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    Hi everyone. I'm fostering a Husky for a dog rescue, he was rescued 3 weeks ago from a life of abuse and neglect, he is a year old, a stunning white Siberian husky with ice blue eyes. Despite his awful start in life he is so trusting and loving. He is currently fostered to me as a critical care placement as when rescued his organs where starting to shut down. I've had him 3 weeks and he is like a different dog already. Big learning curve as I've got a little terrier cross age 10 and 5 rescue cats so a young large all be it skinny husky is a learning curve. I'm hoping to adopt him once he is well enough to be up for adoption.
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    So guys, we have a new feature on the site. Husky of The Month! Now before you say we already had that...... well ..... kinda. It was all done through posts and a manual job. Now however we have a full section dedicated to husky of the month entries and voting, which is automatically done. You will find a link in the menu for this. Please submit yourself an entry, and let us know if you have any problems of feedback. This months will be a generic photo one, so no theme Would love you take credit for this one, but all credit goes to Andy at https://doglymail.com/ who have kindly provided us with the application to do this.
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    Hello All! I have owned smart breeds, stubborn breeds, smart/stubborn breeds, but the husky has been an all new challenge like I've never encountered! I've had dachshunds, toy poodle, border collies, helped my ex-husband with pit bulls, catahoulas and black mouth curs. I've had dogo argentinos, a rescued beagle mix and currently a shih Tzu mix and our now almost 5 month old male husky (along with 3 cats ha!). And yes, I had researched huskies prior to getting one, but I had no idea lol! Our husky's name is Apollo. I got him as a Christmas gift for my 10 y/o son (a husky has always been his dream dog). He became part of our family on Dec 23, 2018 at barely 6 weeks of age. I realize this is still young. A co-worker of mine had a surprise litter and did not want the hassle of selling them so she gave them away to people she knew and trusted. Apollo is about 5 months old now. He is super sweet, not super affectionate, very smart mostly and he loves having conversations with you. I found this forum after a google search "how to potty train a 5 month old husky". This has been a massive issue despite numerous training methods. I cannot figure him out on this end. I have literally never ever had a dog so difficult to potty train. So, I will be posting questions in another area on that. I'm so glad I found this place and I hope to find some solutions to potty training, any other issues that may arise, meet new people, and learn more about this interesting breed. Our handsome boy, Apollo My shih Tzu mix, Rose, with 2 out of the 3 cats.
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    👋 Hello, I’m Rebka. I am now a two-husky mom as we have added a new 8 week old pup. They are doing great so far but I look forward to learning the art of managing two and getting training tips. I’m enjoying reading and learning from the different threads on this site!
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    Aww, I bet ALPHA is pretty comfy trying to lay on it taking up the whole couch...and so you guys can't sit on HIS COUCH!! [emoji295]️[emoji38][emoji252][emoji295]️ Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Bless you - you are both lucky to have found each other. PLEASE get him used to the cats as early as possible - give them clear aveues of escape - child gates with one bar cut out is best - they will be able to get through at speed if necessary (it will happen) but it is possible for a husky to live with cats - I have both.

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