap punishment for the attack on PD Finn. At the time service animals had no real protection under the law, so they were seen as soft targets for abuse. Infact most police departments did not even bother to record or charge people with the attacks as they were hardley ever prosocuted for them. Police dogs are used to check rooms for bombs and hidden attackers Drug dealers are known to keep dogs that when a police raid happens they let out, dogs that will attack anyt
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  2. Patience, understanding and love - with a bit more patience thrown in and your furbaby will no doubt come around - you do not know his past, what has happened to him. Take it slow and steady - do not force him - wait for him to come to you. Move slowly round him, speak quietly, if you want to be close to him lie on the floor, that way you will appear far less threatening to him.
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  3. Our lovely new girl, Luna, loves her sister cats. In fact, even though Luna has a perfectly good, large water dish next to her food dish, she regularly drinks from the cats' water dish.
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