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    HaHa! More like a sucker for a sad story - but we have learned to foster successfully without always adopting! 😊
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    its hard to imagine a dog will be shot and dumped .. i always say that dogs acts the way their owner teach them..for example pitbulls..people say they are angry unpredictable dogs that will attack people when they get the chance..i was scared of hearing that until my husband bought a pitbull puppy and god she was so kind and loving, we even let kids play with her, my husband explained to me that dogs that attacks (doesnt need to be a pitbull, it can be any breed) is trained that way by their owner..if hitting a dog of course it will snap one day.. but abandon them when they are no longer puppies? why not put them up for adoption , but at least most of the dogs gets lovely homes again just wish they all could..
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    You also have a very big heart Markulous
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    Well done on rescuing Loca 😊 Of our 5, 4 are rescues, though nothing like as poor condition as Loca: Luka, far right, dumped on moors aged 5 after 3 owners, now 13 1/2 Skye, 2nd from left, came into SASD rescue aged 9 months, now 6. If you raised your voice at all, she'd roll onto her back and submissively pee (now you can shout at her - and she takes no notice! LOL!) Bolt, 3rd from left, came into SASD rescue aged 12 months, now 5. Had terrible food aggression and cowered from feet when he came in (is fine now) Granite, 2nd from right, came into SASD rescue aged 2 years, 24hours before being shot as he'd been feral on waste ground for 6 months and was considered unrehabitable. Barked at me non-stop the first 3 days when I entered the room (fine with women and kids). Is fine now (and greets me every morning, jumping up into my lap)
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    Your beautiful Loca is very very lucky - and you and your husband have very very big hearts. The people you got her from are obviously just in it for the money without any care for the welfare of the dogs - if they were in the UK they would be prosecuted and the dogs removed. I am my husky's fourth owner, as detailed on his vaccination card - and he was only 12 weeks old when I got him. He had no issues with weight or disease when I got him, just the usual issues of being taken from his mum too early. Still has horrendous separation anxiety so he is never, ever, left alone, if we both have to go out for any reason, he comes with us. Bless you for taking pity on her and welcoming her into your home.
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    Check up went well , he doesnt have to go back unless we're worried , hes healing nicely , no swelling or pain or infection and he made friends with a terrier aswell

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